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Avatar n tn 1, i was put on the injection and ptescribed warfarin tablts my Bloods today are 5.
Avatar f tn He put me on it given i have factor V leiden and recently learned i have both copies for MTHFR with high homocysteine levels and history of stroke and very poor leg circulation. I have been on plavix for years with no problem but this warfarin is messing with me big time. I have been dealing with migraines for a couple weeks and after the first dose it seemed to help..even when i got up i felt much better not like my whole circulation was contricted like it normally does...same this morning...
Avatar f tn widespread pain diarrhea dizziness headache feeling spaced out liver congestion irritablility In short, I hate this drug and feel FAR worse on this drug then I ever felt without it. I am healthy with no underlying risk factors. All I have is the occasional run of A-Fib which is usually self-limiting. I am so fed-up with having drugs thrown at me that make me feel like crap just because it is protocol.
Avatar f tn So in December they replaced it with a mechanical valve. I'm now on Warfarin 7.5 and have been maintaining an INR of 2.5-2.8. Last week I had a severe stomach virus and became very dehydrated. I went in for my draw yesterday and recieved a call last night from my cardiologist. He told me to stop the Warfarin for 2 days then decrease my dose to 5.0. My INR was 5.0.....Can a virus and or dehydration cause INRs to rise? I'm going to have a redraw later this week.
Avatar n tn My INR Goal is 2-3 and today it was a 2.0 and I take 4mg of Coumadin every day at 6pm... The Dr said to take 5mg today... I'm confused I thought the higher the levels the more mg you would take... 2.0 I thought was good and within my goal but I'm not a Dr.. I don't know if I should just listen and do the 5 or stay with the 4... This is not the Dr that I had but they said they looked at my info... what should I do?? and can you please explain this to me?????
Avatar m tn Hi, How are you? Normal range of INR for a healthy person is 0.9–1.3, and for people on warfarin therapy, 2.0–3.0. A high INR level such as INR ( example INR=5) indicates that there is a high chance of bleeding (thin) while a low INR level will suggest a high chance of having a clot (thick). The target INR may be higher in particular situations, such as for those with a mechanical heart valve, or bridging warfarin with a low-molecular weight heparin during operation.
Avatar m tn My name is Joyce and I am 70 years old, I've been on Coumadin for over a year and my doctor has changed my dosage so many times, if your INR is too high do you take some vil."K",and what happens if it too low. my other problem is that my legs or rather the feet feel like lead, walking any distance is out of the question but my legs never felt like this, feels like my energy level is from 0-100, I feel like 15%. what can I DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn when taking warfarin,is it normal to cough up bloody sputum when your blood test shows the warfarin dose is to high,and when the dose is decreased then the bloody sputum stops.The person does have a persistant cough first thing in the mornings..From pearlyshells.
Avatar f tn In general do not take any medication, including "cold medicine" that contains aspirin, may do. This is the case for aspirin in any form, when on an anticoagulant. There are many cold/allergy medicines that are aspirin-free.
1084115 tn?1385232189 The INR has no units (it is a ratio) and is determined to ONE DECIMAL PLACE. So there are no 1.02 lab results. Please check your lab test paper work. If the change was 1.2 instead of 1.0 then depending on other levels (T bilirubin & creatinine), there would be a change in MELD but only of a few points at most. Either way it means little as MELD score variations of a few points are common. Your next MELD could be higher or lower.
Avatar f tn Still I like the idea of having the ability to measure my INR frequently and making adjustments in the warfarin level based on a measurement. Sorry, no answer, but you post now has at least two people interested in some knowledgeable inputs.
2207030 tn?1338931064 She was given vitamin K by her GP as soon at it was discovered. her INR levels are back to normal and she is taking the correct dose of warfarin now. I would like to know why she has a large lump at the bottom of her rib on her side it is painful will it go down?
996946 tn?1503252712 Those at high risk of bleeding may benefit from more frequent INR monitoring, careful dose adjustment to desired INR, and a shorter duration of therapy.
90270 tn?1199338069 I know many people on coumadin for different reasons such as stroke, blood clots in the legs, bleeding disorders that make their blood too thick which predisposes them to strokes and clot formation, etc. They have to check their PT/INR levels fairly frequently because of the variability of this med and adjust the dosage accordingly. I can understand why Hep C would have PT/INR values due to the clotting problems that liver disease causes.
2207030 tn?1338931064 She was given vitamin K by her GP as soon at it was discovered. her INR levels are back to normal and she is taking the correct dose of warfarin now. I would like to know why she has a large lump at the bottom of her rib on her side it is painful will it go down?
Avatar n tn And finally how long will it take for the INR to become stable, i have been on it for 5 weeks now, and my INR is at 3.6, I have been told it needs to be at 2.5. I am currently taking 4/5 mg on alternate days. What are the risks of the INR being too high?
Avatar m tn I have never taken Warfarin, but I do work in healthcare and am very familiar with coumadin (warfarin). I do check patients PT/INR levels. The only problem I had while taking Pradaxa was my gums bleeding. It was not a significant amount. I did let my EP guy know about it, and he said just one of the side effects. So I just monitored it and had to not brush my teeth so vigorously. But I ate what I wanted to, no PT/INR checks.
Avatar n tn Recently, researchers from the Washington University of Medicine in St. Louis have devised a simple model to help doctors and patients decide whether anticoagulation therapy is warranted for people who have afib. The model - called the CHADS model - assigns a score from 0 to 6, based on the patient's age and other medical conditions.
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed another PT, urine specimin, and complete blood count. Diagnosis was an infection in my prostate and an INR of 10 (ten). My question: Is it possible to go from 3 to 10 in three weeks with no diet change? The only possibilty I can think of, is the addition of 50 mg per day of Atenolol for blood pressure, 3 or 4 days before this problem began. By the way, I stopped the Atenolol.
Avatar n tn To put the patient on enoxaparin you have to first test the patient’s INR levels. Then the dose of warfarin is to be adjusted according to INR level and enoxaparin introduced on the day of procedure. Please get a hematologist or cardiologist to monitor this. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
552012 tn?1272859591 Hi, If anyone's reading this, It is now one month and 3 days post op. I feel pretty good most days. Today I'm having some left sided pain, probably due to sleeping on my left side. The home care nurse just called, my INR is 4.8 !!! It has been 1.5, 1.8, 2.4, 2.8.....then I had to go on the medrol dose pak (steroids) for a severe rash I developed from taking niferex forte (we think this is what the rash is from) . Niferex forte is a vitamin capsule with vitamin c, b12, folic acid and iron.
Avatar f tn I take Warfarin as follows: 3mg 2xda for 2 da and 4mg 2xda rest of week. Can't seem to get my levels even. Is the dosage too little or not enough?
1796911 tn?1315608946 My INR has fluctuated from 5.0 (when taking 10mg daily) to 1.4 (on 5mg daily). I am a vegan, so my options are limited, but are there green vegetables that i can eat in moderation.
Avatar f tn My mom is taking Warfarin for blood clots. She was taking 3 mg and INR tested at 2.4 - doc said that was perfect. Then she got bronchitus and UTI and was in the hospital/rehab for 2 1/2 weeks. After she got out, Dr put her back on 3 mg, but she tested 1. So doc upped it to 4 1/2 mg for 2 weeks - she is still at 1.1. He's not happy about upping dosage to 6, but wants to get her INR back to 2.5.
Avatar n tn He went in for an INR lab today and the results were a 1.2 and he should be between 2 and 3. Not to mention that one of his missed doses was two days ago, so that missed dose won't even show up in his blood for another day yet. His doctor isn't that concerned, but I am. Two years ago we found out he had this because he had three clots in his portal vein and his organs filled with blood and it couldn't get out. He nearly lost his spleen and colon.
1652617 tn?1301857301 As a result of a number of disease processes, both acquired and congenital, any one of the four heart valves may malfunction and result in either stenosis (impeded forward flow) and/or backward flow (regurgitation). Either process burdens the heart and may lead to serious problems including heart failure. A mechanical heart valve is intended to replace a diseased heart valve with its prosthetic equivalent.
238668 tn?1232735930 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear J.D., I have never heard of a link between INR levels and headaches. The risk of too low of an INR is blood clots, strokes, and thrombosed valve. Therefore I would not try to base therapy on whether she has a headache or not. She should keep her INR in the range recommended by her doctor.
Avatar m tn She has leaky heart valves and is on warfarin. These past few days she has had back and chest pains and an urge to burp. She has lost her appetite and is looking frail. We have visited the doctors and they have put her on a course of anti-biotics which I think will only upset her INR levels.
Avatar n tn Also you should avoid grapefruit juice as this ca affect you INR levels. I would avoid the supplments and focus on a balanced diet. A dietician may be able to help you regulate things better. There is a home kit and I would recommend it if you can afford it. Generic is OK as long as you always get the same generic brand. Otherwise brand name is better.
Avatar f tn Warfarin is so tricky in fact that I don't manage my own patients warfarin dosing and instead rely on specialized pharmacists and nurse practitioners to do it.