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1549092 tn?1297049911 We stopped because it seems that the meds were wearing off too soon and tried vyanse cause prescription plan changed.
Avatar f tn He was on the the Daytrona patch but it was burning his back and he was able to take it off. The doctor switched him to Vyvanse and he started taking it four days ago. The last four days have been extremely difficult for us and him. He doesn't understand the moods and he is very upset. He can not focus or sit still. He was doing so well with finally talking and socializing and now he can not even think straight.
Avatar f tn You have to wean yourself off Vyvanse? Ive been on adderall in high doses for months at a time and quit it a few times cold turkey and my doctor didn't say anything about needing to ween, withdrawal was just basically sleeping for 3 days straight which can actually be pleasant if you don't have anything to do. I didn't go crazy without it or have cravings for it. It sounds to me like her son is having psychotic reactions to it and would be best to stop immediately. I'm no doctor tho.
Avatar m tn for about 45 min when it's wearing off, I'm soooo irritable and I bounce/wiggle my legs/feet more than I do before I took it...then I go back to my normal adhd self.
Avatar f tn The second week i skipped a few days just to see if i felt better with or without and i definitely felt more in control of my anxiety but did not have much motivation. My third week i did the same, only took it on the days i worked, now it seems it is wearing off alot faster, three hours and im crashing. I weighed 113 when i started now im down to 100.3 because food makes me want to vomit. Thats only three weeks of takn it.
Avatar n tn he started me on 30mg and had to move me up to 50mg after 2 weeks because it was wearing off half way through the day and i would get extremely tired. when i first started taking the drug i noticed that i was more clear headed and driven through the day. at the same time i noticed that my appetite had decressed,my throat stayed dry and i was having trouble falling asleep. i know that those three things are common side effects.
Avatar f tn exceeding the prescribed dosage because you felt icky or lousy or uncomfortable in some way when the med was wearing off, or once it had completely worn off; 5. used other drugs along with the Adderall because the combination felt good; 6. behaved weirdly or inappropriately; 7. were getting way too little sleep or eating way too little food; 8.
Avatar f tn I'm on 50mg too,i got my new script Monday and even took it later than normal it I notice at work it wasn't working right n only about 2 hours in they uasally I don't notice them wearing off till the end of the night. I don't want to accuse pharmacy n make them not like me.
Avatar n tn Have you talked to her teachers? The med could be wearing off by the time she gets home. The fact that the stimulant meds are not causing her to climb the walls would indicate (I think) that they are partially working. Do work on her diet. There is a lot that you can do food wise to combat the weight loss. This is a good site for info on ADD. I would take the time to read all of it. http://www.help4adhd.org/about/what/WWK8 Hope some of this helps.
Avatar f tn They also created some problems with appetite loss, and insomnia, also the ups and downs of the meds coming on and wearing off everyday was tough at times. Adderall XR was a complete disaster. Severe insomnia, severe weightloss, mood swings from coming up and then down. However, during the few hours when it was at a theraputic level, the Adderall would be perfect for my focus and racing mind. Vyvanse seems to solve a lot of the different problems with these other drugs.
Avatar m tn The only negative is it starts wearing off in the afternoon and he has to be redirected at school. I tried him on 10 mg and he was a zombie. We have only tried a couple medications. You can take a look at my posting for Vyvanse, which we recently tried. I think for now I am happy with this medication. I can deal with it wearing off at night at home, as long as my son makes it through the day at school.
2031646 tn?1329308009 I have to make sure he eats his bfast before he takes it, or he wont eat. By super time it is wearing off. Only concern, is he has lost a pound or two cuz of the appetitie supressant in it. so he WONT eat lunch! But as a parent of an adhd child I highly recommend this med for your child of any age!!!!!!
Avatar m tn adderall 15 mg afternoon...then...1 mg Ativan when the afternoon stimulant dose is wearing off for the day. I take the pm adderall does 4 hours after the am dose to "overlap" so no comedown from first does...then when I get the big comedown on its way after the pm does is adderall...I go take my ativan 1 mg which eleviates the crash tremendously to the point I can cook, clean and even exercise instead of staying in bed from 5pm to 6 am the next morning.
12880268 tn?1427640375 During the last 5 days before my appointment, however, the effects started wearing off around noon! I was irritated because I was told this med is supposed to have up to 14 hours of effect. So when I went to my doctor for my second appointment, I told him this, and instead of increasing the Vyvanse again, he kept the dosage the same but then prescribed an instant release 10mg Adderall to be taken once a day around 3PM.
Avatar f tn Just to give you a little background...I WAS your son when I was his age. I'm 21 now, and just got off Vyvanse. I don't know how he is stable at 70mg, I was on 50 and had every negative side affect in the book. the posts above about how you are a bad parent are misguided. my mom was in your position and it was hard for both of us, but we have resolved our issues over the years, or at least are still working on them. my advice is to try and stay away from the amphetamine drugs.
Avatar n tn During the summer, we took her off the medication and lo and behold the picking stopped and the sores healed. School started back and the teacher called asking why she wasn't on medication this year. We went to the doctor, told her we didn't want her back on the concerta and she prescribed Vyvanse. Here we are, mid school year and are months into her picking again. It is totally out of control now and she has approximately 10-15 sores on her legs/hands.
Avatar f tn Find out from his teacher if he starts out the day ok, but then begans to lose it after a few hours. That would mean the meds are wearing off. M has a max duration of 4 hours. If he starts out bouncy and fidgety, then the dose is too low and not affecting him. V is a very long lasting med, so I can understand the doc doing this. It also saves the embarrassment or hassle of the child taking the med at school. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn At first I thought that putting on my glasses was helping, and I assumed that perhaps I should've been wearing them all along. But, now I can't really tell if they're making the pain better, worse, or that there is no difference. Now it seems that the pain is spreading from my eyes to my head at times. Sometimes, closing my eyes provides some relief.
Avatar m tn I fear public speaking too, I don't even like reading in front of people. I improve every time though. When I'm off my meds (Vyvanse) I have to read and re-read the same page. Poor posture -- me too, and my posture worsens a lot when I'm stressed or feeling down. Does yours? It sounds like you have low self-esteem, I bet posture correlates with self-esteem. Might I suggest a back brace? I got a cheap one ($12) and it's slowly reshaping my posture habits.
Avatar f tn At first I was trying to adjust to my glasses and several times, sure enough, there was a spot on the glasses. However, after taking my glasses off over 20 times a day to clean the left lens I've now determined that it is my left eye, not the glasses. So I saw the neuro again on Tuesday and he gave me Vyvanse. Tried that on Thursday. Not good at all. Felt like a rabbit on speed. Not good at all.
Avatar f tn I work full time plus mandatory overtime at a computer all day and have an hour commute each way. I take vyvanse. 213 lbs. 5ft 5in. The amphetamine in the vyvanse makes me crave nicotine. So, unfortunately smoke about a pack every 3 days. For the last couple of years I've been experiencing these symptoms. In fact, went to the er in 2012 because I thought I was having a heart attack. Ct scan okay. Echo - okay but tachycardia.
Avatar m tn It means he cares. Someone needs to trouble shoot this. When does it happen? What is setting it off? Are his meds wearing off? The timing if it is consistent is important, because that helps to determine if it is an issue with meds. If it randomly happens, that is a whole different matter. Then you need to look at where it is happening (well, that is important anyway), and who reported this. I also wonder if he was the only one involved? What grade is he in?
5757880 tn?1395581622 However, our family doctor did tell us that if he is coming off the meds, he would be more hungry still the stimulate is wearing off. Mind you, my husband told him as punishment, no snacks for a couple days and he put up all the snacky foods. Our son hasn't said one thing about being hungry or no whining about food.... I did also pick up that book ADD/ADHD Answer book and it's a good read and I'm hoping that it will give us some tips and answers (haha).
Avatar m tn Wellbutrin started to feel as though it was wearing off mid day. 10. Doctor thought there may be ADD involved and tried me on 18mg Straterra with the Wellbutrin. THIS DID NOT WORK. HAD A MAJOR REACTION. 11. Referred to Specialist who thinks it's ADD as well. 12. Taken off Wellbutrin XL and put onto Focalin XL and Clonazepam 13. Felt no difference 14. Switched to Vyvanse along with the Clonazepam. It's been 4 weeks and I still feel no different.
Avatar f tn I'm sure if I bring it up with my doctor he'll just say it's the Vyvanse probably....even though the breathing problems started before the Vyvanse, and the dizziness, well, I've been on it for a while and never had these problems. I feel stuck.
Avatar f tn And, of course, how he treats you at home might be a sign the meds are wearing off. If he is a smart kid, homework may not yet be a problem - but if he is beginning to resist it or if it is taking forever to do - that is another sign that his meds need to be evaluated. I am very pleased to hear that he has therapy. Many parents will not do that - even though all studies show that therapy and medication is the most productive way to help the child.
Avatar f tn All the problems you mentioned were home problems. If he is kind of ok at school, then you do know that its the meds wearing off. The sad thing is that the doctors should have informed you of this and also what a child with ADHD is like. Believe me what he is doing is common for a kid with ADHD. Cool thing about the internet is that you can get more information (if your doc doesn't have the time to give it). Start here. - and read the whole thing - http://www.rxlist.
Avatar f tn I've been suffering from very severe day-time sleepiness for years and doctors have not been able to figure out why. I currently take stimulants (adderall and Vyvanse) because that is the only thing that can keep me awake. If I do not take those meds, I sleep for about 15-20 hours per day.