Vyvanse urine drug screen

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Avatar f tn Hi folks, I am under the care of a physician and prescribed currently Trintellix 10mg qhs Vyvanse 50mg qam Alprazolam 0.5mg prn Zolpidem 10mg qhs prn She changed the Vyvanse from Adderrall 20mg qam, 10mg afternoon as needed. She changed to Trintellix first from Fetzima 40mg, then Bupropion xr 300mg. Random screen at work read crazy high levels of amphetamines in urine, like <15,000 ng/ml.
Avatar m tn http://drug-alcohol-testing.blurtit.com/717057/how-long-does-vyvanse-stay-in-urine http://www.livestrong.com/article/215086-what-drugs-are-tested-for-in-a-urinalysis/#ixzz2ZWZd9pkk Apparantly, the doctor is questioning the speed at which your daughter goes through her meds? Pretty easy to keep track of what is sent to the school (call the nurse) and what you have at home.
Avatar f tn Also, you can further the breakdown of specifically what chemical showed up as meth since many prescription drugs can show a positive for meth on a drug screen. No worries about your weed being laced. No one would ever spend that kind of money for no pay back ;) and as far as someone cooking it, you would have to be in pretty close proximity for an extended period of time in order to come up hot. Chances are you took a prescribed drug that you didn't realize would test you positive.
Avatar m tn As for those trying to quit alcohol. All the power to you. I detoxed and went to drug treatment with several alcoholics. I've seen their pain and their success. Hang in there.