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447130 tn?1225474466 I'm happy to report I have stopped the Vyvanse and have been put on Adderral non extended release. I take 20 mg in the morning and can skip my noon time dose because I don't need it. I am finally sleeping better and able to start getting out and doing things. I don't know what it was with that Vyvanse but I'm throwing all the bottles away, they changed my dose 3 times. So it's sad to toss $400 in the garbage but at least I have my mind back and I can still get out of the house now!!
Avatar m tn It will be a good thing getting off Gabapentin, it makes my anxiety a bit worse and makes my resting heart rate pretty high which also makes my anxiety worse. I wanted to post my question to see if anyone on here had experienced this issue or heard of this. Thank you for your response, it is much appreciated. I guess I will just have to suffer until I'm off the Gabapentin. Oh before I forget. I have done a lot of therapy, I've been in therapy on and off for the last 20 years.
Avatar n tn My sinus problems won't go away, and when they flare up it makes me nervous and even gives me panic attacks. Some days it's almost impossible to get out of bed. It's frustrating and my experience is that you almost have to force doctors to deal with you, because many just want to dismiss the problems as not being serious.
Avatar f tn It seems like every pill I try-either it helps my acne and makes me hungry and sooooo...... tired. I am also on Vyvanse for ADHD and that decreases my appetite. However, I have been on Yaz for a few months, and I swear it reverses all the positive effects of Vyvanse (more energy/decreased appetite) because I am so tired and hungry all the time. In the past I have tried Lo-Estrin, Nuva-Ring,& Ortho Tri Cyclen. Does anyone have any recommendations for the perfect pill--i.e.
Avatar m tn I have tried Vyvanse 70 mg before , but it didn't cover me the whole day. I don't think taking 140 mg of Vyvanse is worth the try and money. I have tried that dose before with another doctor. I might be needing something like 160 mg of Vyvanse. I am also on Wellbutrin and Ketamine now for depression. I take Ambien and Lorazepam to fall asleep. I know there is a link between the stimulants that I take during the day and the sleep aid pills at night.
Avatar f tn the lowering of whatever makes me cautious. Without a stimulant (amphetamine), I am depressed. I am strong willed, but even after 5 months of not taking anything, I still had anxiety and depression. This being said however, not the same anxiety that I experience with Adder all. Kind of, but not. Again, however; the anxiety I face without anything is still not a “normal” human, or “me” type of feeling. Period. It just isn’t.
Avatar f tn I have definitely considered Vyvanse. I want a medicine that will be consistent, if that makes sense. I have been all over the place trying to research, reading reviews and stories but I also keep in mind that everyone is different. I still have no motivation. My memory is getting better (short term) like walking to another room in the house and forgetting what the heck I needed out of there. I am able to focus but kind of on irrelevant things. I have to make myself stop.
Avatar f tn When I mentioned the sleepy feeling you had sounded more like an overdose - that now makes sense. Here is a link to info on the interactions - http://www.corepsychblog.com/2006/11/adderall-prozac-and-paxil-problem-not-solution/ and its easy to google to find more info. From reading this I get the feeling that if you want to try stimulant meds you need to be off paxil. Also, since - "Paxil is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or SSRI.
Avatar n tn He told me that he would tell people the 3x dosing because most people can't remember to take meds 4x a day---i take so many meds all day long that I should be able to figure it out. Why do you think the schedule you showed me woudl make me feel better I temporarily can't ask my doctor about my meds--he has been very ill--but the slight change you are suggesting in how I take it shouldn't matter, i would think, since it is so close to what he told me. thanks--I'll see if it helps.
Avatar n tn When I am home I don't want to do anything, nothing holds my attention or makes me happy. Worse than all of that, my migraines have returned. Is anyone trying any different techniques to combat this mess. This is just the beginning and I am so worried.
Avatar f tn The shakes usually start after I have been up for a couple of hours, which makes me think it could be the stimulant---that is about how long it takes for the full amount to get in your bloodstream. The funny thing about it, though, is that it did not give me the shakes until I tried the antidepressant---which I could not tolerate at even lower than starting normal doses---and I probably only took it for about a week.
Avatar n tn All you might need, if truly hypo, is thyroid hormone medication/or readjustment. If not, if it were me, I'd do RAI. Heck! it was me!
118225 tn?1278658540 I will ask him to repeat to me what I have said and he can tell me word for word, that makes his problems even more frustrating. jessbbg - wow, thank you for sharing this story with me. Reading it actually brought tears to my eyes that things for him could be better. What you have described sounds exactly like my son. I do think my son has other psychological issues going on as well. I am considering taking him to a counselor.
Avatar f tn Please if anyone has any thoughts, info, techniques, that could help us please let me know. I'm feeling overwhelmed and scared for him.
598237 tn?1225647072 ) is a headache and it is not very noticable and doesn't happen much. It really just makes me more alert, calmer (yes), and it helps me to focus on things that I could not before. Until your body is used to it (took about a week for me) it can make you a little how do I say... Loopy? But after a couple of weeks I could not tell that I had taken it until late in the evening when the anxiety and channel surfing came back to me. It does nothing for the foot tapping and constant movement.
Avatar f tn Or at least work with it to learn how to handle it . Either or the medicine to me makes it worse. it doesn['t treat you to make you better but to make you worse. but that is under my own personal opinion. if you think other wise then thats your opinion but i am staying in my own personal facts ...
Avatar n tn Please do not take this drug without reading the following website and comments. http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/savella-recall-urged-by-public-citizen-7750/ This can be a dangerous drug for some patients, please take time to read their comments and do your research on so many other drugs that cannot be taken with this drug. If you have had severe side effects please report them to the FDA (that can be done on-line).
Avatar n tn Dunno if this will be received since the posts date back to Nov 2007. Hope genuine203 made it out ok. The following is just my opinion as a 30yo patient of 2 mos. who's been doing some light reading and is new to the world of psychiatric medicine/psychology altogether. Currently not on meds. From what I've concluded, the prescriptions work by effecting your neurotransmitter production.
522415 tn?1242941355 I do not know how it is for others, but for me I have never been able to get a Docter to give me more meds for my pain. I only take my cymbolta and busepar and balacet. And sometimes I feel as if im going mad. But my doc wont help me. So i go to the emergency room and they always help me.
975514 tn?1325001538 Effexor is also in the same class of drugs as Savella and Cymbalta- all SNRIs, which are used commonly to treat Fibromyalgia, so it makes sense that it's been helping you. I tried it years ago, and it caused me anxiety, but I tend to be more of a high strung Fibromyalgic. Every drug works a little differently on every one and it's nice that science keeps pushing forward to create better drugs to treat the disease.
Avatar n tn im 24 yrs old. its the only thing that makes me feel good but i know this is bad and want to stop. have been diagnosed with depression since i was 15yrs old.....i want to stop but i dont think the antidepressants do anything for me... i had been taking 30mg of paxil since i was 15- tried to stop and get withdrawals from that too... i hate being dependant on a drug...sometimes its just so hard to get out of bed. what can i do to feel normal w\o taking any drug?
Avatar n tn It is very strange that something that hurts me also makes me feel better. I take prozac and a low dose of xanax, but it isn't helping much. My head it covered with scabs. I hope you and I find an answer to our problem. There are many people with this problem. We are not alone. God bless and good luck.
Avatar n tn U took the meds like u should and didnt ever get into trouble w/ them. That says a lot to me. Anyway, that makes a difference during all of this, in my opinion. Stay positive and by the end of the weekend, I bet they are a memory, distand I hope. How is your pain now? Do u have another way to manage it? I wish u all of the best, and please let us know if u need anything else. There are lots of smart ppl here who have done this before and are so willing to help if u need it.
Avatar n tn 3 months ago I was diagnosed with bipolar which now makes complete sense to me although I am quite angry as enough is enough already. well the mood stabilizer put 12 lbs on in 3 months partly beause I spent most of the time in bed not wanting to move because i couldn't believe the confirmed diagnosis. I am relieved and angry . My neurologist has me on neurontin for pain and it works like magic. I begged her for topamax after researching it for 2 minutes lol.
Avatar n tn No its not depression and yes it makes me want to cry when feel like this because Im frustrated after 20 years living on and off like this and never being able to find out what really is wrong. I just need an answer????
Avatar m tn This is a lot of good info. It makes me feel less alone to know there are others out there. I'm wondering if the anxiety is caused specifically by the alcohol, though. I think there are other factors out there as well. For myself, especially, a lot of my anxiety is based on what I did the night while I was hammered. I say and do things that are not me while hammered and then spend the next several days soaked in anxiety from what I know I did or the parts that I was totally blacked out.
Avatar f tn I'm not worried about the holidays because I have been turned off all food and I don't think it will be difficult to continue following what the naturopath has told me to do. By the way...eat a lot of yogourt..it really facilitates weight loss. I eat about 500g of yogourt per day and drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day. Topamax alone won't make you lose the weight, it will just make it easier for you to do it on your own. I hope this helps you!! Have a great week!!