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Avatar n tn According to the info on vyvanse, unlike other meds, you cannot snort the chemicals and get high. It must be ingested. Of course, this begs the question of where she learned to break open the capsules and snort and why. Furtheremore, if she has ADHD, the medication should not affect her the way it would someone without ADHD. So there is something weird going on here.
Avatar f tn I was on adderall and switched to Vyvanse because my doctor wanted to see how it worked. I didn't even last a month and had to go back to adderall. It just didn't have the same effectiveness for me.
Avatar f tn I have started back Vyvanse last month at a low dose, it's not working like it should. I am 34 and in school so I need it to work. But what is a dose that helps the symptoms of ADD the best?
Avatar f tn I'm not to sure about how this stuff works and I was curious on how it works. Does Vyvanse help depression? I tend to think poorly about the future and about working out. But when I take a 40-50mg pill, I feel happy, confident, focused and smart. Am I the only one who experiences this? Is Vyvanse for just focusing or can it be used for depression? I want to hear some input about Vyvanse and its effects. I'm on it now and if I wasn't, I know I wouldn't be typing this.
Avatar f tn Hey Linz, my psych had switched me to Vyvanse when it first came out, and at my next appointment I asked to be switched back to Adderral XR. The vyvanse did not work much at all for me, if anything it made me worse. So now I'm back on Adderral, and doing alright, or as alright as I can be doing (unfortunately meds don't make everything ok).
Avatar f tn His doctor put him on Vyvanse. He has since flunked out of 2 colleges due to the fact that he can't focus. He IS and has always been a very good athlete, playing football and basketball in high school and college. I assume that is due to the fast-pace of those sports. However, I am beginning to wonder if the Vyvanse is working on the problem. The doctor said that he has to get him on the right dosage and has been changing the strength.
Avatar m tn But recently I abused it, just to figure out what would happen, and I took 250mg of vyvanse .... The only side effects that I've gotten from it... Was obviously, my appetite decreased but not by much, if I were to compare the difference in appetites from taking the 50mg and the 250mg there wouldn't be a huge difference... And another is trouble sleeping. Now there is a big difference in the trouble of sleeping between the two doses... The 50mg, I fall asleep just fine. And the 250mg ....
Avatar m tn I'm a 22 year old male and am currently taking 50 mg vyvanse daily. Just got it upped from 40 mg. You asked about taked it as need, and I'll tell you what my doctor told me. He actually recommended that I take it only as need because your tolerance doesn't build up as fast when you do this, therefore, making vyvanse more effective in the long run. And about how you're crashing really hard and feeling queezy. I believe that is normal, however you might be on too high of a dose.
Avatar f tn and a mild degree of depression when the medication is wearing off (because depression is something I would have to learn how to think positively and exercise and read scripture and pray myself out of anyway--and also focus on helping and showing appreciation to others). *** I described all these legitimate reasons for limiting or avoiding amphetamines because there are some misinformed reasons for avoiding them.
Avatar m tn Now I'm a wreck when on it I love to do tons of things and I'll even be happy when it wears off and worst when i run out It's like I cannot do anything at all and depression like I have never experienced before in my life and plus anxiety so bad that any and everything I worry about. Now I'm out of Vyvanse until the 2nd and please anybody help me be and act normal without this!
Avatar n tn My initial concern was sleepiness. I tried welbutrin and it knocked me out, provigil did the same. I've been on the new Vyvanse for a few weeks now and it is too good to be true. I feel like the person I always wanted to be: Alert, funny, not compulsive with food But now the fears begin. I'm terrified and obsessed with the idea that this is a honeymoon period and it will all wear off. I constantly search the boards for a confirmation of this fear.
Avatar f tn Six weeks ago he was prescribed Vyavanse, he wanted to save his job because he was so unfocused and now has done wonders for his job-he is focused and dedicated to working as much as needed to get the job done, he is organized, and really proving himself with his company however, it seems that other issues are coming to light. In the past he has had alcohol and cocaine addiction issues, he was actually sober for five years.
Avatar f tn I will certainly check out the links you provided. In fact, I stumbled upon jeffsaddmind.com just the other day and have been in contact with him. I checked out the link regarding ADDCARE and that's very disheartening. I should have figured. I have read from several sources that withdrawal symptoms from Vyvanse can include extreme fatigue.
Avatar n tn i have a long day and take vyvanse very early it is suposed to last 12 hrs but i think more like 7 i read that people take boosters with it i still have ritalin cause i just switched 2 weeks ago to 70 mg vyvanse and it doesnt do anything anymore did the vyvanse make it so it no longer works what is the best way to go about this aftr work i take care of my kids all night and have been lacking energy and very short with them which isnt fair cause it is not their fault id ask my dr but he would jus
Avatar m tn Finding the right dosage is many times a trial and error thing as all people are different. And yes, there are other meds out there that may work better, but all that starts with a trip to the doctor. Give it another shot and then if things still aren't working "tschock" has some very good advice. You might also want to read a new book by a UC Berkley honors student with severe ADHD about growing up with ADHD.
2106542 tn?1333931739 My doc wants me to come in for a consult but they are booked weeks out and the meds will run out before that. I'm sure they can refill the current scrip but why would I want that if it's not working?
Avatar f tn Today I found out that me and my daughter had empty capsules of Vyvanse. My sons was filled I just got his yesterday. I was noticing that I wasn't having any response to the medication. We all take the same mg so I decided to take one of his thinking well maybe they take effect if their fresh from the pharmacy which I got yesterday. To my surprise I was able to feel the medication and so did my 12yr old son. I decided to look at my pills and to my surprise there was no powder in my pills.
Avatar f tn Appt coming up to discuss this and I am hoping he will switch me back to vyvanse and allow me to take it twice a day in order to get full coverage. Any advise on what to tell my Psych. at my Dr. Appt, or any research/evidence that I could read would be GREATLY appreciated!
1285906 tn?1271720213 I've now entered in the working world and my ability to not concentrate is taking a toll on my being able work done. I'm a graphics freelancer with an above average creative mind. However, when it comes to paperwork and business related things, it takes me forever or I cannot concentrate on one thing at a time. When it comes to drawing, my mind is like a laser and I completely zone out. However, when it comes to reading and writing, I can barely do that.
1447814 tn?1284739057 How does he get along at home and with relatives and friends? Does he only get out-of-control at school? And now I am out of ideas....
1666464 tn?1303228958 After I've done all of that, and after I'm about to just lay down and try and try ride it out I take a small swig of 'Pepto-Bismul' and for some reason it seems to neutralize the Vyvanse. The side-effects go away but so does the psychological stimulating feelings of Vyvanse. It's as if it snuffs it out almost completely. I don't know if it's a drug interaction that nobody knows about or if it thins my blood out so that I don't notice any of the effects of Vyvanse, I don't know.
447130 tn?1225474466 I've been taking his 40mg vyvanse here and there and it made me feel fantastic. Then last week I took one and I felt like how all of you were explaining. I shrugged it off and just thought it was a bad weekend. Well today I was prescribed vyvanse. I've taken my first 50mg and I don't think i'm going to take the rest. I know I should try and see this out and take the prescription, I highly doubt I am going to. Aderol seems like it is the correct drug for ADD if given in the right quantities.
Avatar f tn After that there was no effect. Vyvanse has caused none of the ups and downs that bothered me the most with Adderall and other meds. Obviously the medication will effect a 5-6 differently, but at the right dose we should all respond fairly similarly to the medication. A couple questions if I may.... Can I ask you what Vyvanse side effects you are frightful of? Also, who it was that diagnosed your son as ADHD? A psychiatrist/psychologist or a pediatrician?
Avatar f tn They were bigger than usual, and my left was bigger than my right. I told the nurse about my eyes and wanted to go home. She called my parents, but left out the part about my eyes in the description she gave (I don't know why, either). My mother told me to take a second Motrin for my headache and go back to class. In my next class, I asked my friend about the condition of my eyes.
Avatar m tn So I just had to come to google to see why my Vyvanse wasn't working for me anymore, and I saw your comment.. I have been on Vyvanse for maybe a year now and have found that my 70 mg dosage just isn't kicking in or working as well as it used to for me anymore?? So is this happening with you as well? Like it's still really hard for me to focus, and I really don't feel the effect of the medicine at all anymore. I wonder whats happening? :( And if anyone has any information on this?
Avatar f tn I work freelance, and i LOVE my job - normally happily moving from project to project, working year-round! These past 3 months... I've managed to finish only one project... I dont know if I'll be able to pay rent at this rate! I guess I could up my dosage, but I feel like maybe its time for a change... This brings me to my question! At my last visit, the doc mentioned switching meds. In particular, I've heard a lot about peoples positive experiences with Vyvanse.
Avatar n tn i am beginning to think that i can no longer tolerate the vyvanse. besides the shakes and blurry vision, i feel like my heart is pounding at times, i notice little twitches here and there, i have trouble going to sleep sometimes, i have started having tightness in my chest and feeling short of breath. i have started to back off the vyvanse. i am opening up the capsule and taking about half of the medication.
Avatar m tn Hello all I am a 28-year-old male and I have struggled with addiction since my teenage years I was clean for sometime the past couple years and then stopped working on my recovery and drank and smoked weed for a while a couple of months ago I made the decision to get and stay clean again I have 37 days clean in a row I saw my psychiatrist today who knows about my struggles with addiction and knows I'm a recovering addict and he is convinced I have ADHD he wants to give me VyVanse which is simila
Avatar f tn I recently had to switch my add meds from adderall xr to vyvanse and I am on day 2 and I feel like I havnt taken anything. I am extremely tired, have anxiety with everything going on around me at once, and I cant concentrate at all, I walked around my kitchen for 15 minutes not knowing why i wass but knew there was a reason then finally got my car keys that i was needing to get in the first place. Is this normal?