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Avatar f tn My son has been takiing this med Vyvanse for adhd, so I decided to take it to see if it would help me with my depression and anxiety, and it worked great, I didn't have any side effect to it. This is why I ask if its okay to take Vyvanse for my anxiety, right now I'm taking celexa but its not doing nothing for me anymore. I've been taking Celexa for the past 3 yrs and I think its time for me to change my meds.
Avatar m tn First I think you know already that you shouldn't be using Marjuana ,and I am sure that both together are and apart are not good for your body and that it call destroy your brain. A lot of these drugs are like street drugs and can cause you more health problems. Instead of taken the drugs, you should take Vitamin B6 and Omega 3-6-9 every day . If you are not talking to someone you should be getting the help.
Avatar f tn I have been switched from Cymbalta (weight gain) to Fetzima (weight loss) and additionally 50mg of Vyvanse for adult ADD. My symptoms of depression have subsided. I do not notice any huge difference in my attention span and still feel distracted when reading, unable to focus. I also feel tired and appear to crash about every afternoon regardless of when I take the medication, which is in the morning.
Avatar f tn I'm not to sure about how this stuff works and I was curious on how it works. Does Vyvanse help depression? I tend to think poorly about the future and about working out. But when I take a 40-50mg pill, I feel happy, confident, focused and smart. Am I the only one who experiences this? Is Vyvanse for just focusing or can it be used for depression? I want to hear some input about Vyvanse and its effects. I'm on it now and if I wasn't, I know I wouldn't be typing this.
Avatar n tn he refered me to a psych. my psych told me that vyvanse would help my add and my depression. he started me on 30mg and had to move me up to 50mg after 2 weeks because it was wearing off half way through the day and i would get extremely tired. when i first started taking the drug i noticed that i was more clear headed and driven through the day. at the same time i noticed that my appetite had decressed,my throat stayed dry and i was having trouble falling asleep.
Avatar m tn Well imagine 250mg and in my case, I added more the next day, with ALOT of extra vyvanse still in my system, so it went up to 450mg and the only bad side effect I had, was depression. And I slept fine that night, and woke up feeling normal the next day...
Avatar f tn of amphetamine meds (because it's only a slight increase of problem I already have and which I have to take steps to alleviate anyway); and a mild degree of depression when the medication is wearing off (because depression is something I would have to learn how to think positively and exercise and read scripture and pray myself out of anyway--and also focus on helping and showing appreciation to others).
Avatar f tn I totally understand what you are saying,I think more adults who have addiction issues,depression,anxiety,feel socially awkward,should all go and get checked for adult ADHD.most people who have it usually where diagnosed as children.But alot aren't,and make it through but with alot of misery.a number of them become addicts.matter of fact vast majority of addicts where diagnosed,and some where not.
Avatar m tn I am taking Vyvanse and Prozac, and I'm having trouble getting myself to eat. I am still in a healthy weight range, so I'm not worried about that. But I've been weak, fatigued, and dizzy at times because I'm not eating enough. Are there any protein shakes I should try, or something like that, so I can be getting the nutrients I need? I hate most protein shakes because I can't stand the texture, and they're usually gross. But I have to do something.
Avatar m tn Now I'm a wreck when on it I love to do tons of things and I'll even be happy when it wears off and worst when i run out It's like I cannot do anything at all and depression like I have never experienced before in my life and plus anxiety so bad that any and everything I worry about. Now I'm out of Vyvanse until the 2nd and please anybody help me be and act normal without this!
Avatar m tn It has helped alot with my focus and concentration but I get jitters, I have become socially awkward, my anxiety and depression has increased, and the crash I get from it gives me horrible headaches. The crash also makes me not want to be socially active. What should I do? and are there any other good ADHD meds that I should talk to my doctor about?
Avatar n tn I been taking all three meds suboxone 1 day, vyvanse 1 day, and klonapin 2 day, I been abusing illigal drugs for past few years. coke and heroi in exessive amouts. I have stoppet 6 months agoo. igot married and have baby on the way. I am so sick of these meds. To me the same thing only problem is I work 80 hours a week and there is no way taking two weeks off. I been depressed past month becauss e work but most of it because meds I am taking.
Avatar n tn I tried welbutrin and it knocked me out, provigil did the same. I've been on the new Vyvanse for a few weeks now and it is too good to be true. I feel like the person I always wanted to be: Alert, funny, not compulsive with food But now the fears begin. I'm terrified and obsessed with the idea that this is a honeymoon period and it will all wear off. I constantly search the boards for a confirmation of this fear.
Avatar f tn I have read from several sources that withdrawal symptoms from Vyvanse can include extreme fatigue. I'm praying this is temporary and his body needs to re-adjust to life w/o Vyvanse but if I had to guess - it doesn't seem to me that he can function well enough while not on it. This is all so very frustrating and disheartening. All of his friends are moving along in college with education goals and plans and he's stuck at a standstill with no idea which way to go.
Avatar f tn The problem is it wears off after 4-5 hours and I experience the worst crash and depression! I have experimented and taken 2 Vyvanse 70mg in one day.. one at 7am & the other at 1pm. That dosage lasted me until 9pm that night. I have read tons of articles about this wearing off on ADHD websites & forums.I also read where doctors are prescribing up to 210mg of Vyvanse. The most common high dose is 140mg. This is called Off Label Prescribing. Does anyone here take over 70mg of Vyvanse?
Avatar m tn I have struggled throughout middle school, high school and now college because I am unable to focus, and comprehend what my professors are trying to teach. I will sit in class and tell myself I need to focus, but 30 seconds later I will start thinking about random things that have nothing to do with the class. Once I leave my classes I always say to myself, I have no idea what we just went over. I have difficulty paying attention to details and tendency to make careless mistakes in school.
1447814 tn?1284739057 We started him ok Tenex at 3 1/2 and it did wonders, but since he started Kindergarten it's gotten so much worse so he was recently put on risperidone for aggression at night and 1/2 tenex and Vyvanse in the morning. Like I said, it's a hard decision to make, but I know my child is a wonderful caring boy, and it breaks my heart to know that he thinks he's "bad" and no one likes him because he can't control himself. If medication can help, then I say do it.
1666464 tn?1303228958 The way the meds act on you, I am beginning to wonder if the anxiety and depression are really the major issue, and the ADD/ADHD diagnosis was a quick fix. Obviously, can't tell from the info you have give - only going by the way you reacted with the meds and a lot of other things can come into play. The good thing is that with the HMO, you should be able to spend some quality time with the doctor. Do it. Tell them everything.
Avatar m tn He is taking meds that I feel couter act one another....reperidone.25mg 2 x day, vyvanse 30 mg 1 x a day, zoloft 1/2 25mg a day, and methyphidate 10 mg 1 x a day in afternoon. Help. Does these different medicines seem necessary. He is still have concentration issues.
Avatar f tn At noon, after taking forever to get up and eat breakfast, I took the Vyvanse again. I could be exaggerating, but I felt, almost immediately, the surge of energy come back again. My eyes (especially my left) were left dilated. I was very childishly irritable with my father, and became hyperactive. It lasted for a while, and, just as quickly as it started, disappeared. While I was writing all of this, things got worse.
Avatar n tn i already have headache problems and aching muscles and anxiety and depression---all of which have gotten worse over the last several years. i'm thinking this medication has worn out it's welcome in my body---and, i don't seem to get the same help from it that i did originally. what do you all think?
Avatar f tn - First of all, I'm female, 23 years old, 5'3, about 135lbs - I have been prescribed Adderall ir for Adult ADD and treatment resistant depression for about 3 years now. In the beginning, we started with just 5mg - and it did wonders for me! It was like a switch had been turned on, and I could see clearly again. Work improved vastly, and socially... I was finally able to feel.. "myself"!
Avatar f tn I recently had to switch my add meds from adderall xr to vyvanse and I am on day 2 and I feel like I havnt taken anything. I am extremely tired, have anxiety with everything going on around me at once, and I cant concentrate at all, I walked around my kitchen for 15 minutes not knowing why i wass but knew there was a reason then finally got my car keys that i was needing to get in the first place. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn He is taking meds that I feel couter act one another....reperidone.25mg 2 x day, vyvanse 30 mg 1 x a day, zoloft 1/2 25mg a day, and methyphidate 10 mg 1 x a day in afternoon. Help. Does these different medicines seem necessary. He is still have concentration issues.
Avatar m tn Ask your doctor about Ritaln or Concerta for memory and attention problems. These symptoms can be side effects of depression. There is also Vyvanse and Focalin. If one does not work, try another. They will help with your energy. The meds are out of your system that day; do not linger for weeks.
Avatar m tn I am a basically middle aged adult but the antidepressant was helping my add and depression. I took my old doseof vyvanse today to try to think clearly.I have been super sick ever since I took it. Can't get off toilet,throwing up,head littperallh feels like it wants to expose and jaw is killing me.(tmj) I am afraid to take my antiinflammatory, muscle relaxer or nausea meds cause of the vyvanse though I looked it up and none will interact.
Avatar f tn I would venture to guess that the weed/Vyvanse combo set something off. I've smoked my fair share in the past and absolutely cannot on Vyvanse or similar drugs. My brother in-law had a similar experience when he was about 16/17. He mixed many drugs and his brain sort of snapped. He has a family history of bi-polar. Some people have a genetic disposition for disorders and they lay dormant until something activates it, like a weed/meth combo. I know you are scared.
Avatar m tn -))) Also, make sure you have a good support system around you of friends and family who understand and are supportive of you and your struggle with depression. Reach out when you need to, and don't hold it in. Keeping in touch and having a good conversation and/or a laugh does wonders. Keeping you in my thoughts.
Avatar n tn I take 40 mg of vyvanse and I also suffer depression. I was given lexapro 10 mg. i found it self-defeating i was tire all the time and unable to focus or work. are there better combinations for depression and adhd? by the way, he took me off of lexapro. I've tried zoloft, gave me a skin rash. Also at one time i was on wellbrutin and stratera. i liked the well brutin but the straterra made me feel weird. any suggestions? I feel pretty hopeless...