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Avatar n tn I've Bin Throwin Up Since 5 This morning It Hasn't Bin Anything But A Yellow Liquid & The Only Thing I've Drank Is Water. I Haven't Eatin Anything Since Last Night Is This A Serious Issue Do I Need To See A Doctor??
Avatar f tn Lately everymorning I've been vomiting white/yellow fluid. Any ideas on what to do to ease it out ??
Avatar f tn I'm 9weeks pregnant and i don't know if its healthy or normal to be vomiting every morning when i try and brush my teeth and i vomit yellow since i don't have anything in my stomach?????????
Avatar n tn My doctor said I had acid reflux and a vitamin b12 deffecincy but the medication seemed to worsen my symptoms making me vomit a lot more ( a lot more bile and also foam even making it come up my throat without vomiting) and feel nauseus almost everyday so I took myself off of it. I don't believe that I have reflux because I can never feel the acid coming up my throat except when I was taking this medication. I also am always tired no matter how much sleep I have.
Avatar f tn Yes it was very watery and it made,my throat burn & it keeps burning :( I never puked like this before. ill try just drinking water for now cause I feel like vomiting even more :"( thanks for the new info !
Avatar n tn Is the yellow stool associate with teethting?
910699 tn?1242773068 For the past few days I have noticed that my puppy has vomited up yellow foam. I have also noticed that she does not want to eat much. My dog has never liked to eat dog food so we have been given her eggs, chicken, and other meats that we might have at meal times. When she does eat she tends to eat fast, but lately she does not want to eat these foods. She drinks water on a regular basis and goes to the washroom regularly everything looks normal. Should I take her to the vets?
Avatar m tn For example, Giardia, a parasite that can be found in waste products and contaminated water, can cause yellow diarrhea, fever, and flu-like symptoms. Yellow stool is unusual, and may be a symptom of a serious medical condition. Seek immediate medical care (call 911) for severe abdominal pain, stool with blood or pus, high fever (higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit), significant vomiting, seizures, changes in mental status, or sudden behavior changes.
Avatar m tn My dog has been vomiting yellow bile and sometimes with food.. he has very little appetite. Vet visit last wed showed nothing unusual on blood work and exam. said to treat as acid reflux. Meds haven't stopped it and appetite is actually worse.. he is 10+ husky/shep mix.
Avatar n tn and its alot of water... it does have some yellow in it... the kitty has also gained alot of weight in the last few months... and eats alot. other than these things the kitty is acting normal. the kitty has allergies to food and is on zd. he also takes prenisone off and on for it... he also has irritable bowel disease... so i suppose it could be related to this, but the way he's vommiting is strang... so far he's only vommited a couple times like this in the last few days...
Avatar n tn Im back to the gastro on the 26th but I feel as if he doesnt really get how sick Im actually feeling and how bright yellow water diarrhea for a long period of time is just not normal, Ive never had anything like it!
10582759 tn?1411227510 ( 3days it's been foam and yellow acid :( try crackers and sip milk or water it's horrible man
1517450 tn?1290743429 how can i stop the coughing so much there is wheezing and yellow like mucus and some times vomiting is trhere a over the counter med
Avatar f tn It wasn't anything it was just that disgusting yellow bile. Since 11pm last night I have thrown up 6 times all of it being the bile. I cannot hold anything down. I had just a small drink of water and seconds later I had to rush to the bathroom. I don't know if this is pregnancy related or am I sick. I'm 9 weeks and haven't got sick before just nausea. I don't know if I should call doctor or just see if it passes. I also have a horrible headache that's not going away.
Avatar m tn Hi I'm pregnant of 5w and 4days. And today in the morning I do a Vomiting that was some different kind yellow like egg. And my urine is burning and it will be kill me. I can't go for pee any more. So plz help me what can pill I eat for pee burning and for vomiting.
12679876 tn?1426981493 I have an 8 year old male cat who started throwing up yellow bile on Saturday. I got him to drink a little tuna juice and he acted like he wanted to eat dry food but only ate one piece and that was after several times of picking it up and putting it back down. All test results from the vet came back normal. No bacteria. He did have blood in his stool. But no infection. No temp, and barely dehydrated. He's going in for a teeth cleaning tomorrow because he had severe tartar build up.
1641082 tn?1300695581 Do you drink a lot of water? Sometimes your urine can be dark yellow/orange when your dehydrated. Try drinking more water and see if it helps. Also you should always pee right after sex because it flushes out any bacteria in or by your urethra. Have you had any burning or itching?
Avatar n tn Quiet often my stool is light colored, from orange-brown to yellow, but not pale, and it's spongy solid, low density and breaks up up when it mixes with water, but no mucous or blood. When that happens, I have frequent bowel movement, between 3 to 5 times in the morning. My appetite is healthy, no fever, chills, nausea or vomiting.
Avatar f tn Yeah, I don't get the yellow on my tongue so wasn't sure it was thrush? The yellow on my roof top doesn't seem to be a "coating" per se, more like the actual color instead of pink? But I've been brushing with baking soda only and that helps my tongue. I'll check into what you said and I may try to go to urgent care or something over the weekend and check it out.
Avatar m tn My father has been suffering with the effects of Yellow Nail Syndrom for several years now. He's had pleurodesis on both lungs and is currently suffering with very profound lower extremity edema. Does anybody know of any way to find a physician in the Carolinas who have experience dealing with this disorder? His local physicians are stumped.
Avatar n tn I ended up in the hospital because I had diarrhea and vomiting.....lasting for about 8 days. I was extremely nauseated for a long time, and could not eat, or keep anything down. The nausea lasted for about 2 weeks total. I lost 30 pounds in a little over a month. My bloodwork was normal, neutrophils were elevated, but everything else okay. I had an ultrasound, CT Scan, colonoscopy, and the scope down my throat (sp?). CT, ultrasound, and colonoscopy showed nothing.
Avatar n tn Using the neti pot doesn't cause infection if you use distilled water. Never use tap or spring water when you use a neti pot and always use the saline solution that comes with the pot. Best of luck....
Avatar f tn Then afternoon, Max is caught heaving and vomiting again in 3 different areas. I used a syringe to give him some water, and he held that down for at least an hour. Then he vomits again. And just a few minutes ago, once more, but a quarter size, and it's yellow bile. I don't know what to do, because he was a very healthy cat and eater. I call the humane society, and they say this isn't related to the neuter, but to bring him in tomorrow, if still vomiting. I don't have anymore money left.
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks and the other day i was vomiting yellow bitter stuff. The vomiting began at 6 in the morning and it seemed as if i was vomiting every half-hour. I tried eating something but it came right back up with more yellow stuff. Is this normal? Should i be concerned?
Avatar n tn Your new dog has a number of reasons for vomiting, such as car sickness initially, than drinking bleach water from the toilet, and, the upheaval of being discarded by your neighbor could have created havoc in a dog with a sensitive digestive system. Drinking bleach water is reason enough to take her to the veterinarian for supportive therapy.
Avatar n tn I rarely saw red ones after the really severe bout of vomiting. By this time I had seen white, orange, yellow, and even green ones. I saved one for the doctor’s office, then cut open the other one, scared to death of what I might find. The outside of it was soft and kind of see-through, like the consistency of a gummy bear. I saw that inside was a white powdery substance. And it looked like it was dry, as if the pod was completely sealed as I passed it! That freaked me out even more.
Avatar f tn I have a headache and earlier I felt like I was gonna poo but it went away. The color of the fluid is always yellow.. Help!!