Vomiting yellow liquid after drinking

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Avatar f tn U just have to make sure u keep something on your stomach n make sure you're drinking a lot of fluid so u don't get dehydrated from vomiting so much. But I know how u feel I would get sick up to 10 times a day. I'm 23 weeks now n its gotten better. I hope this helped out a little though!
Avatar f tn I can't stand it! I think it is a yeast infection(thrush). Anyway, if you mix liquid benedryl and maalox equally(about a tsp full) and use it like a mouth wash 3 times a day it helps. Just thought you might give it a try..if it doesn't work, I would def go to the dr even though I know how disappointing it is most of the time...good luck to you!
225275 tn?1276961493 At first, it seemed impossible to extract the active compound intact from the yellow liquid produced by the mould, but two new developments in the late 1930s engendered more enthusiasm for the antibiotic approach to medicine.
Avatar f tn In morning as well as in evening a pale yellow stool with some redishness is been passed in liquid state. As i am very much worried and panaroid about this so would be looking out for the experts advice on my case that would could have resulted me to puke blood while vomitting. And what can be the chances if i might have acquired any chronic disease.
Avatar f tn Then to test my theory I took 2 laxatives and 1 hour later took my pristiq, within 4 hours my stomach was ready to empty after fasting all day, liquid diet. Sure enough after I finished I looked and there floating was the Pristiq and since it had only been in my stomach 4 hours it still had same shape as there was not enough time for it to change form.
Avatar n tn My symptoms started the 2nd week of September, 05. Vomiting bile, nausea, etc. I finally went to the emergency room 10/24/05 and after numerous tests (CT Scan, Ultra Sound, x-rays, finally a test where they ran dye in my veins), it was found my GB was functioning at only 3%. It was removed 10/26/05, I went home 10/27/05 thinking "thank you, Lord - it's over". LOL... On 10/28/05, the symptoms started back over, nausea, vomiting bile, excessive bowel movements, diarrhea.
Avatar f tn Rotten Egg Burps (the WORST part) followed by nausea, severe cramps, vomiting, diarrea, the works. Only after throwing up everything I'd ever eaten in my entire life would it go away eventually. Doctors never knew what was wrong and there's still nothing much online about the cause of this illness. After logging what I ate for quite a while, we figured out that the common denominator was RED DYE #40!
Avatar n tn Projectile Vomiting everywhere she is getting a little better about telling me when she has to throw up but i know somthing is wrong we have no insurance due to her dad just got laid of due to the economy his whole company is on freeze so that means barely no money and no insurance does anyone have any idea what the problem could be my daughter should not be vomiting like this also she has no syptoms before or after vomiting like fevers or saying her stomach hurts it just happens im confused a
Avatar n tn Mine starts off usually early morning hours as egg burps, which induce vomiting every 5-10minutes with severe stomach pain then the diarrhea starts and lasts for hours after the vomiting subsides (usually between4-10hrs after first burp). My stomach will cramp up and burn during the beginning, then I know I'm on the down hill of it when I go longer and longer between vomiting and the pains subside.
Avatar m tn My fiance and kid got the stomach flu and they had it for about 12 hours they had diarrea and vomiting but the day after I got the diarea but no vomiting just nausea for three days then it went away.
Avatar n tn I've read a few things about lactose intolerance and for the last few months, I've been getting sickly feelings after drinking milk on its own, which is funny because I'm okay with cups of tea and coffee. I've also been under observation for my gallbladder and waiting for my next appointment. Any suggestions about what I can do to help myself in the mean while?
Avatar n tn of antibiotics I was on, leaking out yellow liquid. Now 5 1/2 months later I have been on Lupron every since. I suggest to everyone not to use Lupron, it puts in into menopause and gives your severe hot flashes and mood swings. They have also pinched my sciatic nerve while injecting one of the shots. TO STACE327: I find it very unusual that your Dr. didnt come to see you in the recovery room.
Avatar n tn I did stay in bedrest from Friday to Monday.. and I am drinking lots of water... does anyone know how long it takes for the embryo to implant after the transfer? Good luck to all....
Avatar m tn Almost a year later I am still in pain after eating or drinking cold liquids. For the first 6 months I would be dying to get home from work to get into a warm bath for pain relief, but every month gets a little better. The only thing that helps is the warm baths and heating pads.
Avatar n tn My mother had breast AND kidney cancer, and I recently lost my father to metastatic colorectal cancer. That being said, after having pain in the area of my left ovary, an ultasound found that I have "something" growing on my left ovary. A repeat ultrasound showed that it is growing, and I was giving the choice to leave it and "watch it" or have it removed. I did have a CA-125 blood test, which was "normal".
Avatar n tn I'm getting ready to try the pill because after 4 years on the powder within 10 of drinking it now a get severe heartburn. Hoping the switch to the pill will help that. Regardless nothing eliminates it all the time if you have it as bad as I do it will work about 75 percent of the time which is better then nothing. I'm currently mixing 2, 4mg. Packets of the questrin twice a day. Switching to 1, 625mg pill of welchol twice a day. Wish me luck and best of luck to you all.
Avatar n tn Here is the continuation of surfnsand247's original Tingling after Swine Flu Vaccine.
Avatar n tn I had my first painful attack of severe epigastric pain (presumed to be a gallbladder) attack about 2 months ago (which was 4 months after my birth of my second child). At the time of the attack, I went to the ER where I had sonogram and blood work taken. However everything seemed normal. Upon leaving ER, tentatively diagnosed with Gastritis, however GI cocktail did not stop the pain.
Avatar n tn Well yall, I went to take my bath this morning and noticed some lil clear liquid coming out of my right breast nipple. I am having more and more symptoms everyday. I called the doctor and they sat me up for an appointment way in September. I guess they wanna make sure I don't see no period at all for the whole month of August and the beginning of September. I already know I'm not gonna see anything cause I don't have any feeling at all in my body that a period is even trying to come.
1358341 tn?1282213443 Discuss about cat convalescence after having being cured from CRF. Hello, my 19yo cat cured from CRF, but I'll have to continue treatment. And I don't know if after being cured, if she shall continue treatment or not, because usually cats don't get cured of CRF. She'll soon re-start her treatment: Renalzin + Probiavi probiotics, Renalzin made her Phosphorus get lower and the probiotics made her Urea get lower, and both made the Creatinine get back to normal levels: http://www.flickr.
162948 tn?1205256292 now am scared because I see that a lot of women have not been able to conceive after the mirena IUD removal... pls help!!! I have had it for 18 months and after all the crazy stories, I am thinking of having it removed :(.
Avatar f tn I have 8 days to my 1st beta test after my ET on Aug 12. Out of 11 mature eggs only 4 fert after icsi and only 1 viable embryo. I too had OHSS after egg retrieval and am really hoping that this works. So far no signs of period coming so keeping fingers crossed. Does anyone know how many days after ET a period will come if it didn't work?
Avatar n tn I started feeling sick every morning (gagging but not vomiting) starting at about 10 days after the procedure. I was confirmed pregnant on day 14 after the procedure by blood test. I had the symptoms before I was confirmed positive and I also thought they were in my head, but there could be more to it. I had a failed IUI a few months before and I did not have any symptoms at all. Good luck!
1743553 tn?1311216325 THey will probably reccomend you take an acid reducer such as Nexium. You may have to stop drinking alcohol for a while until you are better. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I also noticed he was drinking more water at this time. After he was no longer on antibiotic his appetite lessened but he continued to drink a lot and have larger clumps of urine in the litter box. He never missed the litter box. On Friday Oct 10th I was gone from morning until midnight and came home to large amounts of yellow liquid all over – on the couch as well as all over the tiles in the kitchen, living room and dining room.
Avatar m tn It stopped for 2 days and happened one late night, 2-3 hours after drinking alcohol. This time, I could feel on the right side of my neck, my pulse beating hard enough for me to see it. The next day the swelling went on for the whole day. I checked to see if my neck lymph nodes are swollen, but it doesn't seem like they are. Also after using bactrim, my stool was yellow. After eating plain yogurt, It started regaining a darker color. I am not sure what's going on.
Avatar n tn Last month, I came home to find blood on a throw rug but was not sure if my 14 year old yellow lab had urinated or vomited it up. It was accompanied with just clear "water" looking liquid. The next day, I came home to find not only the "water", but actual blood clots the size of an earthworm in two spots in my home. She wasn't acting any different and was eating and drinking her normal amounts.
Avatar f tn nausea/vomiting, very soft stool/diarhea, migraines, extremely severe lower abdominal pain, extremely severe gas. (The gas & soft stool has been extremely toxic) which I have never experienced before until the past month. I waited to go to a gastrologist because I didn't have the money for the copay. I was just informed that urine & stool came out normal. If everything is normal, then what is wrong with me. All of this very painful.
Avatar f tn NOTHING worked, I tried Zantac, tylenol, gravol, tums, milk of magnesium, I tried mint tea, ginger tea, eating crackers in the morning, sitting up to sleep, standing after eating, drinking water before meals, during meals, after meals, drinking milk, cutting out milk all together. I don't drink coffee or alcohol any more, I don't eat chocolate or candy (except salt+vinegar potato chips on occasion)....