Vomiting up mucus what causes this

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Avatar m tn I am 26 years old and for the last couple of days I have not been able to keep much down. I have a terrible cough and my throat hurts really bad. I throw up cobs of mucus and then whatever I have eaten that moment. It has been really hard for me to breath when I work out or even just sitting around at times. The week before all of this started happening, my sinuses drained very bad. My head, nose and chest was very congested and I had a slight fever.
Avatar m tn My dog was vomiting mucus several times a day so I took him to the vet who took 2 xrays, blood and determined he had allergies. She gave him antibiotics, prilosec, benedryl and something else for his stomach which he took for a week. I stopped them after a week and he is throwing mucus up again. I have spent $500. so far. What can i do?
Avatar m tn What are the causes of couphing up blood? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/202504'>Very High Tryglicerides (950 ) / Chest discomfort and high blood pressure</a>.
Avatar n tn Recently however he has been getting severe attacks. This sometimes leads to mucus vomiting. This also more frequently for the last 2weeks, has lead to an inability to breath. This happens anytime for no reason that can be seen and even at night while sleeping. After a 20 seconds or so it clears without the apparent need for an inhaler. The prescribed Asthma medicine does not seem to hold off the problem as the problem seems to be worsening.
390388 tn?1279639813 Then I started to feel better but seem to be plagued with this odd coughing out of no where, that always leads to being out of breath and then the mucus comes up and vomiting starts. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
Avatar m tn I may have a spell today and may not have another for a month. What causes this and what can be done about it? I have been to a ENT and he said something about septium issue, not for sure what he was talking about because I was sent to him becuse of not being able to sleep with my mask for my sleep apniea. Now they want me to go back because of what he saw and possible have surgery to correct it. Will this stop my problem or will it still keep happening?
Avatar f tn Recently, i have had continuous flow of mucus and clearing throat of mucus. Exposure to air while driving causes a continuous clearing of throat and mucus. Last week it seems to be getting worst as i find myself coughing for no reason, pain in my throat, vomiting and shortness of breath some times with a bout of hot flash.. I now have to travel with a bottle of water. Everything does not subside until i clear my throat fully of mucus. During this time, i cannot speak until i clear my throat.
Avatar n tn But anyhow when i started having this problem i developed a problem with the gaging to clear the mucus which leads to vomiting. I always have this sensation to vomit(because of the feeling of mucus in my throat/lower nasal cavity), more so when in a stressfull situation or when i dont feel like i can gag ro hawk up mucus i become very panicy, which brought on panic attacks.
Avatar f tn In your dog's case, the mucus could be somewhat eliminated if you can determine what causes it to build up. Do you notice it getting worse at certain times of the year? It could be that she is allergic to something in your area that causes the mucus to form, which gives her the breathing difficulties due to the brachycephalic syndrome that is basically part and parcel of her genetic makeup. I would suggest keeping a journal of everything she eats and does.
Avatar n tn What do you vomit in the mornings, look/taste...
Avatar f tn but some mornings I wake up n vomit mucus n then have to blow my nose cause of all the mucus coming out ...and was wondering what causes this? And if anyone else gets this? And I'm also not sick either. Should I be more concerned? Or is this another pregnancy symptom?
Avatar f tn I've given him I've chips and water to try and keep him hydrated but he's just throwing it right back up. Also, since he's begun vomiting, I haven't given him any food. I don't know what I need to do but some advise ASAP would be great.
Avatar n tn I'm having panic attacks nightly, as well. Inanga, what is this liquid antihistimine that reduces the mucus? Zyrtec? I was on a pill form of it a couple of years ago that did nothing.
Avatar n tn I get a lot of mucus when i go to the toilet. This is what first made me go to my dr. I had blood tests and was told i had hep c. Then i had an ultra scan and a biopsy and the results were that i have also got cirhossis. A lot of pain in my right side and also starting to get it in my stomach also very fatigued, I know none of this sounds good but i wanted to give you the info as some of your symptoms were so similar to mine and it is so horrible not knowing stuff. Take care and all the best.
Avatar n tn Dry heaving everything and alot of gas comes up, mucus. My Dr told my husband to give me antinausea every 10 min until vomiting stopped, then start water. I had a hard time keeping it down at first, but eventually did. I spent the next 2 days in bed, sweating and chilled, no appetite, totally worn out. Really sick feeling - didnt feel like talking, reading, just laying there. I had been constipated, and I have IBS they say. Along with fibromyalgia, OA, chronic fatigue, GERD.
Avatar n tn We clean her up and lay her back down and she starts whining like she knows more is coming and sure enough she throws up and this time I can hear it gurgling in her belly as it comes up. At first I thought it was mucus that was making her throw up but now I don't know. A week prior to this she was running a fever and I took her to the doctor and she had a mild ear infection.
Avatar n tn I don't know what else I can do at this point. No one seems to have any suggestions as to why this is happening or what we can do to find out what the cause might be. I think they all just want to blame it on the Noonan Syndrome and hope that he outgrows it as he gets older, but Noonan Syndrome itself doesn't cause vomiting. I want to know what is causing it and what we can do to minimize or stop it from happening. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for me?
Avatar n tn So here are my symptoms, tell me what you think.
Avatar n tn So here are my symptoms, tell me what you think.
514428 tn?1287602056 Well, I'm tired of being pregnant and having all these signs and symptoms tht labor is approaching...but here I am still pregnant. So lastnight I really thought was to start of something~ After my husband took me out to get my haircut that I needed for 18 MONTHS, we were driving back home when I started contractions instantly every 10 minutes for 2 hours straight. Then BAM, they stopped....BUT a new symptom came.
Avatar m tn I might be totally making this up but i think the build up of mucus might clog your throat, therefore when too much builds up it wants to get rid of it by vomiting. Once I blew my nose more often instead of sniffing it back up in my nose (which always seems like the easier thing to do) i stopped gaging as much.
Avatar f tn I just lost my husband to copd and thats what he did so I'm going to look into and see if that could be it I just want answeres to see what this is I get up during the night and try to caugh it up and it just dont.Ieven try to get sick and all that comes up is that thick stuff I have told my stomach that I never bring up food it just phlem.
Avatar m tn I get a weird feeling in my throat that feels like snot in/going down, my throat and i start to feel sick to my stomach/pukey and end up spitting alot and sometimes gaging,And one time vomiting. Sometimes ill take a pepto or rolaid and that only sometimes seems to help..... But i really don't know what causes this but it getting really annoying its ruining my life in a way lol.... and i want help and wondered if you guys have experienced anything like this or got advice?? thanks p.s.
Avatar n tn Also, STIs - sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia can cause abdominal pain. Though a urine test should have showed up this condition if it was present. Hope you find a solution soon.
Avatar n tn FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH. . . . . . I, too had this problem. Will share with you what worked for me. Sought out a specific type of Chiropractor, and he immediately felt my neck was out of alignment at the C4 vertebra location. This Chiropractor, who graduated in the 1970s, is specifically trained in individual vertebra manipulation, meaning he can adjust just ONE vertebra of the spine, putting it back into the correct position. IMMEDIATELY, I felt better.
Avatar n tn I'm not in any significant pain or anything, just lots of annoying little things - which I think is why I haven't gone back to the doctor (no severe issues). Anyone have any ideas on what this could be or what I should do??? Thanks for any help you can provide!!!!!
Avatar f tn ) So here I am afraid to eat, so I haven't. What could this be? Is there anything I can eat that won't leave me in agony? Could the constipation from all that Imodium have jump started something? I'm pretty normal otherwise; No actual diarrhea just regular stool and mucus, no fever, no nausea, no vomiting, my appetite is fine (oh god I want to eat), perfectly hydrated.
Avatar f tn But now from the past around 2 years suddenly, some other symptons are added to it, suddenly I start feeling some tickeling in my throat and start coughing very badly, sometimes to the limit of vomiting and after that the breathing problem starts, and in this case if I take some hot milk or hot water, the cough or the choke in the throat gets reduced a bit.
Avatar f tn This has caused me to nearly have a panic attack on more than one occasion, as this has been a constant problem for nearly a month! What is likely causing this build up of mucus? And what can I do to recover from this? I went to my general physician when I had it a few days, and she said that it was likely due to a virus. That was a few weeks ago. I went again today, and she prescribed my an antibiotic. Will the antibiotic help me recover from this?
Avatar m tn It feels warm and kinda chunky, it only goes up as far as the back of my throat, but I think it's because my body is stopping myself from vomiting and I'm glad really, but why is this happening? I've had this for months now and it's worse on some days and some days it's ok-ish. I'm also burping constantly it seems and sometimes they taste like vomit, but that only really happens when I force a trapped burp. I'm also nauseous practically everyday, and all day now and NO ONE understands!