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Avatar f tn I have severe coughing along with the clear thick liquid coming up during dinner if I eat normal speed, If I lay flat, no matter what I eat. I have tried an all liquid diet, Baby food type diet, and eat everything I used to eat diet. I had a lap band put on 4 years ago and this started shortly after. I can be asleep and cough and the fluid shoots out of my nose and fills my mouth. There is never food just clear thick fluid.
Avatar n tn I've Bin Throwin Up Since 5 This morning It Hasn't Bin Anything But A Yellow Liquid & The Only Thing I've Drank Is Water. I Haven't Eatin Anything Since Last Night Is This A Serious Issue Do I Need To See A Doctor??
Avatar m tn My 3 yr. old Shih Tzu has been vomiting yellow, slimy liquid yesterday and twice in the middle of the night. What is wrong?
Avatar f tn Also occasional vomiting, not as frequent as the nausea though. I got up about half an hour later than I usually do this morning and vomited water a few minutes after drinking it. Any suggestions for helping to ease the nausea and vomiting? Thanks.
Avatar f tn It also clears the tummy of bacteria or virus. Sip it if she is still vomiting. If not vomiting, drink it like a reg cup of tea. If she gets nauseas, you can buy what is called anti-nausea liquid at Longs Drugs. It is merely coke syrup. Yes,....coca cola syrup....no fizz. Resolves nausea instantly and very safe! If you can't find it, call around to the drive ins and see if any one will sell you just the syrup. McDonald's here for us does. It also stops vomiting in small doses. Best of luck.
Avatar m tn I am vomiting a clear, extremely rancid liquid. Sometimes only liquid. Othertimes it follows vomiting partially digested food about 15 minutes or so after eating. If I vomit the food it is also extremely rancid.
Avatar f tn I had way too much to drink last night and had a pretty bad hangover today, what really scared me is when I threw up, I threw up this black liquid that seemed to not mix well with the clear (saliva?). Do any of you know what this black stuff is and how much damage I did to my body last night? Thank you for your help.
9682047 tn?1405269863 Recently (about a week) he has been vomiting almost on a daily basis, mostly undigested food. On thursday he threw up a brownish watery transparent liquid with some hair (not a hairball). Friday and saturday were vomit-fee. But today he threw up large amount of the liquid with no sign of food - circa 5 hours ago. Then again an hour ago large amount of the liquid. Afterwards he drank fair amount of water, but didnt want to eat anything. He has normal stool and is urinating regularly.
Avatar n tn More came off that week and we brought him into our normal vets for his yearly check up also scheduled. His blood tests and check up came back normal. White blood cells slightly high but they said it was most likely due to his hair loss issue. We did a culture on the hair and skin connected to a chunk of hair - this came back with no results (no ring worm found as they suspected this as well.
Avatar n tn Help!!! My 25year old son is addicted to liquid Codein ( street name "Lean"). Lately he has become this very hyper and talkative person. Not sleeping. I'm very scared because the last time he stop using it he went into clodl sweats and bad stomach cramps. How can I help him to get off the drug?
Avatar n tn She can't keep anything down and throws up even small amounts of liquid or ice. She doesn't have a temperature and she appears to have no physical discomfort. She had nothing out of the ordinary to eat today while with her grandmother. We are worried that she can't keep anything down and we'd like to get some liquid into her to avoid dehydration. WE aren't sure what to do next.
Avatar m tn I have two bully mix doges, they are 4 years old, they are siblings, and one of them keeps vomiting small amounts of clear liquid. She has a history of upset stomach problems but this is different. She has seen the vet twice since this has begun.
Avatar m tn Gradually I get stomach pains, then eventually painful cramps. I feel extremely ill, nauseus and faint and wake up every 1-2 hours to be sick. I bring up clear gastric juices and finally a large amount (over a pint!) of green bileous liquid - after which I start to recover. I have no bowel movements until the next day, when I get diarrhoea. My stomach is painful for several days because of the heaving and it takes a week to fully recover.
Avatar m tn Gradually I get stomach pains, then eventually painful cramps. I feel extremely ill, nauseus and faint and wake up every 1-2 hours to be sick. I bring up clear gastric juices and finally a large amount (over a pint!) of green bileous liquid - after which I start to recover. I have no bowel movements until the next day, when I get diarrhoea. My stomach is painful for several days because of the heaving and it takes a week to fully recover.
Avatar f tn Then for the next 12 hours I would vomit approximately every hour, so it was at the point where I was vomiting clear liquid if I just had a drink, or bright orange bile. It has now been 24 hours since I last vomited, and I have had a very intense headache ever since. I have had some flat lemonade, gingerale, and about 2 litres of water. I have no appetite, and just cant bring myself to drink more, or else I just begin to get nauseous again.
Avatar n tn OK I know, kind of a gross topic. I've been diagnosed with acute anxiety and have had issues with gagging including occasionally enough to make me throw up mildly [as in once and a small amount]. So here's my question. Had dinner Friday nite at wife's parents & on way home felt nauseous. & stomach ache [no anxiety whatsoever]. That nite starting at midnite I was up every hour 'til early morning throwing up until just clear liquid & really strong stomach cramps.
1289093 tn?1309364678 For years my husband has been getting up in the morning and vomiting profusely but the only thing that comes up is clear, white or somtimes yellowish liquid. After he goes through that his stomach knots up and he feels drained, weak and just generallly bad. He has had a colonoscopy, upper GI, X-ray, CT scan and ultra sound. They did find he had H.Pylori when they did the upper GI and treated him for that.
Avatar n tn If she's seven, she's reached senior status and it wouldn't hurt to have a full blood and urine workup to see how her organs are performing. This kind of vomiting is not normal. Does she throw up food, or is it primarily slimy bile?
Avatar f tn Do not use anything chemically harsh.....Dish liquid would be best as it will break down the oil in the drops....Or just a bar of plain soap..... I'm curious as to what brand of flea preventative this was....Possibly Hartz? Provide her with plenty of fresh water...Offer her canned food..The moisture will help to flush the toxins from her system....She really needs moist food fulltime anyway, but that's another story...If she's getting worse, get her to a Vet ASAP....
Avatar f tn I'm 12 weeks and 2 days(or so was the guess) and just a little bit ago, I had vomiting that was entirely unlike anything I've experienced up to this point. Normally, if my body doesn't like what I've eaten, I loose it almost immediately. Not this time, though. I ate about an hour ago, and then just a few mins ago, I got overwhelmed with nausea, and had to take a trip to the bathroom.
Avatar m tn My poodle, Gracie, has been throwing up off and on for 6 months. She has had many test, x-rays, barium liquid and food studies without anything wrong. After cerenia injection at emergency visit and fluids etc then vet has her on 25 mg benidryl, tagamet, reglan 2 times a day she got better for a few months. Now she is throwing up all night every night. First with a little food in it then bile and foam with horrible retching. It is soooo sad!!
Avatar f tn I know reglan is supposed to keep the milk from coming back up maybe the reglan dose should be increased.my son does have projectile vomiting on occasion but usually its spitup or i can see it come up and he swallows it back.is he breastfed?or is he on formula? I'm sure you've done everything possible to help your son As have I, I understand how fustrating it is.
Avatar f tn Last night was my latest occurance and when I puked and taught I was done, I started bringin out red watery liquid that seems to be blood. It was scary but after the pain left. Anyone have any idea what I can be suffering with since its not normal? By the way I'm 24yrs and just had a baby 3+ weeks ago and the pain has come 6 times in a month so far.
11451172 tn?1418339966 For a little over a week, she has been vomiting a mass of hair and bits of food, surrounded by a little amount of yellow liquid every other day or two. But, immediately after throwing up she returns to her cuddly, happy self and has maintained a thick, healthy winter coat.
Avatar f tn Biopsies came back last week showing a have severe inflammation all thought my intestines and I have severe colitis. Along with small polyps. Anyhow the real question is that I have been vomiting up even water for two weeks straight and I'm staying very fatigued, dizzy, loss of balance, blurry vision ( can't even read my phone!) and painful cramping. I went to the ER a few days ago because my GI said he couldn't get me in until aug 27th and I can't wait. I've lost 15 pounds so far from this.
Avatar n tn ( ) He woke up and on the way to work vomited black tar like substance any ideas what it good be?
315094 tn?1201393650 I bought PPC liquid concentrate from Phoschol. It was is a 16oz bottle, each teaspoon is 3000mg, and it is 100%, the cost was 161$, I used my calculator to do the conversions etc..discovered that per mg that was the cheapest way to go. BIG MISTAKE! It is the vilest stuff I ever tasted (and I used to bartend so I know about gross concoctions).
494192 tn?1209582569 I eat well (I think) Feel regularly nausea's before and after meals Have a pain at the bottom of my stomach (close to one hand away to the right of my belly buttom) Then I vomit, this is a strange vomit not as though one has a stomach bug, it is a thickish liquid but very acidic, so much acidic that it burns my throat and nose and there is a lot of volume of liquid with this high acid concentration.