Vomiting up blood after drinking

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Avatar n tn I am not a alcoholic, I do drink on some weekends, I have noticed that I stop breathing and wake up coughing then that usaully leads into throwing up, this only happens when I drink liquor the stuff i throw up is black in colour, not like coffee beans any ideas what could be going on with me I am 42 yrs old thanx
Avatar m tn So I went to the toilet and forced my self to be sick, gagging quite a few times, then large amounts of food started coming up, then about a hand full of red fresh looking blood came up. I have no abdominal pain or burning etc. Do you think this could have been a result of something tearing in my system or could it be a bleeding ulser? I was worrried so the next day I drank just water and forced myself to be sick and only water came out. Please help.
Avatar f tn If you're vomiting up blood on any occasion, run not walk to your doctor or nearest health clinic. This may be an emergency! (or at least a sign of cancer) Vomiting blood on any occasion is a serious concern (especially with the variables you express). There should be free services available for your area to check out. Here's some things to look up: http://www.mayoclinic.
1435895 tn?1304294841 But now makes 3 times that I have started vomiting and not been able to stop. To the point of vomiting up stomach acid. One of those times I popped a blood vessel (capillary I guess) and was vomitng blood. This week has been 2 different times already. Of course we all know what wretching does to your head. The more you vomit the worse your head hurts. It just starts a vicious cycle of pain. Wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.
Avatar n tn Now two years later this problem is still going on for me I have been to several doctors about it but their answers never seem to be right to me. Every couple weeks I vomit. Its usually in the morning right after waking up but occasionally last all day. It is very painful because the vomit is usually dry and I have to cough it out unless it is bile. My stomach will feel like it is on fire occasionally also. Sometimes there is bright red steaks but I am not sure if it is blood or not.
Avatar f tn Nurse told hubby to get drinking orange juice when his blood pressure goes down a little because the slight drop makes him feel dizzy. I bought the pure juice thank goodness. Hubby has one a Breville Juice maker which should arrive soon so will juice my own. I also have a forum question regarding "vomiting" if one has taken their Riba pills. Is there a time frame as to whether to re-take the pills or wait until the next scheduled pill time??? Thanks for the tips and help.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to have an expert advice that one time blood while vomiting is a symptom of Cirhosis or any other severe disease. Or i am going through any serious illness or something else is happened to me. In morning as well as in evening a pale yellow stool with some redishness is been passed in liquid state. As i am very much worried and panaroid about this so would be looking out for the experts advice on my case that would could have resulted me to puke blood while vomitting.
Avatar m tn Last night I was drinking, I ended up getting quite drunk in fact it's probably the most drunk I've been this year. I vomited before going to sleep. Today I woke up and walked home (still slightly drunk) and when I got home my heart rate seemed to be beating abnormally fast. For the last 7 hours (since I've been awake) it has been at an elevated rate, right now it's at 108BPM and I've been very uncomfortable all day.
1641082 tn?1300695581 Two days later we had sex again and the same thing happened only this time I was vomiting too.Also my urine is an unusual orange colour, as though it contains blood. We have both been tested negative to STI's and other simular illnesses. Is something wrong with me or is this sometimes normal?
Avatar n tn About a week after the surgery, I began having pain in my upper right quadrant as well as vomiting after meals occassionally. About a month after the surgery, I was prescribed Zofran, Colestipol, and Protonix. I have still been getting progressively worse. I now vomit after after meal, often it is partially digested food immediately after eating and then what seems like pure bile about an hour to two hours after eating. I now vomit after drinking just water sometimes, as well.
Avatar m tn Everytime I go out, about once a month, I have severe epigastri pain after drinking a couple drinks, it lasts for about half an hour and it gets so bad i vomit and have sweats, after the half hour or so I'm fine, what could this be? When I was pregnant with my 3rd child 2 years ago I would have heartburn so bad I would spit up blood, so I don't know if this has anything to do with it, maybe a stomach ulcer or something? Thats the only time it hurst though is when i drink alcohol....
Avatar n tn Now almost after 10 months i have cough again an it is there for 3 weeks now. I do not have phlem or blood in mucus, or fever. But strangely i did not have these symptoms when TB struck me last time too. This cough started with symptoms of cold, running-nose etc. but when it crossed 15days, i got my X-ray done and the doctor declared that its clear. I have had night sweats and 1.5Kg of weight loss in past 3 days. (but no fever).
Avatar m tn I’m 34 yrs old and this problem started in November of 2016. After a night of drinking, I woke up feeling fine. I got in my car to go grab breakfast and as soon as I started driving, I instantly because dizzy. It was something I’ve never experienced before and it scared the hell out of me. I was thinking that I was just hungover and the feeling would go away after laying down. Well it didn’t! For 2 1/2 months, I had that feeling every day.
747613 tn?1233530330 00 a.m. but it was like a clear mucous and she threw that up in about 3 different spots of the bedroom and she threw up some of the clear mucous again at about 12:30a.m. after all that she seems sad and she'll walk around but she wont play. I also noticed she keeps going to the litter box and she keeps trying to poop but she isn't able to. I'm really worried. Help!
206807 tn?1331939784 I have done that too and, for me, it was several units of blood that came up. Vomiting blood in an HCV positive patient strongly suggests ruptured esophageal varices. I agree with Boobert - if he is vomiting blood he should undergo endoscopy and sooner rather than later.
4487133 tn?1355335664 My 15 month old English Bulldog has been vomiting for about 6 weeks now (daily, sometimes twice daily). If it is after a meal, then she throws up the entire meal. If it is not near a meal, then she throws up a large amount of bile colored drool. She eats only her recommended amount of Innova-Weight Control dog food twice daily (given to her in small amounts at a time) - No table food at all. She has been taking half a tab (37.
Avatar n tn He's not an attention getter nor does he induce vomiting. He has no other notible symptoms like blood in stool or abdominal pain, discolored urine, etc. He has been put on Paxil to help anxiety and it has started kicking in but he still vomits sometimes after a meal. He's small framed and can not afford to not keep his food down. His doctor gave him anti nausia pills but they don't help. Any suggestions to what it is? COULD IT BE NERVOUS STOMACH? Also, just a tiny second question...
Avatar n tn Typically, once I vomit my body temperature returns to normal and I can get back to sleep, although lately a feeling of nausea and overheating has remained for a few hours even after vomiting. At different times, I thought this could be caused by drinking alcohol, overeating, and/or changes in hormone levels (perhaps related to birth control pills), but none of those causes have been present for all of these "attacks". Any ideas about where I should start with my doctor?
Avatar m tn not to mention I cannot afford it forever....8-( She has always 'burped up' her water after drinking a bit much since she was 6 weeks old. I read about the Ipecac but that is what they used to give kids to make them throw up (when necessary) so how does that work? Does anyone have any questions while I wait for the vet to call me back? I cannot stand to see her so sick. She is such a loving dog. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn Also, another thing that is very alarming for me is he has blood in his stool and usually vomits daily when he wakes up. This has more than not had blood in his vomit. I am concerned and am curious as to what type of research I can do with this or some possibilities that I can look into. He has been given some antibiotics to finish before his appointment with a gasteroenterologist and a perscription of pain medication.
Avatar f tn But you know your dog, and you know her normal bleeding pattern. Anything outside of this I would say needs to be checked out. A 'pool' of blood after mating does sound strange to me. I have never seen this happen. Certainly, normal 'on heat' bleeding does continue after mating, but usually quite watery afterwards, or thinner. And not, as I have ever noticed, a lot of blood.
Avatar n tn along with his stomach problems, he does drink quite often and when he threw up blood it had been after drinking a lot of alcohol. does this have anything to do with it? what should i tell him and how serious is it? thanks to anyone who can help.
Avatar f tn This past week I've been vomiting everyday after drinking and have been vomiting acid. Last night was the worst. I woke up st 4am violently vomiting acid my throat and nose still hurts today. I did vomit what looked like blood, it also burned very basket when it came up.. also went through my nose. I took zofran an anti nausea pill to calm it down. I'm belching a lot which also burns. Clearly this must be from excessive drinking but I'm not sure what's wrong.
Avatar f tn Elevated CREATININE BLOOD UREA NITROGEN and PHOSPHORUS Elevated Creatinine and B.U.N. cause over-drinking, and production of a lot of urine which has little concentration (low specific gravity) This of course, leads to bed-wetting and accidents in the house, even with a well house-trained dog. Creatinine and B.U.N. can be elevated even in the early stages of kidney failure. Sometimes, at this stage, Phosphorus is NOT elevated.
Avatar n tn I always feel sick after eating or drinking. I don't vomit, but I do have diarrhea. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. I know there are plenty of people who have had this problem and I need advice. Could it be the depression? Or maybe my gallbladder? Hep C? Please help!
225275 tn?1276961493 And that's after taking all kinds of alternative treatments. It has ebbed and flowed up and down and all around over the years all by itself. This is very common for hep C patients, the viral population naturally undulates in our bodies all the time, both up and down.