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1198742 tn?1293506976 If he had developed liver cancer at any point he should have gotten cancer MELD exception points and already gotten a liver transplant from accumulated MELD points. Hopefully his liver disease and symptoms will improve over time now that he has been cured of his hep C. Good luck to you both.
Avatar n tn However the common ones are gastritis or petic ulcers,gastroenteritis(irritation and infection of the digestive tract.),gall bladder disease,liver pathologies,migraine,GI diseases and neurological diseases. It looks like gastroenteritis to me due to its sudden symptoms.
Avatar n tn Take omeprazole (empty stomach in morning) and antacid gel and see if it helps (I am not sure what medications you are on). Liver and kidney dysfunction is another cause. Hence kidney and liver function tests should be done. Other causes are diabetes and hypothyroidism. Electrolyte imbalance too can cause nausea. IBS, gluten or lactose intolerance, parasites in gut too can be the cause. A stool test should be done for worms, giardiasis etc.
Avatar f tn Besides this they are also elevated in conditions like muscle injury and sometimes due to medications. If you do not have symptoms of liver disease like jaundice, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever, I would advise you to wait for now and repeat the test after four weeks to see how the levels are progressing. In the meantime you could follow certain precautions. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Avoid drugs like paracetamol and sedatives. Get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B.
1714226 tn?1308628705 Hi, my name is Patty and I am 29 years old. To say that liver disease runs in my family would be a huge understatement, for my grandmother, aunt, and my father have all died of cirrhosis of the liver. Neither of the 3 were alcoholics either. Since the age of 18, I have had routine checkups and blood work, keeping a close eye on my liver function and health. In January of 2010, I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease and had surgery to remove it.
1714226 tn?1308628705 hi, I am a 1 1/2 year post liver transplant patient. My advice is to see a GI specialist who focuses on liver disease. There are a series of diagnostic procedures they would recommend if warranted. If liver disease is confirmed then they should request blood labs to determine a MELD score. In a nutshell, this can become very overwhelming but I am trying to reassure you that there many steps to take before determining the worst case.
Avatar f tn If she has the type of liver disease that has the inflamatory action on her bile duct and liver, I've read adding additional taurine(amjno acid) and small amount of celery increases bile secretion and is beneficial. I just hope with the love and care you are able to give that she will surprise everyone and be with you for much longer than just the year...
501944 tn?1224059621 I have had Crohn's disease for about 3 years and I am having problems with vomiting and I don't know what to do!! If you have any advice please help, I feel lost! I have some problems swallowing and I frequently feel like there is something in my throat ready to come up. I was vomiting almost every night for about two weeks I then felt a little better and it only occurred every couple of days. Well right now I can't hold anything down. I'm afraid to eat, but I am hungry.
Avatar m tn Besides this they are also elevated in conditions like muscle injury and sometimes due to medications. If you do not have symptoms of liver disease like jaundice, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and fever, I would advise you to wait for now and repeat the test after four weeks to see how the levels are progressing. In the meantime you could follow certain precautions. Avoid smoking and alcohol. Avoid drugs like paracetamol and sedatives. Get vaccinated for hepatitis A and B.
Avatar m tn Someone very dear to me was diagnosed with decompensated liver disease back in May, during the last two months ascites keeps building up and has been drained twice. Now vomiting brown stuff and sleeping constantly. Are we nearing the end?
Avatar f tn I have some of your same symptoms and find the symptom and disease checker at the Mayo Clinic website very helpful for research.
Avatar f tn I was also told the cherry red dots on my upper body were a sign of liver disease. Just the fact that you are bleeding is very bad. I am surprised your primary has not sent you to a gastro. Again, really sorry, I went through years of not knowing what was happening to me.
Avatar m tn Does anyone have any advice for him? In a word, stop drinking. "He is having one drink a day". He is making e his liver disease progress from bad to worse. He is injuring his liver every day he drinks. By drinking he is defeating any treatment the doctors are giving him. Unless he stops drinking he will not be listed for a life-saving treatment. He is the only one who can make the choice if he wants to live or die.
Avatar f tn The endoscopy not only was used to look for ulcers but to look for esophageal varices which would indicate portal hypertension (a common problem for people with liver disease). I know the waiting is rough, I’ve had to go through it as well. I post quite often here on MedHelp and two of the biggest problems I come across are that many people are not openly honest with their doctors or they do things different from their normal life style to prepare for their testing.
Avatar m tn Your husband has advanced cirrhosis of the liver if his diagnosis is end stage liver disease. His treatment of antibiotics and lactulose indicates he is suffering from Hepatic Encephalopathy which may indicate he has or is close to decompensating. Does he have varices, edema, ascites, and/or portal hypertension? These are all very serious and potentially life threatening. He should be evaluated for transplant and that requires a referral.
Avatar n tn After much blood work (Liver Panel, GGT, SGT, Sed Rate, CBC), Hida Scan, CT Scan and finally a liver biopsy, he was diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease. He was placed on prednisone for 1 month at 40mg a day, 1 month at 30mg a day, 1 month 20mg a day and he is now only taking 5 mg a day until the end of February and then the prednisone will be finished. While he was on the 1 month 40mg a day, the doctor started him on 75mg of 6MP (a new drug for automimmune liver disease).
Avatar n tn Soaper, I did a quick look-up on Fosamax. I didn't see liver problems mentioned (maybe someone else here can find some additional info for you). I'll paste here what I did find on Fosamax: *************************************************************** The following came from Medscape: http://promini.medscape.com/drugdb/drug_patient_handout.asp?
Avatar n tn I am now in remission with the hep C, and although I am in Stage 4 cirrhosis, I have no symptoms of liver disease elsewhere. My liver enzymes are back to normal levels and although I still require a lot of sleep, that too is getting better. The liver does not heal itself. It is the only organ in the body that does not regenerate. However, with proper diet, no alcohol, no drugs, and a good attitude, life goes on. The experience taught me so much. Life is precious.... and short....
Avatar n tn The bleeding has since subsided and the only symptoms I have now are fatique, light colored stools and dizziness. My lft, ultrasound and CT scan were all negative. Do you suspect liver disease?
Avatar n tn They usually get worse over time and the liver disease progresses. Complications occur due to the disruptions in function of the liver. HEPATIC ENCEPHALOPATHY The liver metabolizes and breaks down many substances, vitamins and nutrients. Protein is broken down into glutamine and ammonia. In the decompensated stage of liver disease, the liver becomes unable to break down and rid the body of ammonia. Toxic levels build in the blood and brain, causing a condition known as hepatic encephalopathy.
464865 tn?1206821985 The reason I ask is that my husband had the same symptoms 9 months ago and they have finally diagnosed him with PSC. It is a very rare liver disease and they don't know what causes it and the only cure is a transplant. We are waiting to go on the list now. I don't mean to scare you but this sounds like the same thing. Actually, myself with the help of the National Liver Foundation diagnosed him before the doctors did.
Avatar n tn Your liver tests are practically normal. Clay-colored stool, if related to liver/biliary disease, would be associated with markedly elevated bilirubin levels, among others. I'd see the gastroenterologist before going up the ladder to the other clinics.
Avatar f tn fatty liver is probably a Stage 1 Liver Disease condition....then it gets worse....Fibrosis, Hepatitic, Cirrhosis......the Liver is the only organ in the body that can 're-juvenate' itself, provided it's not too far gone, like Cirrhosis. So, if you are just starting to throw up a little blood.....then you can still stop drinking and get healthy. You're still young, heck, I'm 56 and 46 seems like yesterday.
Avatar m tn With a homeopathic remedy, it is diluted to such a degree that mysteriously, the same substance that would CAUSE the symptoms, can heal them when diluted like that! Now....don't ask me HOW it works, because I haven't a clue. Scientifically, it shouldn't! But I have seen many cures especially with animals with Homeopathic medicines.
Avatar m tn In winter I have several symptoms like trembling,migraines,vomiting,fatigue,loss of strength or will-power,feel disappointed etc.I dont want to get treated with SOC.could you tell me :are these symptoms common in HCV patients and second,if you know when telaprevir could be approved?
Avatar m tn I have following below symptoms for last 15 days -Nausea ,dizziness ,vomiting sensation,feeling tried Blood test result.. Only SGPT reading shows 220, rest other readings were normal. Please help to find out what may the disease cause.
Avatar f tn Fatigue goes hand and hand with Hep C and liver disease. We aren't saying what you are telling us isn't related to your liver...it's just that we aren't doctors....we give suggestions and guidance. As it was stated above there could be many other reasons why you are experiencing these symptoms. If you aren't seeing a hepatologist or liver specialist, get one. And ask and ask and ask. If you not happy or confident with what you are being told, get a second opinion. It is your right...
Avatar n tn I have end-stage liver disease and I get severe hand cramps and what over the counter pain reliever can i take without it counter acting with prescribed narcotics