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Avatar f tn My puppy has been in and out of the vets office more times than I care to count since we got her in May. This little Chessie is just miserable. She will be great for a few days and then within a matter of a few hours she can be in pain and so sick. I am able to do IVs at home if I need to, but my question is what do you get them to eat? Pumpkin she loves...yogurt at times. She was eating ground turkey with rice and cottage cheese....but now she won't even look at the turkey...
Avatar m tn You can also try letting him lick a Popsicle for hydration, like when they give human patients ice chips in the hospital. I've never had that cause more vomiting.
Avatar n tn If I had tested my dog 6 weeks ago when she had these symptoms she might not be lying in a coma in the hospital right now too sick to operate on. My entire world would be much better. All dog owners whould routinely get tested for liver shunts.
Avatar f tn Welcome, I have a number of suggestions, but due to very limited time right now, I will have to do short segments.... As with all food, you get what you pay for.....This bothers me: I know, I know... everyone hates Puppy Chow. Do you know why people hate puppy chow? Here's a link that will give you an idea: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/purina-puppy-chow/ Your Eukanuba Puppy is a little better, but still considered low quality.....
Avatar n tn dr thinks it could be microscopic colitis but i cant afford the biopsy so its just a guess. this ailment is most common in women in their 40's. the only symptoms are watery diarrhea and sometimes cramps. antibiotics help but symptoms come right back when stopped. i felt better this past week. i started to take probiotics twice a day and eat yogurt with lunch. if i am running to the bathroom a take imodium.i also take 4-6 pepto bismal chewables during the day. the pepto made a huge difference.
2154088 tn?1336595980 I'm told it is rather common in some toy breed puppies when they get their first vaccines. We are hoping it will not get any worse, as now he only has seizures a few times a month and the vet wants to take a wait and watch approach for now.
973741 tn?1342346373 I would try the rice. Rice tends to help 'stop things up' :) It's probably just a combination of heightened stress in a new environment and the abrupt change in food. Good luck!
Avatar f tn This can lead to the nipples becoming permanently enlarged from basically being in the near-constant state of nursing puppies. With a short-haired breed this is much more readily apparent than it is with a long-haired breed. The copious amounts of vomit make me suspicious that there is an intussusception at work here, however you said that she had a normal bowel movement, which is not characteristic of an intussusception.
Avatar n tn He is drinking and eating, however, he is not eating as much as usual.... I know If I call the Vet they will say just bring him in but at 150.00$ I am not so sure he needs that! but don't get me wrong I will if anything gets worse! What are your thoughts out there? I work at a long term care facility and he comes to work with me daily as work in an office.... he currently has very limited interaction with my patients! Thanks for any comments/suggestions!
Avatar m tn Swelling in the face in less than an hour in one pup. Vomiting and going into shock in another. Most reactions I have heard of are swelling, usually starting in the face. Anaphylaxis reactions can be immediate to less than 24 hours.
Avatar n tn Any puppy that has vomiting and diarrhea should be seen by a vet. Puppies don't have as much reserve as older dogs, and can quickly become seriously ill.
Avatar f tn The vomiting is so awful to watch in the end as it just goes on and on and on... There are many anti emetic meds to try. Has your vet not prescribed anything? Reglan (metoclopromadine) is a very cheap medication, unfortunately, it is also metabolized in the kidneys, so a too high dose results in toxic levels in the blood. My husband and I discovered that completely bypassing the GI tract by using reglan injections worked much better in the end.
Avatar n tn I am a 41 year old male having the same symptoms as described by the others in this forum. I have been having these pain and discomfort for over two years. I have had every test imaginable ran including MRI and still have found no answer. The pain in the side and back almost feels as if the skin is wet at times. I have also experienced considerable belching. Often times it feels that the waist of my pants is too tight and feels uncomfortable (the pants are not too tight).
Avatar n tn No coughing, sneezing or any other symptoms. We had 4 little puppies visit and spend the night two nights ago. She was fine before they came. Since they were here (they left yesterday morning) she has been acting this way.
Avatar f tn Generally, Flagyll, Metronidazole and Panacur are often used for Giardia, and repeated again in 2 weeks if the symptoms have not subsided. In 2001, Flagyll (Metronidazole) appeared effective in only about 60% of the cases. "Currently, some vets feel the effectiveness of Flagyl (Metronidazole) is down to 40%. Known side effects of Flagyl are nausea, disorientation, yeast growth, liver failure depression, regurgitation, and nerve damage". * www.holisticbirds.
Avatar f tn Any thoughts??? Some symptoms...very crampy, moody, and wierd taste in my mought. A little sick to my stomach this afternoon. Uggg...this waiting game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn thanks for your answer, but this is the only puppy i have that had these symptoms, i have 4 more and none of them show any symptoms like these. could that still make it parvo even if only one died??
Avatar f tn Depending on your puppies vaccine status viral diseases such as Parvovirus may be the issue. Vomiting leads to dehydration which can be fatal in dogs and puppies if not treated.
Avatar f tn he has also that substance in his stool. His stool is normal in color and soft in consistency. He vomited 4x that night and so i brought him to his vet the following morning the 23rd. I told him about all the things i observed about my dog telling him about having his very wet nose which he licks... emphasizing on the 'phlegm' which is quite sticky and irritating to my dog when he vomits.
1456473 tn?1365831055 Your puppy has not had her full set of vaccines, therefore she is not yet protected from diseases such as Parvovirus. Parvovirus can be deadly in puppies. The symptoms you describe could be due to Parvovirus, Gastrointestinal parasites, and other gastrointestinal diseases. Please take her to the vet ASAP! Please apply for Care Credit, if you don't have the money right now.
Avatar n tn That shot didn't help the mange, but he never EVER had worms again in his nearly 14 years with us. He had no symptoms of anything wrong, nothing in his stools, zip, zero, nada. So - yes, go ahead and have your dog checked by your vet. It's always better to be safe than sorry.
Avatar f tn I left my dog in my fathers care while i was at a friends. I came home to him being very bloated to the point where he cant walk and it feels like touching a balloon animal. Is there anything i can do to help him? Im scared hes going to die and he wont eat or drink anything. Please help!!!!
Avatar f tn Depending on the severity of the shunt, this can also be accompanied by other symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, and even seizures. Briefly, when the puppies are in the uterus, the mother's liver takes care of filtering their waste. The fetal blood vessels allow blood to bypass the not-yet-fully-developed fetal livers, but as soon as the puppies are born, these vessels close off so that the puppy's liver can process its own blood.
335728 tn?1331418012 Often lake environments are contaminated by animal waste carrying parasites and bacteria which may cause these symptoms as well. In sum, chronic vomiting and diarrhea in a dog, young or old should be worked up by a veterinarian through testing and a cause sought and addressed. The possibilities are simply too numerous and complex to guess at and I encourage you to start down that road as soon as is practical.
Avatar n tn I had a litter of 8 GSD puppys which lost there appetite, had a bloody light red diarea and also some vomiting. Our vet medicated the puppies with two types of antibiotics, and treated them for there vomiting and there diarea. some of them seemed to be recovering but some had to be put on a drip because they started signs of dehydration. They past away within 24 hrs, with signs of a posonous reaction to the drip, we imediately took the rest of the puppys off the drip.
Avatar m tn Parvo prevention is very important for puppies. If your dog, especially your new puppy, begins exhibiting any of these symptoms, see a veterinarian right away. When parvo is involved, every hour counts. The secret of survival is quick treatment, so don’t ignore these symptoms! One or all of these will usually being showing after 3 – 10 days of infection. Lethargic. If your dog normally likes to play and has high energy, this is the clearest sign that something is wrong.
1345254 tn?1325921641 I am sorry about your two puppies! I am going to assume that your puppies never had vaccines, or never completed the vaccinal series? No protection or inadequate protection could cause susceptibility to severe diseases such as distemper or parvovirus. Your dog could still have parvo, but many other viral, bacterial, or parasitic diseases can cause similar gastrointestinal symptoms.
Avatar m tn My dog was spayed 4 days ago. She began vomiting immediately and continued to until her death this morning. She was a pound puppy, a chihuahua mix, that we had for three weeks. The vets treated her with cerenia and I administered pedalite. She had no fever and a little diarrhea towards the end. Does this sound like parvo?
Avatar m tn However, usually, if you ring your regular vet's number, you are given an out-of-hours or emergency number to ring. That is usually so. He needs treatment as soon as possible. In the meantime, try to keep him hydrated. Don't make him eat. Try to get as much water down as you can, but in very small amounts at a time, as large quantities could make the vomiting worse. I do hope he gets treatment quickly, and will be OK. If you get chance, let us know how he gets on.