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Avatar n tn my twelve year old son has been vomiting for the past week. He says he feels fine and he has a regular appetite. The only other symptom he has if that he is hurting on his right lower side. He has had no fever. The doctor checked his blood and urine this morning and said it all looks fine. Of course they won't keep him at school when he is vomiting. What could possibly be wrong that needs to be checked that the Dr. is missing?
Avatar f tn For the past week I've been having vomiting spells after I've ate. It's like my body's saying it doesn't belong here, throw it up. It has happened to me 3 times, with different food. The first time I smelled some soap and vomited. About 5 days later I eating a big mac, and when I was about to finish it, I had to fight not to vomit, seeing how I was driving. Then today it happened too, when I was putting my clothes n the washer. I fight the urge, hoping it isn't just in my head.
Avatar f tn My son is 5 years old, He got one of his immunization shots and since then he has been getting sick mostlyin the evenings w/no fever or other symptoms. He had been layin around alot and not himself. This lasted for 8 days and they told me maybe he was coming down with something when he got the shot. really? well 5 days have passed and he was much better back to normal and last night was up at 3:30am and he was up every half hour from then on puking.. What could be going on with him.
Avatar n tn Low grade fevers are quite common with lupus sufferers, however, 102 is a bit high for a lupus fever - BUT not everyone is the same and everyone's symptoms can differ, so 102 may not be totally out of the question for lupus. What were the results of your blood tests, other than no signs of infection? Were there any levels that were notated as being higher or lower than normal? if so, which one/s were they?
Avatar f tn Hi, The presence of the fever would raise the possibility of infection or dehydration. Was the vomiting present before the fever? If he has been vomiting and unable to take in adequate fluid, he may be starting to get dehydration. An infection in old folks may not always present with symptoms referable to the area involved – say a lung infection, you'd expect cough, so a thorough evaluation by a physician would be in order.
Avatar m tn Zero response to Panadol, Codis, Betablockers or Nausea meds. Continued restlessness, building up fever, heavy sweating, high temp until vomiting, then cold shivers. At this point pain pills used helped and sleep came.
Avatar n tn Some things I noticed were that it only happened in the morning and I would get no fever. Usually i start feeling better after vomiting once but today I threw up about 3 times. If anyone could help it would be great. Since im only 17 my phsician doesnt want me to get a cat scan due to radiaton. Some other information about me is that i am relativly skinny 5'10 weighing about 130 pounds. My headrate and blood pressure is normal. Please help.
Avatar n tn No sign of fever and no diarrhea. Playful and happy but still vomiting...and is sound asleep now. I can tell he is hungry but he is gagging anytime we give fluids or solids....we are frustrated and not sure what to do. We just find it strange that he basically has no other symptom and are concerned about his minimal food and liquids. We also find it strange that there is basically no other symptom but vomiting. The fever has not returned and no diarrhea...
Avatar f tn Three hours into our flight home from the Philippines (25 days there), at nearly the exact same time both my wife and I developed severe headaches (especially behind the eyes) along with nausea, recurring chills and hot-spells/sweating, muscle aches, fatigue, but NO FEVER. The symptoms have persisted for 4 days now with no change. Tylenol/Excedrin helps somewhat. Every disease that I have researched that includes our symtoms also includes fever, which is making this difficult to diagnose.
Avatar n tn 10/7/08, she began vomiting in the evening and vomited for several hours. She did not have a fever or any other symptoms. We gave her pedialyte which she held down eventually and we slowly moved her back to her formula the next day. She was fine the entire week and then on Thurs. 10/16/08, she began vomiting again. She was unable to keep the Pedialyte down and continued to vomit for several hours. Again, no fever or any other symptoms.
1105984 tn?1258825355 I have fu-like symptoms as well, with the absence of a fever. I had made an ER visit 2 nights ago to determine the cause. I was told I had a viral infection, and was administered fluids through an IV catheter. Bloowork and a urinalysis was done, which all came back fine, and pregnancy was ruled out. The vomiting has been becoming more persistent, and I've lost quite a bit of weight since this all started.
Avatar m tn Give me your opinions Fever 96% Adenopathy 74% Pharyngitis 70% Rash 70% Myalgias 54% Headache 32% Diarrhea 32% Nausea or vomiting 27% Hepatosplenomegaly 14% Thrush 12% Neurologic symptoms 12% The duration of symptoms is generally 1-3 weeks.
Avatar n tn During the episodes I experience chills and sweating but I don't have a fever. There are no other symptoms that may indicate a virus such as diareah or fever. After I have vomited everything out I am weak but am able to hold down fluids and the next day I am fine. I just got a blood test done and everything is normal, no diabetes,signs of cancer, or anemia, and I am not allergic to the most common food allergies (nuts/soy).
Avatar n tn hello everybody. I had a possible exposure. After 6 days i am vomiting, have fever of 39.1 and feel very week. My question is: How soon can ars symptoms begin? Can they start as early as 6 days?
Avatar n tn Take over the counter antacid and antiemetic (this SOS for vomiting). Watch out for a day or two with this treatment. If still the symptoms persist, then you may need an antibiotic for the gut and would need to see a doctor. If after the antibiotic course too the symptoms persist, then there is a chance that you have developed either IBS or some food intolerance. In that case you would need to consult a gastroenterologist. Please go through as advised.
1624990 tn?1299294124 Everyday he laughs saying his right foot tickles and last night while he was sleeping he started coughing so bad he started to vomit everywhere. With all the viruses going around I assumed he had one. But he had no fever just vomiting. Today he's fine just complaining about his head bobbing (jerking tics) He's high functioning autistic, with a severe sensory disorder along with a recent dx of tourettes. My motherly instincts tells me he don't have tourettes all because he bobs his head.
Avatar n tn She felt much better for two days. She became very ill again. She was vomiting and appeared to heave a fever. She also has flank pains. I took her to a clinic in the small town we live in. They put two more bags in her and took stomach xrays and another round of blood tests and another UA. The doctor here couldn't tell her anything. He said that everything came back normal. He has no idea but there is something obviously wrong.
592969 tn?1248329005 The fever shot brought his fever down to 104. He was still sick in the morning, so I took him back into the vet April 1st at 2:00 p.m. Again, he needed IV fluids and a new antibiotic shot. He had a x-ray which revealed only a big gas bubble. The vet said that his lungs were crackling, but the x-ray revealed that they looked clear. He is feeling much better now and interacting with us. Before he found a corner and just hid himself.
Avatar n tn I did not have any chest pains. Or any other symptoms. Just what described above. Along with the small fever.
Avatar m tn Hi there. If there is high grade fever, nausea and vomiting, neck rigidity and severe headache, mental confusion etc need to be assessed by a neurologist. Yes this could be meningitis and a cerebrospinal fluid examination along with the clinical signs is important to diagnose and treat. The doctor would confirm what viral illness or superimposed bacterial illness you are having.
Avatar n tn There was no dizziness, no headache, no cough, no fever, no GI discomfort, nothing else but the desire to throw up. The feeling strengthened and weakened randomly in the day, but never really went away. I had very little appetite and thirst those days as most of what i ate was regurgitated and the feeling to consume was weak. I lost a lot of weight and became very weak. This persisted for weeks. I was at the hospital 4 or 5 times, never admitted.
Avatar n tn His history is Intussusception 6 months old and Post trep Glomerulonephretis 2005-2006. His symptoms are uncontrollable vomiting to the point of dehydration. He will vomit anywhere from 5 to 10 days. Diarrhea, stomich cramps and pain will come with vomiting. He runs anywhere from a low grade fever to no fever to as high as 104.1. After Colonoscopy and Endoscopy finding s are: small sliding hiatal hernia, lymphoid aggregate the terminal ileum which is a normal variant for his young age.
Avatar n tn She ALWAYS gets a fever of about 103 and sometimes she has vomiting along with it. She was sick for 2-3 weeks in may and sick for 2 weeks straight in july then had a couple good days and was vomiting with a fever shortly after that. Its now the beginning of August and she spiked a fever again that lasted 3 days. She has no other symptoms that would suggest a cold and has been tested for strep everytime and has always come back negitive. Tylenol dosen't seem to help bring the fever down at all.
Avatar f tn Could of he had a high fever and I did notice? Could the fever come and go? Can you have scarlet fever with no fever? How long can you have scarlet fever before it turns into rheumatic fever?