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Avatar m tn Hello Matt, The symptoms that you are having i.e vomiting consisting of mucus mainly is pointing towards the diagnosis of post nasal drip,acid reflux or food allergies. Post-nasal drip (PND) occurs when excessive mucus is produced by the sinuses. The excess mucus accumulates in the throat or back of the nose. It can be caused by rhinitis, sinusitis, or laryngopharyngeal acid reflux. It can be enhanced or sometimes even caused by allergies.
Avatar f tn Did you heave a lot before vomiting? It could have been a little blood mixed in or even something you ate. If it burned coming up could have been stomach acid. Sometimes if blood and acid mix it can turn black. I would maybe bring it up to your doc at your next appointment. It could also just be one of those one time things that have no explanation. I wouldn't worry to much.
Avatar m tn My dog was vomiting mucus several times a day so I took him to the vet who took 2 xrays, blood and determined he had allergies. She gave him antibiotics, prilosec, benedryl and something else for his stomach which he took for a week. I stopped them after a week and he is throwing mucus up again. I have spent $500. so far. What can i do?
Avatar n tn We have a male rottweiler who in the last month or so has started vomiting mucus, sometimes with a small amount of food in, no blood or anything untoward. He hasnt eaten anything he shouldnt and apart from the vomiting he is fine in himself. He does a slight hacking noise like he is clearing his throat and he seems to throw up after he has been laying down.
Avatar f tn In all 4 times at the end I got blood with mucus. Its jus not streak of blood,Just more. Has anyone experienced this. If so what you did to overcome.I called my nurse she asked to goto ER. But I think I am not that sick to goto ER.
Avatar n tn Recently however he has been getting severe attacks. This sometimes leads to mucus vomiting. This also more frequently for the last 2weeks, has lead to an inability to breath. This happens anytime for no reason that can be seen and even at night while sleeping. After a 20 seconds or so it clears without the apparent need for an inhaler. The prescribed Asthma medicine does not seem to hold off the problem as the problem seems to be worsening.
Avatar n tn hi, came off the pill in october and now i just had my period about 1 week ago, but since i had my period i have been having pinky red blood spots and mucus everytime i wipe after a pee, anyone that can help it would be great
Avatar f tn All during this time I had blood in my stools. I know that blood in stools should be normal after a hemorrhoidectomy, but originally the bleeding had stopped after about 2-3 weeks after surgery, but now its back. I passed my recent sickness off as a virus although I was sick for over ten days. I still currently have blood in my stools every time I go to the bathroom, if not blood I have a substantial amount of white mucus.
Avatar n tn I am a 27 yr old female with 3 children (I am sure I have hemorroids), for about the past 6 months I have noticed blood and sometimes mucus in my stool. I had my gallbladder removed about 2 years ago, so I have diarrhea also. Lately, I have had some nausea and cramps. So I was wondering, what does this sound like? All my symptoms are as follows: blood in stool, mucus in stool, narrower stools, cramping, nausea, diarrhea. Thanks for your help!!
390388 tn?1279639813 Then I started to feel better but seem to be plagued with this odd coughing out of no where, that always leads to being out of breath and then the mucus comes up and vomiting starts. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
Avatar f tn As excessive bleeding from the upper GI such as a peptic ulcer presents as hematemesis, which is vomiting of blood and that from the lower GI presents as hematochezia, passing frank blood in stools. It could most probably be due to diverticular disease, considering the fact that you have been diagnosed with this disorder and are under therapy. Sometimes bleeding disorders can manifest as malena.
4487133 tn?1355335664 I'm sure he will check for GI infection, but her poop is fine ( no diarrhea or constipation or mucus/blood in poop) so I don't know the chances of that being the cause. She also acts fine, she has never acted sick or anything. It's just so frustrating, she throws up every day and about every other morning I have to wash her bed and blanket because she threw up some time during the night too.
Avatar n tn I have stopped taking it 2 weeks ago, when I started noticing mucus and blood in my stoll.(Blood in stool is one of Chamix sidefects) Last week I went to see my doctor and he told me that it is not hemarroids, but I need to do some tests. He wanted me to do occult blood test and barium enema. I'm not sure if I want to do barium enema as my husband and I are trying to have a baby. I'm afraid that radiation from barium enema could harm the fetus. Otherwise, I feel good.
Avatar f tn Recently, i have had continuous flow of mucus and clearing throat of mucus. Exposure to air while driving causes a continuous clearing of throat and mucus. Last week it seems to be getting worst as i find myself coughing for no reason, pain in my throat, vomiting and shortness of breath some times with a bout of hot flash.. I now have to travel with a bottle of water. Everything does not subside until i clear my throat fully of mucus. During this time, i cannot speak until i clear my throat.
Avatar f tn She has had 3 antibiotics, cough medicine, steroids, x-rays to rule out pneumonia, deep throat swabs, blood work and visits with multiple vets due to on-going excessive mucus. Her fluids are clear and she has zero bacteria infections from all the test results. We have bathroom steamed her, but not seen any benefits. I have done hours of researching trying to find anything to help her. One online vet says we can give Benadryl. I just started that yesterday.
Avatar n tn But for the last month, I have been nauseous every morning and have been throwing up mucus quite often. Pregnancy not possible. Blood work is normal and my dr. just tells me to take anti-nausea medicine. Help. I have lost 10 pounds in the las month due to this and lack of appetite.
Avatar n tn But anyhow when i started having this problem i developed a problem with the gaging to clear the mucus which leads to vomiting. I always have this sensation to vomit(because of the feeling of mucus in my throat/lower nasal cavity), more so when in a stressfull situation or when i dont feel like i can gag ro hawk up mucus i become very panicy, which brought on panic attacks.
Avatar n tn What do you vomit in the mornings, look/taste...
Avatar m tn What are the causes of couphing up blood? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/202504'>Very High Tryglicerides (950 ) / Chest discomfort and high blood pressure</a>.
Avatar f tn My mother is 76 years old, a smoker, has on and off bronchitis and Crohn's Disease. She was recently told she also has "low blood sodium". She is fairly "active" and otherwise in pretty good health. I am concerned about something I first noticed 2 years ago and apparently happened as recently as last month. I am not sure of the frequency though - I need to ask her.... My mother has been burping up LOTS of mucus. This occurs in the middle of eating a meal.
Avatar f tn I am 16, almost 17, and for almost 3 years I have had excessive mucus in the throat, with a persistent cough that leads to dry heaving and sometimes vomiting. Sometimes the mucus is so thick and sticky that it blocks my throat and almost suffocates me. I have tried allergy medication, cutting out dairy, sugar and gluten, and nothing works. I don't smoke, but people say my cough sounds like a smoker's cough.
Avatar f tn The doctor did a CT scan as well as blood work and all came back normal with no abnormalities in sight ( huge relief) Blood work as well was normal but still not an answer to why he is vomiting on and off for two weeks now. Unfortunately we left with good news but no news on what is causing him to feel sick. The doctor said his stomach was soft which was a good sign but still not an explination to his legnth of vomit.