Vomiting mucus after eating

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Avatar m tn For example, I ate a sandwich the other day. A few minutes after eating it I brought up a bit of mucus. no solids at all, just mucus. Today, however, is different. I had milk this morning that might have made me a bit ill. I think they pasturize it differently here or maybe not at all, i'm not sure. Either way, that was a bad idea. I threw up a few times, was feeling sick on the train, then I kinda snapped out of it.
Avatar f tn My DS was given reflux meds at about two months. In addition to spitting, he was obviouly very uncomfortable. After eating his bottle he would cry and scream, sticking out his chest and flailing his body around until he would spit up a large amount. Then he would seem relieved for about half an hour when the whole process would repeat. He took meds for about a month and then we weaned him off it and he was fine.
Avatar n tn Hi, I used to have the problem of coughing and lot's of mucus after eating. If I laid down right afterward, the mucus would come up in my throat and it would feel as though I couldn't breathe. None of the over-the-counter antiacids helped me. It wasn't until I started taking Nexium that I got any relief at all. I also have post-nasal drip, so it was a combination of things that was causing the cough, but once I got those things treated, the cough and the mucus went away.
Avatar n tn i always have mucus in the back of my throat wheather its after i eat, drink or am doing nothing. its to the point where after i eat i feel the food rising from my stomach half digested and it usually leads to vomiting. this is really effecting me because i cant even talk to someone because in mid conversation i feel like i have to gag. when i gag i burp because recently i cant burp on my own i have to gag to get air up.
Avatar f tn i will get where i cant breathe deep at all and then i will start the coughing spells, sometimes it happens in middle of night while i sleep, or after eating,or just in general then once i cough enough to vomit a very large amount of mucus (and get all of it out ...sometimes harder than others i can breathe again and back to normal. but i have no idea what it is...
1650642 tn?1301585717 Once it was mid morning and I don't think she had eaten anything and once was immediately after eating which I thought was maybe from eating too quickly. Until about 3 days ago I have not noticed her ever throwing up. She doesn't have a cough or weezing or sneeze or running nose. Her nose is also it's normal wetness and not sign of fever.
Avatar m tn The problem is because of slow down of stomach. As you said it right; GERD / Acid indigestion are often caused by slow stomach. When the stomach slowed down there is a build up of food and once you had mucus which was probably because of recent cold, it does not have a way to get out normally through colon. So what happens is that it tries to come out through mouth. One way to get this problem resolved is to take necessary steps to empty the stomach through detox.
Avatar n tn Recently however he has been getting severe attacks. This sometimes leads to mucus vomiting. This also more frequently for the last 2weeks, has lead to an inability to breath. This happens anytime for no reason that can be seen and even at night while sleeping. After a 20 seconds or so it clears without the apparent need for an inhaler. The prescribed Asthma medicine does not seem to hold off the problem as the problem seems to be worsening.
390388 tn?1279639813 Then I started to feel better but seem to be plagued with this odd coughing out of no where, that always leads to being out of breath and then the mucus comes up and vomiting starts. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
Avatar n tn For the past month I have been having difficulties after eating. Symptoms include pain in left flank, pain in lower left abdomen, pain in lower right abdomen, feeling bloated, feeling full after eating very little, flatulence, belching, a lot of gurgling noise in my stomach, nausea that comes and goes and loose stools that float to the surface, sometimes with mucus in the stool. I have tried sticking to bland foods but it doesn't seem to help.
Avatar n tn For a couple years now I have been feeling nauseated to the point of vomiting after eating every meal! I've been to the docs and he Said it was digestive issues... He put me on miralax and that didn't do anything. My advice to everyone is to sit on the toilet and bend over a little the position your body is in relieves any bloating also keep your head still and either be playing on your phone or texting getting your mind off of it makes it go away!
4487133 tn?1355335664 It is usually at night in his cage or after a nap, and sometimes happens after his last meal was 8 or more hours ago, so one would think his stomach would be empty. He is peeing, pooping (never diarrhea or anything out of the norm), drinking, eating, and playing normally. No lethargy or seeming sick. Sometimes I hear him snort like he's sucking up mucus through his nose so I thought maybe a cold or allergy.
Avatar n tn In the last 6 months I have experienced coughing, choking and mucus for about 30 minutes after eating. I first thought it was related to a food allergy, but I cannot isolate it to any specific food group. I do not experinece and acid reflux or vomiting, just constant choking. This is very irritating and is a bit strange. Does anyone have an idea of the cause or where I should go for resolution.
Avatar m tn I've thus developed a habit of sniffling into my head (gross, I know). Yet I, too, often cough up mucus after eating, and in general. I've tried asking my ENT why I can't blow my nose, and he had no idea. Have you seen an ENT? Maybe it's an underlying condition and the sickness from eating is just a symptom of that. Sounds like it might be, since you get sick from eating a lot and have a ton of post nasal drip. As far as symptoms go, a neti-pot may help, and maybe flonase.
Avatar m tn Started back on regular food (for me) yesterday and am not experiencing the bloating I was before, so hopefully things are back to normal. Am feeling a little stuffed after eating sometimes (but I was eating small meals while on my diet of blandness) but no bloating like before. BTW, an aunt recommended Flaxseed Oil (in capsule) as a good dietery supplement to keep things regular. I have been taking anti-gas Legumase before diner and it seems to help (it doesn't hurt at least).
Avatar n tn OK, I have found a forum that might help me. I have light asthma....and after eating I sometimes feel that my food has lodged in my throat. It is a frightening experience. Sometimes I am forced to vomit (yuck)....and there is a tremendous amouth of mucous. I am also starting to suffer from FREQUENT heartburn. Geez! What's up?????? I take Claritin D every day and Singular. I do drink a LOT of skim milk....would that exacerbate this condition? Thanks!
Avatar m tn my problem is when i am stressed or face emotional problem i just lose any appetite and i tend to self provoked vomit, after vomiting i feel a little better for a short time, sometimes i try to vomit and just vomit mucus as there is nothing in my stomach. i didnt eat anything for more than 5 days now, trying to drink juices. plz cld u help me or tell me what's the name of my condition, amn't bulimic or anorexic, i dont have any body image problems.
Avatar m tn my problem is when i am stressed or face emotional problem i just lose any appetite and i tend to self provoked vomit, after vomiting i feel a little better for a short time, sometimes i try to vomit and just vomit mucus as there is nothing in my stomach. i didnt eat anything for more than 5 days now, trying to drink juices. plz cld u help me or tell me what's the name of my condition, amn't bulimic or anorexic, i dont have any body image problems.
Avatar f tn Hi,I'm 17 years old and during the past month every few days or week I'd feel nauseous and start vomiting and get diarrhea for a whole day and I wouldn't eat until the next day. And after a few days the same thing would happen. So can anyone tell me what's wrong? is it something serious??
Avatar n tn It is almost not even like a throwup though as it doesn't seem like its a deep wrenching from the stomach. Rarely after the clear mucus, I will have yellow bile. I have a feeling this has to do my food allergies for me because it quit while I eliminated potential problem foods (wheat and gluten..) for a month.
1097317 tn?1257383423 **PLEASE READ** I've suffered for almost 2 decades with chronic post nasal drip and bad breath because of it. I'm currently 26 now and the last 2 weeks I went on an anti candida diet where I did not consume sugars/carbohydrates to kill off excess yeast. I ate lots of raw garlic with my foods. That still didn't help with the post nasal drip or stinky mucus. I read more on this site and someone wrote about grape fruit seed extract mixed in with a saline spray...
Avatar f tn My mother has been burping up LOTS of mucus. This occurs in the middle of eating a meal. I observed her at lunch one day - after she had taken a couple of bites of her sandwich, she had just swallowed and unexpectedly and immediately belched (threw up) what appeared to be a LOT (4 oz or more) of foamy liquid with "sticky" thick mucus. What could be causing this?
Avatar f tn I hope your kitty is all better now, no longer vomiting or having any other troubles. Your vet needs to be made aware of the after-surgery behavior. If you haven't already, do call and talk to the kitty dr. and let them know. This should be in her records. Also, it's unsafe to assume there's a connection to the surgery just in case this is something unrelated. Kitties vomit for a reason, never a good one. Some reasons are more health threatening than others.
Avatar f tn The doctor also found that his kidneys weren't up to par and put him on Diovan. Right after starting the Diovan (which turned out not to be the culprit) he started to cough. He coughed some during the day, but at night he had to take Robitussin or the coughing and mucus kept him awake. About 5 months later he went to his cardiologist for a checkup and it was decided he had mild congestive heart failure. The doctor put him on Aldactone 12.5mg daily. The cough went away immediately.
Avatar n tn I have the same but also have a full feeling after just a few bites and large amounts of mucosa vomiting or dry heaves in between.
Avatar f tn So we are basically at square one, No fever, he is not very hungry and at least once a day seems to go through a spell of vomiting sometimes after he attempts to eat, other times he has not eaten anything. My question to all of you is about parasites, meat diseases or food allergies The doctor did not seem concerned about that but is it possible there is something inside him that is making him vomit? Gosh if anyone has some suggestions i am completely open.
Avatar n tn And I do still bring up mucus in the morning but it's not as bad as it was. Sometimes I start coughing after eating so have thought that it may have something to do with certain foods but can't determine which ones. As I said, my appetite is sporadic - on the plus side I have lost some weight but it does make me worry a bit. Again, thanks for your comments. It really does help to know that others have the same problems as mine. Let's hope that in the new year we will feel better.
Avatar n tn I no longer have the cramping or constipation but I do have to go to the bathroom sometimes right after eating. If the blood is on the surface of the stool where you can see it, should the water in the bowl turn somewhat red? There is no blood on the toilet paper or in the bowl but it looks like it is in my stool. Could it be the foods I eat or could it really be something more serious? Please help if you know anything. I am really scared!!!!