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Avatar n tn Now two years later this problem is still going on for me I have been to several doctors about it but their answers never seem to be right to me. Every couple weeks I vomit. Its usually in the morning right after waking up but occasionally last all day. It is very painful because the vomit is usually dry and I have to cough it out unless it is bile. My stomach will feel like it is on fire occasionally also. Sometimes there is bright red steaks but I am not sure if it is blood or not.
Avatar m tn Can Sleep Apnea result in vomiting? My 6YO daughter is absolutely fine in the daytime eats and drinks fine, but then in the early hours of the morning wakes up felling dizzy and nausious, and has a vomit, but it is only a small amount of milky/frothy/clear fluid, never any food. This then continues every half an hour or so with a short sleep in between until morning comes. It has only just started this week.
Avatar m tn Worst one in a long long time. Zero response to Panadol, Codis, Betablockers or Nausea meds. Continued restlessness, building up fever, heavy sweating, high temp until vomiting, then cold shivers. At this point pain pills used helped and sleep came.
689678 tn?1227301964 It sounds as if you have insomnia and the less sleep you get, the worse your fibro symptoms will be. Sleep and getting into the REM is very important for restoring your balance mentally and physically. It would be a good idea to mention this to your doctor as he could give you something to help. I've known many with firo who have sleep disorders and most are up during the night and into the early morning.
Avatar n tn Most of the time it happens in the middle of the night. We sleep with buckets next to our bed (as he usually comes in our bed in the middle of the night) so that when he does, we're prepared. It seems to be painless, except for the normal bad feeling of when you have to throw up. Recently he had an episode in the middle of the day where he was in tremendous pain, crying and begging for me to help him. After he threw up, he rested for about a half hour and then was totally fine.
Avatar n tn Has your friend had a colonoscopy to find out. I have ulcerative colitis and the symptoms were similar without the vomiting. As soon as i had a colonoscopy they knew straight away. If she hasn't had one i am very surprised. As soon as there is blood in her stools that should set off some alarm bells straight away.
Avatar f tn I felt better for a month or 2 . Until my upper right side around my rids was in great pain. I was vomiting with continuing odd bowel movements. They thought it maybe gallbladder. But the ultra sound showed nothing. They said it was gastritis. And sent me on my way. Things have not gotten better. I feel this odd feeling of pressure behind my eyes. I can forget what I am saying mid sentence (neurologist in my early 20‘s thought this was migraines).
Avatar f tn I have everything you have minus heart burn. I just got a leg cramp 2 days ago in my sleep.
Avatar n tn It began about 3-4 years ago where I could be in the middle of work or deep sleep and I will feel these huge waves of nausea. Had all the same tests and scopes and nothing as helped. Like you I have been prescribed with anti-migraine medicine, but does nothing. For me the best way to get rid of the nausea is to sleep a good day or night, but its a little hard to sleep when you have to puke every 20 min.
Avatar n tn myself a medical student was approached by my friend complaining of headache and vomiting.His mri is normal..opthalmologic studies were normal.. still he has severe headache and vomiting.. wat can be this suggesting. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/315572'>Headache/Vomiting</a>.
847012 tn?1238704239 the vet says that hes perfectly healthy and updated on all shots. He has been waking up in the middle of the night vomiting on my bed. Only like once a month or so. Now i recognize the sound, wake up and hold his head over the trash. It's so gross and is now affecting my sleep. What going on with him?
Avatar n tn Same symptoms, gone in a month. That summer, i had a theory. Maybe it was the inaction. All summer I game, sleep long hours, eat heavy, etc., then all of a sudden back to buisness, figured it might be some metabolic shock. So that summer, i decided to walk, a lot. 7-9 hours a day in the city, every other day. When i returned for my third undergrad year, i felt great, no symptoms. Again, maybe a placebo, maybe a new cause. I did this for two years.
Avatar m tn Hello Matt, The symptoms that you are having i.e vomiting consisting of mucus mainly is pointing towards the diagnosis of post nasal drip,acid reflux or food allergies. Post-nasal drip (PND) occurs when excessive mucus is produced by the sinuses. The excess mucus accumulates in the throat or back of the nose. It can be caused by rhinitis, sinusitis, or laryngopharyngeal acid reflux. It can be enhanced or sometimes even caused by allergies.
Avatar f tn Nocturnal Vomiting, You have stated that this vomiting in your 3 yr. old has only been going on for a week and it's time frame is highly predictable.
Avatar m tn Make sure she has a breakfast in the morning and also a good sleep pattern. If you have a pet animal in the home, make sure she washes her hands after touching it and do not allow your child to be licked by a pet dog if you have one. I would also check her out for parasitic worms to rule that out. I would also get some children's multi vitamins, the nice chewy ones, to give her one a day. When she throws up, look at the vomit to see what it is she is bringing up.
Avatar f tn but, the other night I was awoken from sleep with violent vomiting and diarrheoa that lasted for approximately 5 hours. It was awful, yet familiar. Before I was diagnosed, I experienced a very similar incident about 10 minutes after eating a BBQ dinner. But...here's the thing. I am not sure what caused this reaction. I have taken the mentality that if I am not sure about something, then I don't eat it.
Avatar f tn for the last 15 years or so, he'd drink three 6-packs of Coors LIght.......in 2003 he had a Stomache Varices episode (vomiting blood because a vein expands with built up blood, then burst, causing the person to vomit tons of old blood........He just got out of Rehab last week.....is on 15 meds a day (a lot are vitamins, sleep aids, nutritional meds, as well as water pills, anti-depressants) He's not drinking....hope he can stay in Stage 4 for a long while and maybe get a Liver Transplant.
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks and have no symptoms at all expect for peeing alot is this normal?
Avatar f tn Hey there! I too just found out last week I was expecting. I'm about 5w3d now. The only symptoms I've had are pain in my back like crazy! & light cramping here & there. I'm also really hot, & constantly thirsty. I've always had problems with nausea so that hasn't gotten any worse. All women are different tho. Congrats on you sweet baby!!
Avatar n tn I know there are sites that give you symptoms of chirrosis but can someone who has it tell what they have experienced.
Avatar f tn That was December 26th with flue symptoms and it lasted 24 hours then he went into the vomiting in the evening every now and then and now it is every A.M. i also don't think it is stress even though every one is thinking it is. So far we have done upper GI and Ultra Sound. He is scheduled for a endoscopy this Friday. I am at my whits end and he is sooo down. If you find anything out please post it i will be checking often.
10743983 tn?1440213810 Im 14 weeks. And so far my symptoms are throwing up when i brush my teeth. My boobs were so sore at first. I was tired but not to bad anymore. I can't complain...I've had it pretty good.
982214 tn?1471458381 I'm 5 weeks and 2 days and have no symptoms almost... No vomiting, no sore breast.... Very scared about lack of all this! When did u start to feel all these symptoms??
1013517 tn?1253219657 so i have alot of symptoms that i can deal with, sore breast, tired, hungary. but there is one that is making it hard to eat, sleep, function. I constantly have an upset stomach, not your regular cramping but like stomach virus cramping. its makeing it hard to eat b/c everytime i do the cramping gets worse and i spend like an hour in the bathroom. what can i do to ease this. im really worried about taking anything, im even starting to lose weight. any ideas?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies, just wondering what symptoms everyone is experiencing. My main one seems to be extreme fatigue at the moment, I've just woken from a nap on the sofa! (it's late evening here). Slight breast tenderness and heightened sense of smell. Minor cramping at night but not during the day.
Avatar n tn i have been suffering in the past 2 weeks with extreme stomach cramps and vomiting and chills, the main symptoms occur at night time, making it very hard to sleep, but recently it occurs in the morning too.
Avatar n tn I feel sick to my stomach every morning when i get up, and eventually it goes away around noon. i also am constantly in a state of fatique. I have been dealing with these symptoms for quite sometime, and every single test i've had done has come back completely normal. Any advice?
Avatar m tn If the EEG has seizure (convulsions) activity, it means that electrical activity is initiated in the brain which results in convulsions. Repeated convulsions can cause hypoxemia (decreased oxygen) supply to the brain, hence they need to be controlled. Iit can be controlled with medications. She may just need constant evaluation to see that the medication is adequate and there are no untoward side effects.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I am in such need of an answer towards my health right now. I have sooo many symptoms and so little answers. I have been sick for over 6 weeks now. I have gone to my family doctor several times, and keep being turned away without any answer......simply being old that nothing is wrong. My symptoms are as follows: -Constant nausea. my somach feels like I am car sick all the time. - vomiting.