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4487133 tn?1355335664 If not, probably a good idea to get one done. Ok, I have given this advice before and it has helped with these vomiting issues in a few dogs including my kid's dogs. Might be worth a try. There are a lot of good brand dog foods out there but you may want to give this a try for a few days to a week. Get a small bag of Pro Plan Salmon for sensitive stomachs. Mix it half and half with what you feed now for 2-3 days then try switching over. Feed at least two or three smaller meals a day.
Avatar n tn Sometimes dogs will produce large amounts of acid if they go too long in between meals. While this is more common in bulldogs, it can happen in any breed. It sounds like this is what is happening with your lab. You can apply a quick fix to this by feeding him a biscuit or two very late at night. This should keep his hunger down and the acid in his stomach to a minimum until breakfast.
4916067 tn?1360978562 I thought of the vomiting too, it could be that and he does spit up after gulping. He is also a big licker..mostly of me but I guess he could licking his bedding. He is wet to the touch, not dripping but moist .I change is bedding twice a week and air it out everyday. I even made sure he has pure wool too absorb any moisture. Since he is healthy otherwise and sweating seems not possible Iam going to keep an eye on him.Thank you all very much for your imput.
874521 tn?1424120397 And, for what its worth, in 15 years of working in veterinary practices and seeing about one to two hundred bulldogs in that time, I can count less than 10 who were diagnosed with food allergies. If you and other bulldog owners are experiencing allergies in 90% of the dogs you see, maybe you should review the pedigrees of these dogs and see if one or a few breeders are responsible for this "epidemic" of allergies.
Avatar f tn I have 2 American/oldenglish bulldogs one is 2 1/2 & one is 1 1/2. They are brothers? But from different liters, they are always hyper, happy, & loving. They eat the same dog food every morning, once in awhile they will get a bite if ppl food, however Wednesday evening they got some pizza cheese flavor Mac n cheese... Problem a cup each. Thursday my 2 1/2 yr old buddy started vomitting & won't eat or drink. My 1 1/2 yr old Scrappie started the same thing on Friday.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Not positive if I've joined (also having trouble bookmarking blog); but hope I'm in. First time I've been back in a few weeks since I had to put Teagan to rest. To be honest I hope to NEVER need to refresh myself on the terrible disease. But, you all gave me such comfort when Teagan left me. I hope to keep reading posts to keep up with you all.
Avatar m tn Hi Unfortunately, despite appearences, bull breeds tend to have very sensitive tums. I would look at the diet you are feeding. Make sure it is premium, wet if possible or wet the dry food. Bullies should have at least 2 meals a day, preferable 3. Another option is to spread the food over a floor, so he has to 'graze' the food (combats boredom also) if you are not feeding premium dry, the food can massively swell in his stomach, making him throw up and worst case scenario, causing blat.
1436598 tn?1332900133 Rescue patched her up and was looking for a good home right around the time I had lost one of my English Bulldogs to a sudden heart attack. She was my first American Pit Bull Terrier and largely responsible for my love and dedication to the breed from then on. She stole my other bulldog's heart (and he generally never saw any use for other dogs). He had to sleep with her, and would lie next to her and gently fold one of her ears into his mouth and suck on it.
Avatar n tn Meant to add that Bulldogs can be notorious for having skin problems and I see yours is a mix. You might look up skin problems in Bulldogs with photos. If blood work hasn't been done, ask that the thyroid be checked. I would still try another protein source in the food such as fish but it takes a while to see any results.
1744015 tn?1311262545 My cocker spaniel, Smootchie, and I moved into the three bedroom condo with Chris and his 120 lb American Bulldog, Nikki. If you know anything about this breed you know American Bulldogs are very protective and trust is something you have to earn. With time Smootchie adopted and adored Chris as her Daddy while I slowly gained ground with Nikki. Soon there was an unbreakable bond between me and this 120 monster. Smootchie loved playing with toys and eventually Nikki became interested.
Avatar f tn Now he is not eating, vomiting mostly, drinks lots of water, stool is in black colour and today while he vomitted there was blood flow through his anus. What to do now? is he really in his last stages... ? should i euthanize him??? i am lost. kindly help me.
449498 tn?1338775639 ) Any volunteers?
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