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Avatar m tn her vomit has changed from food to this bright green bile in the last few vomiting sessions. Other than keeping her hydrated (water, gatorade, broth) is this green bile anything I need to be concerned about? Never have seen this before when my kids were sick. She is 15 years old. The stool looks a normal color (yellow, brownish) but is very loose.
Avatar m tn Vomiting bile is not a good sign... Please see a doctor about the possibility of a gall bladder issue, but I'm thinking more of a gall bladder "duct" issue. Just my thoughts...
Avatar n tn Before that happens vomiting of bile juice (green-yellow coloured vomit) is a symptom. It happened to me after a total colectomy operation over five years ago and I was kept in hospital (with a nasal gastric tube to suck out the stomach contents) until the symptoms had passed and until I could hold down food normally.
Avatar n tn At first, I was just vomiting water, then it was a yellow bile and finally, the bile was green. I have also been having horrible stomach cramps all day. The green bile was really unsettling. Should I be worried? After an entire day of this, I'm finally starting to feel better and have stopped vomiting and the dirrhea has let up considerably. I think I ate something bad last night for dinner.
Avatar n tn My son has regular stomach problems about ever 4-6 weeks. His "attacks" hit suddenly, he becomes nauseous then projectile vomits a few times then wretches for a few hours with a severe headache; he's then weak and nauseous for the next few days. Today was a usual case of one of his "attacks" except he is vomiting dark green bile, almost the color of Nyquil - he has never done this before, plus his last "attack" was only 7 days ago.
Avatar f tn Did she have her gallbladder out before this started? If she's vomiting bile, she's experiencing bile reflux. It could be due to a number of things including the presence of sludge or stone in the common bile duct that may have gotten lodged there during the GB surgery and are now causing problems. The diarrhea could also be due to the unregulated release of bile from the common bile duct which is unfortuantely seen in a number of people following GB surgery. Is she following a low fat diet?
Avatar n tn My brother has gallstones and today he started vomiting yellowish liquids which is bile, could this be from the gall stones? Or should we be concerned about the liver at this point??
Avatar n tn Well, it's June now and I still suffer from these horrible, painful episodes of vomiting green salty nasty bile. AND Now, I'm having trouble pooping, which is real lovely cause I've never had this problem before. Either I run for days, nice and bright green or I'll be constipated going on now 4 days, and after giving myself a Fleets Enima I get this pale colored floaty. I had bloodwork done last week and I'm taking it to my G.I. on Monday. What does having a score of 1.
Avatar n tn I read about another person with this problem, it turned out to be a problem with incontinence. The patient had green bile, that is diffrent from me, mine is a bright yellow.
Avatar m tn has anyone suffered from green or brown vomiting. I had ovarian cancer which recurred and i was receiving chemo and then developed a partial small intestine blockage. went to hospital , no food then sent home brought back to hospital for surgery. After surgery developed a fistula which is being treated. Now at home, started to vomit green or brown bile. doctor took exray and it showed no obsttrution; only fluid in intestine. .explained may have a slow working bowel.
Avatar n tn Subsequent vomiting was primarily dry-heaves which turned to vomiting of yellow/green bile by around 5 am. Every time he vomited you could see his stomach really tighten up. At around 5 am he had a couple of episodes of diarrhea that was very runny. The diarrhea also continued the next day as well. After he started the diarrhea the vomiting seemed to subside which is typical of the previous episodes. The vomiting followed by diarrhea seems to be a pattern.
Avatar n tn Green vomit: Poweraid is green. More likely is that she vomited some bile. The stomach is slightly larger than two fists placed side by side. Then food or liquid leaves the stomach is passes through a narrow channel that acts like a valve called the pylorus. About 2 inches from there is where the liver drains bile into the intestine. Bile is green. Your daughter likely had what is called “bilious vomit,” or vomited bile.
Avatar m tn Green vomit could mean she is vomiting bile. Bile is a green substance that is excreted by the liver into the gall bladder then into our intestines to help with digestion. She could have had a gall bladder attack. Is the back pain located by her right shoulder or in-between her shoulder blades? That is a sign of a gall bladder or liver problem. Gall bladder attacks tend to wake people in the middle of the night. She could have passed a gall stone.
Avatar f tn She has been on soft diet for at least 5 days now. Yesterday she started vomiting green liquid. We have informed her surgeon and he has prescribed omeprazole once a day for the next seven days. Still her vomitting comtineous. Is this normal or is there anything else we can do? Thanks a lot.
Avatar m tn you might advise her to get her gallbladder checked out. Vomiting bile (can be yellow colored or green) is sometimes not a cause for concern, as if her stomach was empty when she threw up....this would be the reason for bile to come up. Like I said, if all is fine now...no more issues, Id say she is ok....but if it starts happeneing on a normal occasion, might check it out to be safe.
Avatar n tn she went to her doctor (not er) and they gave her a shot to stop her from vomiting (worked for a while, maybe 3 hours) and they ran blood tests and saw her WBC is at 17, max it 10. when she got home from the doctor she started vomiting dark green bile. 3 times now within a hours. Please! if someone could help me please let me know.
Avatar f tn Hello the green in the stools is most likely from bile or something you have eaten or drank-like green kool-aid or green jello etc. The burning is because your electrolytes are off in your body and with diarrhea you get what is called Metabolic Acidosis. The acid is what causes the burning. It sounds like you have gotten a virus of some sort and it should subside in 24-48 hours. Your stool should return to normal consistency and color after that time too.
Avatar n tn All stools are green at some point. They change from yellow to green to brown as they pass through the system. Bile that cannot be reabsorbed in the intestine can cause a yellow or green stool color. Common occurances are (in addition to the obvious eating of spinach and green crayons): 1. undigested milk in babies 2.
1137771 tn?1260749872 After the operation, my dad was put on a food drip, but 6 days later he is not getting any better. He often gets hot and clammy and then vomits up lots of green bile. He does have a tube from his nose for this, but 3-4 times a day he vomits up to 2 bowls of the green bile. For 6 days he has been feeling so ill and feels like heis going to die every time he is sick. He is starting to lose hope and the doctors and nurses dont seem to be bothered that he is not showing any signs of recovery.
Avatar n tn Acid, bile, and blood, if the vomiting is severe, is usually found in the vomitus. Bile can enter the vomit during due to duodenal contraction if the vomiting is severe. Drinking water may help reduce the irritation of bile and acid on the esophagus during this time. Both preventive and abortive medications may help with migraine. Have this checked by your doctor if it persists. Hope this helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn At about 3am (the vomiting had been occurring at that point for over 12 hours), she vomited up a very dark green, almost bluish liquid. She had had NOTHING to eat or drink except water. Is this bile? I always thought it was yellowish-green...I don't know if I need to be worried.
Avatar n tn Green stool/diarrhea may be from green vegetables, fruit juices, iron supplements, and maybe from your new drugs. Green diarrhea may also be from excesive excretion of bile, because of their reduced absorption in small intestine (due to some intestinall process, or simply from increased gut motility (and hence no time for bile acid absorption). Well, normal US doesn't rule out gallbladder disease (a dense bile, called biliary sludge, may be easily overlooked). HIDA scan is more accurate.
Avatar n tn the Doctor told her this was normal and she was released.Now that she's home the vomiting has become green and the pain is worst even with the recommended Panadol, pain reliever, dosage. I understand that this could be bile regurgitation. How serious is this and is there if not how long before it stops.
Avatar f tn I have had my gallbladder removed, and my closed bile duct opened. I have dark green poop. I which there was a solution to this problem. I would like to be able to function and work more.
Avatar n tn Up to a half an hour after waking, I feel nauseas, produce a lot of saliva, start belching, and then I puke up green/yellow bile and sometimes foam (dehydration, I know) which I figured was from not eating. The other evening I was just watching TV when all of a sudden i felt nauseas again and i ended up puking more bile, much thicker this time. After the bout of puking, i feel better. But the nausea comes back, but I don't always puke.