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Avatar n tn Hi all! I have two dogs, and one needs to go to the vet. Up until now, my DH would take them, but I feel great now (23 wks 3 days pg), and I need to take one of them in. Is it safe for me to go to the vet? The only harm I know of is being near cat feces. Thanks and would love to know what you all think.
1916673 tn?1420236870 It is hoped this reference guide will assist those with chronic kidney failure dogs, where one or more of the blood result levels are likely to be abnormally high or low. Although I have combined the results below, it is unlikely a dog will have all these elements in their blood test, as some are specific to particular diseases and conditions. The results that follow combine a blood chemistry panel test and a hemoglobin test, along with several other individual tests.
Avatar f tn So it all started last October when she started having really bad diarrhea ( I mean real bad exploding horrible diarrhea) and then vomiting started a few days later. I brought her to the vet and we came to the conclusion it was a raw hide she found under the couch and ate almost the whole thing and it must have upset her stomach. She didn't eat for 2 days. Gave her some stomach meds, rice, boiled chicken and it took about 2 weeks to get back to somewhat normal.
Avatar n tn Always clean the feces as soon as it happens. Then give the dog real food. It may have been in a situation where it had no food and it ate feces to live. So, it may take a little while. It needs to be fed well, seen by a vet and wormed and given it's shots. Then spend lots of time with it. Puppies are clumsy and some breeds are hard to train. So, just be patient. It will take love and lots of praise for the dog when it does the right thing and just ignore the bad things.
749293 tn?1233191706 Mother dogs naturally consume their own pup's feces to keep the nest clean. Also, many puppies go through an oral stage in which they explore everything with their mouths, sometimes ingesting many things, including feces. Over time the majority of pups eventually learn that food tastes better than feces and they stop the habit. Dogs that never learn to stop may best be described as "compulsive.
Avatar n tn We have a year old mini dachshund that has been on consistent diet of Nutro Max dry food, never is fed any table scraps. About three weeks ago she started vomiting undigest food, numerous test were done, blood, xrays, surgery and inflammatory bowel disease was the diagnosis. She has been on amoxicillin and flagyl, which seemed to be helping but started up with vomiting again. She does have a nasty habit of eating feces, could this be a cause of the IBS?
335728 tn?1331418012 I often hear from clients and members of the public about dogs who they believe eat grass to induce vomiting. It is true that dogs eat grass (don't you know it!) as well as other debris and that they then often vomit as a result. It is not true, however, that dogs make a conscious decision to induce vomiting and eat grass as a method to do so. That would imply a level of understanding (and medical skill!) beyond what a dog is capable of.
82861 tn?1333457511 I'll know my condition is a true emergency if I start vomiting feces. At that point, and only at that point will I go to the hospital. I mostly live on liquids anyway, so missing out on the "big dinner" doesn't bother me. Missing out on seeing my MIL and cousin and all her horses, dogs and other critters is what gets to me. I've been looking forward to this visit for weeks! I am thankful for my own dogs who are keeping close watch over me until Hubby gets back this evening.
Avatar f tn And that too is extremely rare to be passed to humans and again, its contracted through feces and 99% of the time only to other dogs. I work with sick animals all of the time and me and baby are perfectly fine. Parvo is known for strong iron smelling or metallic smelling diarrhea. Vomiting also accompanies the virus, and lack of appetite comes when the virus progresses. If the dog continues to vomit....just get it seen and keep up on puppy shots.
Avatar m tn I began smoking cigarettes and moved into a place where I could definately tell that I was allergic to cats and dogs in the environment. I began taking Zyrtec for my allergies. On March 13th I got sick. I got dizzy and nauseated, throwing up, skin flushed, sensations of having a fever without temperature, thick clear mucous, bright light sensitivity, sensitivity to loud sounds, rib muscles pulling, sensitivity to cold, pain in upper left abdomen, sharp chest pains, and tremors.
Avatar m tn We were awakened Oct 16 at 5am to find her vomiting and covered in feces in her crate. She wouldn't stop vomiting so we took her to vet emerg. We had x-rays taken to rule out a blockage, and nothing abnormal was found. They gave her an injection to stop the vomiting, 7 days of flagyl and we fed her only bland food for a few days.
Avatar n tn I have noticed she eats very fast and then starts running around so that might be the reason for the vomiting after eating but im very concerned about the vomiting after she wakes up in the morning. She is pooping in her kennel and i have caught her eating her feces before, so could that be it? The vomit in the morning looks like diarrea and has a very strong odor and is slightly projectile.
Avatar n tn Animal Diseases that can infect humans Disease Common Source Clinical Effects Mode of Acquisition Prevention Bacterial Diseases Campylobacter Cattle, Sheep Pigs, Dogs Rodents Poultry Acute gastroenteritis nausea headache, diarrhea Direct contact food contaminated with animal feces Avoid contact with infected animals and feces contaminated food Cat-scratch diseases Cats, Dogs Fomites Fever, primary skin papule, regional lymphadenopathy Direct contact with infected animals Avoidance of anima
Avatar m tn Monday afternoon I let my dogs into eat. My Shepard ate & seemed perfectly normal. I woke up the next morning left for work. I returned at 4 & when I called her in to eat she didn't come. Having a moment of thinking she might have escaped I searched the yard & found her laying under the steps. When I called she did not respond. Moving close I saw her tail covered in loose feces. Upon picking her up she was limp. I placed her inside & cleaned her up unsure what to do.
Avatar n tn I suspect you're looking at an acute case of pancreatitis, which is a very dangerous and painful disease that can be fatal. Tragically, your dogs case is classic as there are always a rash of pancreatitis cases after any holiday featuring BBQ. The vomiting and light colored stools are important. The pancreas gets so swollen that bile can't reach the small intestine. Bile is what makes feces brown. Please don't wait another minute! Find a vet!
Avatar f tn my dog had been lethargic, vomiting/diahreah off and on for about 3 weeks did blood work and thought perhaps possible addisons disease but not sure before i got any further in test he died??
Avatar m tn But dogs will eat the poison itself, if they can get to it. I had one of my dogs do that, and I had to induce vomiting to keep her from being harmed. (Fortunately I saw her do it, just not close enough to grab her before she snarfed it down.) Even if your dog didn't get into rat poison, something is wrong that needs to be diagnosed.
Avatar n tn Anything I ate would go right through me. I have not had any other flu-like symptoms, no vomiting, no fever, nothing. Today my stool is still runny, but a little thicker like sherbert. It is floating and it's a yellow-orange color. What is this? I spoke to my doctor on the phone and other than telling me to drink lots of fluids, really didn't seem concerned. A few things.... I have had bad sinus drainage for about 10 days. Could this cause diarrhea of this caliber?
1345254 tn?1325921641 vet said he could have distemper but symptoms werent enough to verify that, Doc gave him a steroid/antibiotic shot and by 11pm that night he was 85% better, Now mind you he hadnt ate since Friday and we were forcing gatorade down his throat every hour. He was also vomiting and had diareaha. I just knew he had Parvo. Again, vet said NO. Now, his brother started the SAME thing Sunday night (last weekend).
Avatar f tn But otherwise what you could be looking at is a dog in serious pain and with bowel necrosis, and possibly -vomiting feces! That's a heck of a gamble to take. Even an X-ray may not always show up what is causing the blockage. Sometimes they need an exploratory abdominal surgery (if in the opinion of the vet, the symptoms show a bowel blockage to be hghly likely.) I hope and pray Kota isn't one of those dogs.
7052683 tn?1392942395 We are coming into Christmas and Vet apts will not be available except emergency , not eating for more than two days is just such an emergency especially accompanied by vomiting. Vomiting , diarrhea will cause dehydration and no food causes Liver shut down. I am not an expert and sure don't know as much as Opus and many others here but having been in Animal rescue , have seen things I wish I hadn't.
931217 tn?1283484935 The under-appreciated truth of our meat production industry, indeed of any nation's meat production, is that absolute certainty of freedom from sickness-causing bacteria in meat cannot be assured. The slaughter process, designed to minimize contamination with animal feces and bacteria to be found within, and in spite of robust USDA imposed safeguards, is not 100% effective and it never will be.
Avatar n tn if a dog vomits food, that's an upset stomach. Vomiting on an empty stomach (bile only) and inability to keep water down can mean any number of things, none of which are very good at all. I'm so sorry I wasn't here when you originally posted and that he's doing better now.
Avatar f tn The fleas and ticks that rabbits carry are more hazard to dogs than any bunny poop. Lots of dogs eat rabbit poop with no obvious cost to their health beyond bad breath, lol. That said, eating bunny poop can give your dog: (1) a nasty giardia infection ( giardia is a microscopic parasite) that can cause recurrent gastric upset, diarrhea and weight loss, or (2) they can get a bacterial infection called coccidia.
2135214 tn?1335877263 I would make sure to collect some stool to take with you because the vet is going to want to do a fecal to see what bacteria or parasites, if any, are present in her feces. You don't need a lot, a plastic spoonful in an old baby food jar or something of similar size will be adequate. If you collect it before you go to the vet, seal it up and wrap it well and refrigerate it to preserve the integrity.
Avatar f tn These dog foods were designed for human convenience, not for the health or well-being of dogs. Current research suggests long-term use of dry foods with dogs produces kidney problems, because all dogs fed on dry food for most of their lives become chronically and sometimes fatally dehydrated. I would agree with Jerry, switch to high quality tinned or even better natural frozen blocks of meat and white fish, cooked at home.
657315 tn?1319494987 When roundwormsm are present, their eggs pretty much permeate the entirety of the feces, so no matter which bit of feces ends up sticking to the slide when you float it, there are GOING to be roundworm eggs in it. That's not the case with the coccidia cysts, and it's entirely possible that there are cysts in the feces but there just wasn't one present in the bit that stuck to the slide. From the way you have described your vet, my best advice to you would be to find another one ASAP.
Avatar m tn ( Also, I have scoured the apartment for anything and everything that he could have gotten hold of that is toxic to dogs (chocolate, grapes, peach/plum/cherry pits, fruit seeds, onions, garlic, household cleaning supplies, etc) but cannot find any possibilities... We don't have any houseplants and I always watch him carefully on walks, so I'm fairly sure he didn't any ingest any toxic plant material...
Avatar f tn Since last visit to vets approx 11 days ago, we changed diet to pasta and fish and no vomiting until today, and even then not a lot. Have looked up bile salts on i/net but unsure whether it is a LACK of bile salts or EXCESS bile salts causing the vomiting? Not due back at vets for 10 days or so. Dog on Vit E, Milkthistle compound and Biostrath from us and antiobiotics and liver supplment from vets.