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Avatar f tn I'm absolutely NOT an expert, especially about babies, but vomiting feces can sometimes mean an intestinal obstruction. If you really think what you saw was feces then I'd recommend getting your baby some qualified medical attention ASAP. The week-long diarrhea alone requires looking at. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn Mild cases may present with flu-like symptoms while serious cases can cause severe headache, sudden fever, drowsiness, vomiting and confusion. Rest, plenty of fluids and a pain reliever may help. However, you may benefit from further evaluation by your doctor. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Lately it has been getting more frequent and this last incident she experienced terrible cramping and foul vomiting. When she was 4 years old she had intestinal surgery in Europe, where they thought that her intestines were in a knot, but they were not. She had her appendix removed during this procedure and a small portion of her intestines. Other than this she has had no other problems concerning her bowels. She tries to hide it, but the smell is terrible!
Avatar m tn , it starts with slight bloating in my stomach followed by horrible disgusting sulphur smelling burps all the while the bloating gets worse then approx 6 hours after i get the most awfully painful stomach cramps it is excruciating there is only a 1 second temp relief at the exact moment i pass wind or burp this is followed by severe vomiting which is a green brown bile colour which itself smells of rotten feces, the final stage is gallons of diarrhea, usually when i eventually finish, the pain s
Avatar f tn So it all started last October when she started having really bad diarrhea ( I mean real bad exploding horrible diarrhea) and then vomiting started a few days later. I brought her to the vet and we came to the conclusion it was a raw hide she found under the couch and ate almost the whole thing and it must have upset her stomach. She didn't eat for 2 days. Gave her some stomach meds, rice, boiled chicken and it took about 2 weeks to get back to somewhat normal.
559847 tn?1216081780 It feels as if I am being stabbed and then the vomiting begins as quickly as the pain began. But the only thing that will stop the attack is scalding hot water and even that only gives me about 20 minutes before it comes over me again. I have four to eight B.M.'s daily and they are very loose. I have been tested for everything from h. pylori to crohn's to drug addiction and psychological causes. No answers at all!!!!
Avatar n tn This evening our dog started vomiting and shaking, he acts like he is tired, he hasn't been outside except to potty and there is nothing in the house thatI can see that he has gotten ahold of, he was shaking like he had chills, the one thing he does is eat cat poop, one of the cats he may have eaten poop from died the other day can you help us
Avatar f tn There's 3 or 4, sometimes I can't find them all and they all move varying amounts when pressed on. I'm naturally concerned about serious causes of these but was also wondering if, because I'm skinny, it was possible to feel stool through the outer bowel like this? I was also possibly considering ovarian cysts as an option. Thank-you!
Avatar n tn At those times, my CA125 count was around 600, I didn't have any bowel movements whatsoever, I didn't have gases and I certainly didn't do feces. My abdomen was distended and I did vomiting.
Avatar n tn I had a late night burger after midnight and almost immediately after eating it I developed terrible stomach and abdominal pain. Laying down did not help any so at 2am and again at 4am I induced vomiting thinking it may have been food poisoning. Finally fell asleep after 4am but woke up at 6am with same pain and location. Went to emergency and after CT scan they said I needed an emergency appendectomy. After surgery and recovery for a day I felt much better.
Avatar m tn sometimes it aches when i bend my head downward. i apologize but when i force (like ejectment feces) it got worst.the pain is in the right top of my head and it fades away after 30 to 60 second.some time i feel very week numb in top of my head. i recently visited by the brain specialist.he ask for M.R.I .the M.R.i was normal with only a small retention cyst in my right maxillary sinus.
749293 tn?1233191706 Also, many puppies go through an oral stage in which they explore everything with their mouths, sometimes ingesting many things, including feces. Over time the majority of pups eventually learn that food tastes better than feces and they stop the habit. Dogs that never learn to stop may best be described as "compulsive.
Avatar f tn -nausea (can't drink alcohol, soda or eat much anymore without this coming on), -sharp pain above my belly button, -indigestion/reflux and feeling over full after everytime I eat, -pain under my ribs going around to my back (mostly on my right side) -irregular bowel movements (constipation) - my feces is very thin, soft, sticky and looks very grainy, I sometimes only pass several little balls of feces a couple of times a day, and I've had a few cases of diorreah The doctor had me get blood t
82861 tn?1333457511 I'll know my condition is a true emergency if I start vomiting feces. At that point, and only at that point will I go to the hospital. I mostly live on liquids anyway, so missing out on the "big dinner" doesn't bother me. Missing out on seeing my MIL and cousin and all her horses, dogs and other critters is what gets to me. I've been looking forward to this visit for weeks! I am thankful for my own dogs who are keeping close watch over me until Hubby gets back this evening.
Avatar n tn Have you looked into whether she is suffering from acid reflux - I have had that in the past and it causes the burping - does she have pain in her upper intestine. I have not had the vomiting however it certainly has caused me to feel like vomiting. I have been on Pantaloc for the acid reflux and it really helped.
Avatar m tn the cough would become so forceful that my stomach would heave and i often vomited. at this time i could not eat without vomiting at least part of my meal soon after. there have been a few months between that incident and this current one. now i regularly get the sensation of an extreme itch and must cough to rid myself of it. i often feel like i'm choking. it seems like i'm choking on my own saliva. saliva goes to the back of my throat and makes me feel like i'm choking and i cough.
Avatar m tn Also: From Medline: Most causes of floating stools are harmless. Usually, floating stools will go away without treatment. Floating stools alone are not a sign of an illness or other health problem. Causes Many things can cause floating stools. Most of the time, floating stools are due to what you eat. A change in your diet may cause an increase in gas. Increased gas in the stool allows it to float. Floating stools may also happen if you have a gastrointestinal infection.
Avatar n tn Have the usual abdominal bloating, pain, vomiting and lethargic symptoms with dehydration. Have tried prune juice, water, brown sugar diluted in water and tummy drops (laxative) given through g-tube to no avail. Running out of options but no answers with research or medical doctors available that can provide answers. Surely there is somewhere that we can go for answers or other medications or clinics that specialize in these areas.
Avatar f tn Did his feces have a real foul oder.That is usually a give away for Parvo.It causes all kinds of GI problems.My condolensces for you.I am really sorry that you lost your Fur baby so quickly.
Avatar m tn I suffer from chronic constipation and when I do go to the bathroom, my feces is usually of a very dark color. I have been to the doctor in the past and he believes I have a spastic colon but can this cause this type of chest pain? I also have an anxiety disorder as well, but I don't think that's what's causing this. Usually its a lot less intense when I don't eat extremely greasy or fatty foods.
Avatar n tn (My gastroenterologist calls this stomach constipation).This causes stomach pain, nausea (vomiting for people who have more severe case), bloating after eating and constipation . Fiber and a variety foods are bad for this. Drinking liquids with meals makes it worse. Ask the Gastroenterologist about this. Some people who have this have to have I.V. or feeding tube because they can't keep food down. Another thing that can cause this is Celiac Disease.
268911 tn?1213748381 boy have I paid the price. There must be some kind of substance in McDonalds food that causes me to react this way. Anyone have the same problems?
Avatar m tn It is a potentially life-threatening condition. Breath that smells like feces can occur with prolonged vomiting, especially when there is a bowel obstruction. It may also occur temporarily if a person has a tube placed through the nose or mouth to the stomach to drain the stomach contents (nasogastric tube) in place. The breath may have an ammonia-like odor (also described as urine-like or "fishy") in people with chronic kidney failure.
Avatar m tn found her laying under the steps. When I called she did not respond. Moving close I saw her tail covered in loose feces. Upon picking her up she was limp. I placed her inside & cleaned her up unsure what to do. As I recently lost my job I had finances to immediately call a vet. I gave her water & layed her on a towel while contemplating the situation. When I returned she had moved to another spot & in carried a trail of blood behind her.
Avatar n tn Animal Diseases that can infect humans Disease Common Source Clinical Effects Mode of Acquisition Prevention Bacterial Diseases Campylobacter Cattle, Sheep Pigs, Dogs Rodents Poultry Acute gastroenteritis nausea headache, diarrhea Direct contact food contaminated with animal feces Avoid contact with infected animals and feces contaminated food Cat-scratch diseases Cats, Dogs Fomites Fever, primary skin papule, regional lymphadenopathy Direct contact with infected animals Avoidance of anima
7052683 tn?1392942395 We are coming into Christmas and Vet apts will not be available except emergency , not eating for more than two days is just such an emergency especially accompanied by vomiting. Vomiting , diarrhea will cause dehydration and no food causes Liver shut down. I am not an expert and sure don't know as much as Opus and many others here but having been in Animal rescue , have seen things I wish I hadn't.
Avatar n tn Viral hepatitis -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Causes, incidence, and risk factors The disease is transmitted by contaminated food or water, or contact with a person ill with Hepatitis A. The Hepatitis A virus is shed in the stools of an infected person during the incubation period of 15 to 45 days before symptoms occur and during the first week of illness. Blood and secretions may also be infectious.