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Avatar f tn I am almost at 15 weeks and same thing. I throw up at the smell of things. The other morning I threw up after going to the bathroom (number 2). It is a strange thing, I really wanted chocolate chip muffins this morning and while making them I didn't like the smell and got sick.
Avatar f tn I am a healthy 24 year old female but for about 2 months now I have been vomiting what I think is bright yellow bile every couple of days and am very nauseous for most of the day. I don't have insurance so I am trying to get some answers any way that I can. I know this is a very broad symptom, but it normally happens in the mornings and evenings. I am not pregnant and have been eating healthy. Any advice??
Avatar n tn Now two years later this problem is still going on for me I have been to several doctors about it but their answers never seem to be right to me. Every couple weeks I vomit. Its usually in the morning right after waking up but occasionally last all day. It is very painful because the vomit is usually dry and I have to cough it out unless it is bile. My stomach will feel like it is on fire occasionally also. Sometimes there is bright red steaks but I am not sure if it is blood or not.
Avatar m tn Small dogs should be fed at least 2 meals a day......For tiny guys, sometimes 3 times a day is better......Hypoglycemia is a problems for tiny ones..... MAKE SURE you are feeding a High quality diet....Little dogs need PERFECT nutrition in every bite because they do not consume much.....It cannot be full of cheap fillers & grains & by products...These are a waste of vital nutrition........If you need lists of what or what not to feed (By Brand), I will be glad to send them your way.....
Avatar f tn Ya learn something every day. I had no idea that frozen OJ was boiled to pasteurize and of course, if they do this, the enzymes would be destroyed. Thanks for that tip.!! Nurse told hubby to get drinking orange juice when his blood pressure goes down a little because the slight drop makes him feel dizzy. I bought the pure juice thank goodness. Hubby has one a Breville Juice maker which should arrive soon so will juice my own.
Avatar n tn I have a 2yr old daughter and for the past 2 weekes she's been vomiting right around bedtime approximately every other night. She had an upper respiratory infection but with that she also had a fever and a really bad cough. She finished her antibiotics and everything else is fine now but she is still vomiting. Just before it happens she'll start to cry really hard (very unlike her) so I think it's hurting her but once she's thrown up it's like she's okay again.
619434 tn?1221368595 I have a theory, that I really DO NOT want to live up to, but, I think I should puke before I go to the methadone clinic so its all over with. I seem to puke once every other day, but who knows..I will be keeping an eye on it.
Avatar n tn I have an 18 month old son who vomits at least once a day every day. As a young baby he always spit up a lot. At about 12 monts old he began vomiting on a more regular basis usually only once a day. We've dealt with numerous ear infections also. We've been to an allergy doctor who after testing determined he was allergic to eggs and peanuts. We have since stopped all egg and peanut products; however, he is still vomiting. He also has eczema which he's had since he was a newborn.
1038001 tn?1252856752 Are there any other symptoms - paleness during times he vomits, does he vomit at regular times each day and seem fine at other times in the day? Does he have pains when he vomits? Does he feel nauseated before he vomits? Does he feel dizzy? Are there any specific problems at kinder that are stressing him? Any bullying or social problems? Have you asked his teachers about his interactions with them and the kids?
Avatar n tn Tested neg on every other STD also (ecsept EBV but there wasn't any kissing)
Avatar n tn , then all of a sudden back to buisness, figured it might be some metabolic shock. So that summer, i decided to walk, a lot. 7-9 hours a day in the city, every other day. When i returned for my third undergrad year, i felt great, no symptoms. Again, maybe a placebo, maybe a new cause. I did this for two years.
Avatar n tn Today I been vomiting all day and right now I took my prenatal vitamin and I ended up throwing it back up. I feel terrible :(. How do you ladies deal with with this. I'm 13 weeks and this is the first time I experience this symptom in the pregnancy so far.
Avatar f tn My 3 year old daughter has been vomiting every night at the same time (between 12:30 a.m. and 1:30 a.m.) Then usually again one more time about 1 1/2 to 2 hours later; then she is fine. Upon awakening, she is slightly nausiated, but for the most part, no vomitting. Then again the next night, and so on. We've been doing this for almost a week now. Can someone please tell me what is going on with her? The ER and Peds say it's a "biphasic virus".
Avatar n tn Ok & thanks for both your comments. It looks as though I've been vindicated as the following day my wife got ill and was nauseous all day & sleeping. I hate to say it & I DO luv her, but after all her comments about anxiety I was never so happy to see someone not feeling well. 7-up & saltines today & we're both feeling quite a bit better & again I had no anxiety whatsoever before OR after throwing up [LOL!!
Avatar n tn Hi, No it is not common for migraine related vomiting to occur one day after the headache, but then there are exceptions to every rule. What could be a possibilty is that she still has the headaches at the time of the vomiting but tends to ignore it maybe ( am i making sense?) Is there a trigger factor for the migraines nad do the headaches resolve with painkillers? Has she tries taking anti reflux and anti nausea medication for her symptoms?
11451172 tn?1418339966 For a little over a week, she has been vomiting a mass of hair and bits of food, surrounded by a little amount of yellow liquid every other day or two. But, immediately after throwing up she returns to her cuddly, happy self and has maintained a thick, healthy winter coat.
4487133 tn?1355335664 It's just so frustrating, she throws up every day and about every other morning I have to wash her bed and blanket because she threw up some time during the night too.
Avatar n tn if it's you, you have four children without a mom.. PLEASE try to take care of YOU, and your other children dont need to be subjected to this every day.
Avatar f tn I was a little better after that but then it has gradually increased back to vomiting 5-15 times each day with recurrent diarrhea as well. I have been to my family doctor, a GI specialist who did EGD and colonoscopy with only diagnosis of hiatal hernia and second degree esophagitis. I am currently waiting to see another GI specialist in January with hopes of finding something that works. I have tried all the nausea and reflux meds and nothing so far has helped.
Avatar f tn I have a 20 month old daughter that has been vomiting (sometimes up to 4 times a day) from birth and because she was always gaining weight, nothing was ever done until i took her to see a paediatrician. He ran blood tests, stool samples, and a Barium(?) swallow test, but they all came back fine. They're leaning towards a lactose intolerence so my daughter has been on a very stricked no milk (or anything containing milk) diet but still seems to be vomiting.
Avatar n tn Twice in the last two weeks I have had unexplained vomiting episodes. It comes out of nowhere and i end up vomiting for about 4 hours. During the episodes I experience chills and sweating but I don't have a fever. There are no other symptoms that may indicate a virus such as diareah or fever. After I have vomited everything out I am weak but am able to hold down fluids and the next day I am fine.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a lot of nausea this morning and vomited twice today. I finally got an Rx from the dr. compazine. I found the Jin Shin Jyutsu points for it and it helped (top of the wrist in the middle is one). Needless to say I took the day off.
Avatar n tn My 2 year old Pekingese has been having unexplained, intermittent vomiting for the past nine months (at least a few times a week). Seemingly coincidently, this started the week after I gave him his first ever heartworm pill. (I have since stopped giving them to him to make sure that this was not the cause.) I have taken him to the vet a few of times, and they have run extensive blood tests, done x-rays, and examined him, but still have no explanation.
Avatar n tn my sister has a range of problems including epilepsy and some brain damage which she has had all her life and so she has learnt to deal with these but in the last few years she has had a lot of trouble with vomiting. It started a few yeas ago and all of a sudden she would start feeling sick and start to vomit all day everyday for about 2 weeks, obviously by this time she had ended up in hospital and this cycle has repeated it self many times over the last few years.
Avatar n tn This was supposed to solve all my problems, but I still vomit every day, the only difference being I can keep down liquids and foods such as apple sauce. Has anyone heard of symptoms such as these and have any idea what could be causing them? Is it just my body getting used to not having my gallbladder or could there be a bigger problem going on?
Avatar n tn We took a pregnancy test and she is not pregnant. Last Thursday she began vomiting every 10 minutes all day. It continued through Friday night. On Saturday, she woke and was still vomiting and was cold to the touch and was very pale. I took her to the Emergency Room. They put two bags of saline in her along with an anti nasua medicine they give to cancer patients. I can't remember the name. They did blood work and did a UA. They cmae back and said that she had a UTI, at least a little one.
Avatar m tn Then when the symptoms start to lessen, cut down to 3 times a day.....then 2 times a day....in relation to any improvement. As soon as the dog appears better, stop dosing. Only start dosage again if the symptoms return. It is the same dosage for any weight of dog. Try not to handle the tablets. Shake them out of the bottle, crush them between 2 spoons into a powder. This tastes mildly sweet, certainly not unpleasant.
Avatar f tn Why am I nauseous every single day. I think if I eat something it will go away but then I get bloated. Also been having diarreah and vomiting. I get very hot, sweaty and clammy like the flu. I have pain in the chest and in my back in the same spot. I'm tired all the time and feel dizzy and have tingling in my hands. Blood tests don't show any anemia. Colonoscopy showed a few polops that were removed but still feel sick. What could this be?
Avatar f tn This past month my drinking has gotten progressively worse. This past week, I threw up blood twice. On both occasions I hadn't eaten all day, just drank many beers. There was no stomach pain. I felt acidity in my esophagus, throat? I forced myself to eat afterward, even though I had pain swallowing. I felt fine the next day. I'm scared to death, but I'm still drinking. I know I need help but I'm scared to quit. I've already been in rehab once.
Avatar m tn Our daughter 5 years old, has had almost monthly vomiting for the past year. Lasts 4 to 12 hours, throws up 4 to 10 times... In Jan she ended up in ER, threw up about 15 times in 3 hours. Started throwing up blood. Was put on meds, lab results were all fine. Doctors think she is sensitive to the tummy bug but 2 out of the 8 times she has had it did other family members/class mates have tummy bug Pale, Upset tummy, sometimes headache or leg pain "growing pains" Doctor said.