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Avatar m tn My dog has been vomiting yellow bile and sometimes with food.. he has very little appetite. Vet visit last wed showed nothing unusual on blood work and exam. said to treat as acid reflux. Meds haven't stopped it and appetite is actually worse.. he is 10+ husky/shep mix.
Avatar f tn Missy dog vomits when she eats or drinks. She can only keep down white rice and small amounts of water at a time. Her stool is normal and stomach isn't hard. I am concerned at she can't continue to just eat rice. I tried boiling hamburer and putting a little in the rice but she vomited that too.
Avatar n tn He doesn't seem to be sick other than the vomiting he plays and drinks his water like he always has. I am at a loss as to what may be wrong. Is there any suggestions as to what may be wrong. Please help.
Avatar m tn I have a 7 month siberian husky dog, she is very heathy, but today in the morning she start vomiting, her vomiting is white with mocus, she dont eat at all but she drinking water,however, when she drinking water later she vomiting again, i am feel desesperate, i took her to the vet and the cost of the vet is to expensive so i cannot afford, the vet prescribe her the medication and i gave that to her but she is still vomiting, she dont like to play with her brother and she is sleeping looking ver
Avatar f tn Hold off on her food for a day or until tonight. Give her gut a rest. Let her have water. If it gets worse,my You see any blood or vomiting, best to call the Vet.
Avatar f tn My dog has been vomiting a lot today. She has vomited at least 8 times today. When my dad took her to the vet they said that they couldn't find anything wrong, but they gave her some food to help the digestion. She has also lost a lot of weight. Her vomit tends to look either brown or green.
Avatar m tn My 7 month old siberian husky have vomiting today since in the morning, she dont have diarrea, only vomiting, her vomiting is white with mocus like flu, she dont want to eat but she drinking water, however, after the drinking water she vomiting again, i am super concern because she is very hyper dog and today she is looking so sad, i took her to the vet but the vet want to do some test on her and that cost a lot of money so i cannot afford.
Avatar n tn Your new dog has a number of reasons for vomiting, such as car sickness initially, than drinking bleach water from the toilet, and, the upheaval of being discarded by your neighbor could have created havoc in a dog with a sensitive digestive system. Drinking bleach water is reason enough to take her to the veterinarian for supportive therapy.
Avatar f tn Hey I have a dog who is 4 years old and her name is Prissy and she has been vomiting and having diarrhea.
Avatar f tn Hopefully your dog will be able to keep the immodium down long enough to help clear the diarrhea..but again, if your dog is still vomiting and continues to have diarrhea, and you see no improvement by tomorrow, I suggest that you call your vet back, and get your dog re-evaluated. Please let us know how she is doing...
Avatar n tn my dog is half boxer and half pitbull and early this morning he started vomiting and having really bad diarhea. What can I give him to calm his stomach?
Avatar n tn Please call your vet's office - with such a small dog who is in such physical stress and who is vomiting so much she may be seriously dehydrated. I'm so sorry you have been through so much and your sweet little Sheltie is suffering.
Avatar f tn Wow, 17 years old, you have done a wonderful job keeping a dog healthy for that length of time, regardless of what breed it is. Bland seems to be the only thing I can suggest, and hope you are not feeding one of the "popular" dog foods seen on most super market dog food shelves. No grain is one suggestion. Did the vet say anything about using one of the human diarrhea over-the-counter medications?
Avatar f tn Portuguese Water Dog. It started in Jan of this year. And no it isn't more frequent after meals. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I am very worried about my dog, yesterday I found my dog with my little water turtle in her mouth, she had crash the shell and she had blood on her mouth. Except my dissapointent for my turtles I m afraid of something happening to my dog. Can you please give some help????I forgot my dog is 9 months old.
Avatar n tn He still refuses to eat and it seems like his antibiotics are making him worst. He is drinking water, but has not eating in a week he is vomiting 10 - 15 min after giving him his antibiotics and drinking water . He is loosing weight and I am becoming extremely scared, even though my vet tells me he will be okay in a few days.
Avatar f tn Well,i have experienced from this kind of incident before. I think its because u drink plenty of water after your meal.Oil as u know will float on water suface.Thus,causing u to spat up oil residue that u eat.
4487133 tn?1355335664 The only thing I noticed that is different about his routine is we just moved to Florida from TN, and I've been giving him tap water. The water is the only variable here. Would it be an allergy to the water? Florida water does taste different to me... Another thing is I have another English bulldog same age who is drinking same water and eating same food and is fine. He's dewormed and has current vaccinations. What to do? Go to vet? Give bottled water?
Avatar m tn The powder can either be licked up from the spoon by the dog, or added to a little water, which can then be drunk all up (not a whole dishful, or you would find it hard to know if the full dose had been taken) Homeopathic meds are totally harmless and without side effects. Like I said (as long as there isn't any major undiagnosed health issue going on) -they can work extremely fast and extremely successfully.
Avatar n tn we do not feed any of the bad cat foods. the vomiting is strange... its more like just coming out rather that being retched up... and its alot of water... it does have some yellow in it... the kitty has also gained alot of weight in the last few months... and eats alot. other than these things the kitty is acting normal. the kitty has allergies to food and is on zd. he also takes prenisone off and on for it... he also has irritable bowel disease...
Avatar f tn If you're vomiting up blood on any occasion, run not walk to your doctor or nearest health clinic. This may be an emergency! (or at least a sign of cancer) Vomiting blood on any occasion is a serious concern (especially with the variables you express). There should be free services available for your area to check out. Here's some things to look up: http://www.mayoclinic.
507241 tn?1225495385 She isn't letahargic like she was and is much more lively but I feel so bad for her keep vomiting everytime she drinks water
Avatar n tn What? Suggestion----Tell her to take this puppy to the Vet immediately.....There are too many things this could be & impossible to guess on a public forum.....We are not Vets & this puppy needs an exam....I'm not even gonna ask how long it's been going on...... Dehydration ALONE can kill a dog, from vomiting & no water...My goodness, what is she waiting for??? She is responsible for getting this dog some medical help!!!! Call her, now!!!!
Avatar f tn i have a 1 1/2 year pitbull i gave her a bath with dawn dish soap and she licked some of it up .
Avatar n tn my 7month old pitbull has been vomiting randomly for at least 3days. What should I do for him? I don't have ne money for a vet. He'll eat grass and then get sick.then he won't eat his regular dogwood earlier he when he got sick it looked like blood but that was the only time. How can I help him?.