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Avatar m tn My dog has been vomiting yellow bile and sometimes with food.. he has very little appetite. Vet visit last wed showed nothing unusual on blood work and exam. said to treat as acid reflux. Meds haven't stopped it and appetite is actually worse.. he is 10+ husky/shep mix.
Avatar f tn Missy dog vomits when she eats or drinks. She can only keep down white rice and small amounts of water at a time. Her stool is normal and stomach isn't hard. I am concerned at she can't continue to just eat rice. I tried boiling hamburer and putting a little in the rice but she vomited that too.
Avatar m tn Hello, My dog has eaten de frosted rice out of the wormary , the problem is the rice was left 2 days from our wedding, frozen for a month then de frosted and hen thrown away. I seem to be at the vets at least once a year wit one of them having eaten something they shouldn't and I think sometimes they just get them in to cover them selfs.
Avatar n tn But last night i took her in the car for a ride and when we got back she threw up once then today i caught her drinking from the toliet and we have the clorox gel toliet cleaner that cleans with every flush well i got her out and i gave her a lil white rice for her stomach shes been throwing up all day about 4 times today im not sure if shes home sick or what. because on top of which shes also not eating her dog food she ate the white rice though a little bit.
Avatar f tn Hopefully your dog will be able to keep the immodium down long enough to help clear the diarrhea..but again, if your dog is still vomiting and continues to have diarrhea, and you see no improvement by tomorrow, I suggest that you call your vet back, and get your dog re-evaluated. Please let us know how she is doing...
Avatar f tn just found a rice looking thing in her poop.it is longer than a grain of rice but there was only ONE. called vet and she said with worms there is usually more than just one. she did have a deworm treatment few wks ago but missed one of the 3 doses.any ideas.
Avatar m tn We have a 12 y/o Akita/Bernese mountain dog mix who began vomiting frequently a couple of months ago. He's been given medicine to stop the vomiting, but he is now just not eating. We're really at wits end. He's had bloodwork done, which in the vets own words was "boringly normal". Stool samples and X-rays indicate nothing. Any other possibilities or tests we could have performed? We're at our wits end.
Avatar f tn Wow, 17 years old, you have done a wonderful job keeping a dog healthy for that length of time, regardless of what breed it is. Bland seems to be the only thing I can suggest, and hope you are not feeding one of the "popular" dog foods seen on most super market dog food shelves. No grain is one suggestion. Did the vet say anything about using one of the human diarrhea over-the-counter medications?
Avatar n tn Be patient, it may take 8 or more weeks before you see an improvement with the vomiting. If your dog has chronic ear infections than he probably has allergies, and the hypoallergenic diet may help with them also. As for the digestive enzymes: your vet may have Prozyme at the vet office. If not, you can get Wobezyme on line or, in a health food store. Try to get it as a childrens digestive enzyme or one specifically for pets. The same with pepcid.
Avatar n tn Then, he went for his yearly shots a week later after the seizure and about four days after he had some vomiting and severe diahrria; I took him to the vet and she didn't give me a dignosis she just gave him some anti-nausea/diharria medicine. It has been about four days since and he had vomited twice, not in the same day and is acting normal. I am forced to alternate him between wet and dry foods because after a while he refuses to eat the dry food, but he will go back to the dry food.
Avatar n tn we do not feed any of the bad cat foods. the vomiting is strange... its more like just coming out rather that being retched up... and its alot of water... it does have some yellow in it... the kitty has also gained alot of weight in the last few months... and eats alot. other than these things the kitty is acting normal. the kitty has allergies to food and is on zd. he also takes prenisone off and on for it... he also has irritable bowel disease...
Avatar f tn i have a 1 1/2 year pitbull i gave her a bath with dawn dish soap and she licked some of it up .
Avatar n tn My dog was vomiting about 1 month ago and lethargic. I took him to the emergency vet clinic and they did an Xray, which was inconclusive. They sent me to a specialist center to have an ultrasound done. The specialist looked at him and felt that the Xray was inconclusive due to bad technique and recommended leaving him overnight for observation. He didn't vomit, they put him on some bland food and he seemed to improve over the next week or so. Then, he began urinating in the house.
Avatar m tn Her bowel movements are fine as well and she is urinating as she should. She is playful all day too. She becomes lethargic after vomiting. Shes only been vomiting bile and some white foamy stuff. Her food seems to stay down. Anyone know what this could be?
Avatar m tn I have a 7 year old miniature schnauzer that is throwing up, has diarrhea, and heavy breathing. He will drink some water, I've tried boiled rice but he will not eat it. He is very lethargic and we can't get him to the vet before tomorrow. Any suggestions on what I can do at home?
Avatar f tn my dog has been puking every 3 days and throwing up all he has ate in those 3 days. the puke smells like poo. he is drinking and holding that down. what can i give him to help ? he has lost wieght and the vet wont see hhim unless we have money up front.
Avatar m tn I feed her regular dog food in the morning, a lamb and rice one and in the evening she gets rice and hamburger or poultry at night. She really doesn't get many snacks except a bit of Apple or a small bit of cheese. When we got her she did a lot of scratching of her chin to the point of bleeding, which I think was food related, so I am very careful with what I feed her. She had a tooth cleaning at the vets this fall, and her teeth are in good shape. No, bile, urine tests have not been done.
Avatar m tn I slowly began introducing her dog food back into her diet until that was all she was eating. She began vomiting again within a few minutes of eating. I guess what I'm asking is I'm thinking about switching to home-made food for her but I want to make sure she is getting the nutrition she needs without a bunch of calories. Good idea or not? I respect her vet for the most part but he doesn't seem to believe that we're not over-feeding her or giving her scraps from the table.
Avatar n tn On Saturday night, at around 11 p.m., my 7-year old dog started to vomit. At first (3-4 times), he vomited bile mixed with clear fluids. After that, he vomited (the 5th time) bile, clear fluids mixed with flecs of bright red blood. This occurred during the next 4 hour period. The last time he vomited (about the 6th, I lost count), it consisted entirely of bright red blood. It was two circular 12” round puddles of red blood. Sometime between 3:00 a.m.
Avatar n tn I have a 9yo Pekingese who has been vomiting for three weeks. The vet gave us a vomiting medication (metoclopramide) which helped the first week. The vomiting slowed and he began to eat the hamburger/chicken and rice recipe. His bloodwork showed high calcium and high white blood cell count. An x-ray showed no abnormalities and he showed no signs of pain during a physical. After two weeks of on and off vomiting, he had a turn for the worst and we took him in for emergency care.
Avatar n tn my 8 year old female boxer has been vomiting on and off for three weeks last night and this morning is the worst. What can i do? she drinking and eating.
Avatar m tn I'm sorry to say there isn't much to be done for pancreatitis (particularly the chronic variety your dog appears to have) other than treat the systems and starve the dog until the flare is over. Your vet was absolutely right to put your dog in the hospital, withhold food, and provide supportive care with IV fluids. Sometimes dogs have to have nutrition support provided via IV as well for stubborn long-lasting cases. You will have to watch diet very closely.
Avatar n tn Have you tried feeding just plain, unseasoned, boiled chicken with white rice? That's usually a good place to start when vomiting is involved. If you don't want to go to the trouble of cooking it yourself, you can get small cans of white chicken meat at the grocery store. I try to do it myself though, because then I know it's ONLY chicken and water. Hope you get to the source of the problem soon.
Avatar m tn I came home from work today and my dog had thrown up quite a bit, about two cups. I was very concerned when she became super sluggish and was sleeping alot. She is a very hyper active dog so I knew something was wrong. She did have two accidents inside but they were not diarhhea. It has been about ten hours and she ate some white rice and boiled lean ground meat. I have given her 1/2 pedialyte and 1/2 water and so far she has kept both the food and water down.
Avatar m tn My dog has vomited approximately 10 times in the last 2 days. Vomit is partially digested food with white foam. I feed him Iams lamb for sensitive stomaches. I tried withholding food for approxiately 10 hours and feeding him brown rice but within several hours of eating he vomits. Seems to have good energy and not in any pain. I read an article about trying clear liquids but I'm not sure what liquids to give him and how often and how much. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Any other symptoms? Vomiting? Diarrhea? Fever? Indoor or outdoor dog? Any chance the dog ate something dangerous? How big is the dog? A tiny dog who suddenly won't eat is in more peril than a larger dog, but both need to be carefully watched. Offer boiled chicken and bland, cooked white rice perhaps mixed with cooled chicken broth. if the dog shows any other symptoms that are worriesome, or doesn't eat by tomorrow, a vet visit is certainly indicated.
Avatar n tn MY cat is 12 years old in his younger years he lived with a dog and other cats. But for many years it has been just us. Recently my roommate brought his cat from home both cats stay in our rooms during the day but have the run of the house while we are home.
Avatar m tn We have eight Chihuahuas and a Pug. All nine have had stubborn issues with vomiting food for the past few months. Age range 1-3. Weight range 3.5-12 lbs. None are related. They have a fenced in yard (country), cages in the kitchen. They have no exposure to other dogs. Six months ago Lucy began vomiting her food several hours after eating. A few gags, up would come undigested food. Then George did the same. Lucy stopped but then the next day Gracie started, etc.