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Avatar n tn At first I thought for some reason he didn't use his box and the thought puzzled me, but I smelled it and it had only a faint scent of cat food. So I thought maybe it was a hairball and would clear out, his appetite hadn't changed. But he vomited 3-5 more times that day and only pooped one more time. He ate little food. At first the vomit was clear, then once it had food in it, and this morning he has gone to sniff at his food and walked away.
13912344 tn?1432042646 This really does sound like a blockage. Your cat needs an XRay ASAP. If that doesn't give a clear enough picture, then an ultrasound is your next step. I would also do everything in your power to get him to eat something. My "go to's" are strained meat baby food(chicken and ham), chicken broth, and human tuna. I'd go get those ASAP. See how he does with those. Usually cats can't resist those. By the way, Cerenia is wonderful stuff!!
Avatar n tn My 14 year old neutered male cat, who is a house cat, vomits clear liquid. While he is wretching he pees. Then he goes and eats and drinks. This happens daily. His behaviour is no different, his appetite hasn't changed.
Avatar n tn It appeared to have started with a big hairball, then some food,andnow its a clear liquid. She seems to be in fine spirits and her appetitie is ok. She has always thrown up after eating too much or playing after eating.
Avatar f tn My 7 year old Shih Tzu was vomiting for 5 days. He would eat and drink in the evening after I returned home from work & shortly after, vomit. The food was undigested & contained clear liquid. He acted normally--drank water, ate food, ran around playing and did everything he normally does except for the vomiting.
Avatar n tn Even when he came home, he truly wasn’t ready to be home. Approx. March 2008, he began vomiting regularly. Mostly this does not consist of food—just foamy clear/white, thick phlegm (?). It seems to be “triggered” by eating, but when he gets going, it takes a very long time for him to stop again. He has made several visits to his regular physician, several visits to the emergency room. His surgeon dilated him 1.5 cm several weeks ago.
Avatar m tn Hello all and I have a question regarding my 3 yr old male outdoor/indoor cat. He sometimes will throw up after eating his food if he doesnt chew it enough. Any way tonight I came home from work and he had throw at least 4 diff. times in diff spots. It is brown and liquid like and doesnt seem to have food mixed in with it. Also he usually hops in bed with me but has been sitting by the door to go outside which is unusual.
Avatar m tn I have switched both of them to a grain free diet and my other cat has stopped completely but Chloe continues to, though no where near as much. Lately, she has been vomiting every day. It's usually a clear foam or brown liquid. I am in desperate need of help. I feel like I have tried everything. I fear taking her to the vet because they will just recommend a prescription food and give me some big speech about how grains aren't bad for cats when I know my cats don't do well on them at all.
Avatar n tn Today, he is vomiting clear liquid, foam, not eating. I take responsibility. I am worried about these hair-trigger responses to "sue the vet" or what ever care provider is invovled. Sometimes, it was our fault to begin with (hopefully, unintentionally) or just the way it had to be. Stop with the "SUE YOU" mentality already why don't you? And accept things as they are with some appreciation along the way. My cat is still sick.
Avatar f tn 30 am this morning, and twice before 10:00 am, he has not eaten or drank anything since, this time. He sat on top of his box and watched me all night long and did not sleep. He still has not eaten but did drink a (very) little this evening, and did lay down and sleep a little late today. I took his food and water for several hours and I have put the water back. I fixed boil chicken breast and he would not eat it. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
17551877 tn?1458484851 I've been following your post. I suppose *maybe* a cat would poop less than usual on a gravy/liquid diet, but he should most definitely be passing 'something' every couple days at least. As of your initial post on the 11th, Sashi hadn't pooped since approx the evening of Mar 8th. Has he passed anything yet here 5 days later? I see Sashi has 'Absorptive Lesions'. Poor baby, that is so very painful, and most likely why he doesn't want to eat anything he has to chew.
300987 tn?1219987265 Its nine days since my cat Petal got spayed she didnt get it on her stomach its above her leg ive to bring her in in the morning to get her stitches removed the first night she pulled off her collar and was at her stitches but didnt remove them about the sixth day i decided to let her out which i regret shes got a lump on the area and theirs clear liquid coming out of it im so worried will they have to open up the area again and leave the stitches in for another 10 days
Avatar f tn He is four years old and up until now has had no health problems and three days ago threw up a clear liquid. He does this every now and then so i thought nothing of it, but the next day he threw up a lot of dark green liquid twice. I also noticed that i hadn't seen him eat lately, which is really strange because he's constantly at his food bowl. I took him to the vet yesterday and he couldn't find anything wrong with him.
Avatar m tn Since than we have been giving her ranitidin and all was fine until a month ago, at that time my mother, who is living with the cat left for a holiday (this might be related or not). Cat stopped eating once again. This time she was tested for HIV and FIV (negative) and given infusion and apaurin and half an hour later she started esting.
Avatar f tn Once it was brought under control, they did CAT scans, x-rays and sonograms of my abdominal region. They checked everything! They found nothing. My appendix, galbladder, intestines and stomach appeared normal. They gave me two bags of iv antibiotics and lots of fluids via the iv. I just figured it was viral. The next day I checked out and went home having missed a day of work.
Avatar m tn We have now switched to 1mg of Budesonide a day to help with the inflammation and to try and bring the diabetes under control, we are giving our cat 1cc of insulin a day and we have switched his diet to Nature's Variety Instinct brand of cat food in the rabbit formulation. Our cat also gets 1/2 tablet of viokase 16 before each meal to help him digest his food as he was having very loose stools and urinating throughout the house.
Avatar f tn After the first 1-2 times, there was no food or treats in the vomit, it just seemed like a beige-y clear liquid, with bubbles. It does not smell, and it's only a little bit of it. Our kitty has otherwise been acting mostly normally, though it does seem like she hasn't been to the litter box to urinate or defecate much lately. At first I thought maybe it would just work itself through his system, but it's been almost 48 hours and he's still vomiting. Thanks for any advice you have.
317787 tn?1473362051 Hi I took my cat to the vet two weeks ago. She was given a rabies and distemper. She was sore for a while and moved slowly. She seemed to begin to feel better and up until yesterday was moving around fast again. Yesterday she threw up, it was very liquid, I didn't think much about it, thought maybe she had a hairball. She did it again, when I blotted it I noticed it was pink on the white napkin, looked like kool aid. I mentioned to my husband in case she had gotten in to something.
1085681 tn?1280180227 But, this is a prescription food. How old is your cat? Is she indoors 100%? Any other symptoms besides vomiting? How about lethargy, nausea, lack of (or increase in) appetite weight loss, dehydration, limping? The more info you give us, the better it is to assess this issue. But remember, your best choice is to get her to a vet ASAP. In the meantime make sure she drinks plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Congrats on your new baby. Good Luck!
Avatar n tn My daughter is two years old and this past Sunday she woke up vomiting. At the time we thought that most likely she had gotten into some bad food because her Father had picked her up a chicken tenders kids meal late that night when the place was about to close. Well she fell back to sleep that morning and when she woke back up she was fine. She was playing and running and laughing all day. She even rode a carousel! Well that night (Sunday)while she was sleeping she threw up again.
Avatar m tn The vet said the reason her liver was not affected by the fasting is because she was a lean cat to begin with. Her worst symptoms were isolation, catatonic state, and vomiting and extreme nausea. They are discharging her from the hospital tomorrow with the feeding tube in place and she is not eating on her own yet. The most amazing thing happened today when I visited her. Usually when I visit her she is unresponsive and just stares ahead.
Avatar n tn I would call your vet back and bring your cat in to be rechecked. It is imperative to get your cat to eat and drink on her own, because even though the toxin may have passed through her system she could still develop hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease). Additionally, perhaps your vet could discover the cause of this problem to help prevent it from recurring.
Avatar m tn I have switched both of them to a grain free diet and my other cat has stopped completely but Chloe continues to, though no where near as much. Lately, she has been vomiting every day. It's usually a clear foam or brown liquid. I am in desperate need of help. I feel like I have tried everything. I fear taking her to the vet because they will just recommend a prescription food and give me some big speech about how grains aren't bad for cats when I know my cats don't do well on them at all.
Avatar n tn 2004, was extremely sick, vomiting, lethargy, the ultrasound showed i had alot of gallstones,(30-40) had it removed by laparscopy, had no problems for 2 weeks, then i experienced nausea 24/7,and then intermittent diarrhea, had a colonoscopy, which was normal, then i had an endoscopy which showed a copius amount of bile in my stomach, was put on welchol and nexium (had some ulcers) did okay for a couple of months, then in june of 2005 i lost 32 lbs in a 3-4 week period, i had no appetite whatsove
1358341 tn?1282213443 For this reason the vet has prescribed Aluminum Hydroxide, it is your basic antiacid but since it only came in liquid form and it would be too stressful to give twice a day to my cat I called a specialty pharmacy and they compounded it into powder in a capsule and I open the capsule up and give it to her twice a day, every 12 hours. This is so she can eat canned foods that may not be "acceptable" in the levels of Phosphorus, etc..
Avatar n tn I gave my cat amoxicillin and she started drooling instantly. I was foamy and clear and lasted for about 2 minutes. Is this normal or is it an allergic reaction?
4443289 tn?1354659643 He continued throwing up for the rest of Sunday and Monday morning. Obviously he only began throwing up white or clear liquid since he had nothing left in him. I took him to the vet on Monday and they said they couldn't feel any blockage and his temperature was fine. They gave him a shot to calm his stomach. Since then, he hasn't thrown up but he still won't eat. He is drinking a little water but that's it.
3259820 tn?1347109125 and couple hours later another one more clear liquid. Then today. same things again. puke with food in the morning, another brownish thick liquid, then evening another yellowish liquid puke. But this 2days he is JUST acting normal as usual day. plays, chasing around his sister etc. but if there is another puking, then I think I should take him to a vet?