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Avatar n tn On 2 different occasions he has been vomiting blood. Any suggestions? He is not eating and is losing weight. Please HELP!!!
Avatar n tn Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been coughing up phlegm. And I see red in it, maybe blood. Mostly, the red appears in the morning, and usually clears after a few cups of coffee. Using napkins, I regularly monitor and look at the phlegm. Sometimes it looks like tomato color, and I may see some food fragments, such as peanuts or bits of clam meat. So far this is the only (lung cancer) symptom on the lists which I notice.
Avatar m tn i have had a lot of phlegm since i started smoking again, but there are also occasions when i hack up a loogie and there are little spots of blood in it- sometimes just blood and no phlegm, there's no pain it just comes up. i know it's probably from smoking cigarettes but i was also bulimic for 2years and still do it occasionally and i know that also causes throatbleeding? my question is do you think this is from the "fiber glass" that is supposedly in menthol cigarettes? vomiting?
Avatar n tn I have been having a rusty or blood associated phlegm (sputum) for about 8 months. I don't cough at all. Such phlegm easily comes out after I wake up from sleeping. At other times, I have to summon (pull out phlegm) repeatedly and the blood assocoated or the rusty would show up in the fourth or fifth call. I have burning pain on my ribs to the right and left of what is called "infrasternal notch" (where gastritis pain is usually felt).
Avatar f tn My cough is getting worst since this year. I have been coughing out a lot of phlegm for years. This week i have been vomiting out phlegm everyday after i had my breakfast. There is some red phlegm which i think is blood. it's getting worst. I have sinusitis too. it is in chronic stage i think. My sense of smell is very weak. I have a whole lots of allergies, main things are wheat, milk, baking & brewer's yeast, vanilla, soy, egg, sesame. I have been losing weight too.
Avatar f tn My cough is getting worst since this year. I have been coughing out a lot of phlegm for years. This week i have been vomiting out phlegm everyday after i had my breakfast. There is some red phlegm which i think is blood. it's getting worst. I have sinusitis too. it is in chronic stage i think. My sense of smell is very weak. I have a whole lots of allergies, main things are wheat, milk, baking & brewer's yeast, vanilla, soy, egg, sesame. I have been losing weight too.
Avatar m tn Hi guys, I have been experiencing Phlegm in my throat for 4 months now. I just want to know can anyone have an allergy at my age (24) and not since child hood.....I think I may have developed some kind of lactose tolerance or something, because the phlegm increses when I drink milk....so now switching to soya milk. Question: Can you have allergy anytime in life or has to start at childhood/birth? How do I test to know if I have milk allergy or all lactose problem?
Avatar m tn Our daughter 5 years old, has had almost monthly vomiting for the past year. Lasts 4 to 12 hours, throws up 4 to 10 times... In Jan she ended up in ER, threw up about 15 times in 3 hours. Started throwing up blood. Was put on meds, lab results were all fine. Doctors think she is sensitive to the tummy bug but 2 out of the 8 times she has had it did other family members/class mates have tummy bug Pale, Upset tummy, sometimes headache or leg pain "growing pains" Doctor said.
1034643 tn?1252598504 I too have a problem. I always feel vomiting sensation when i'm nervous. I keep on removing phlegm, as and when i feel to vomit. When i have my food i can easily swallow but when comes the last bite of my food i feel something needs to be removed of my throat and i leave the last bite wasted. I dunno what it is! Pl help pl. I am 22 years and i've been suffering from this problem since 5 years. Do i need medical help or is there something in my mind.
Avatar m tn He was a bit on the anemic side, platelet count was a little high (430), and although white blood cell count was in normal range, one type of white cell was not. I am still very concerned because he has a very large gland (or node?) on the side of his neck. when he tilts his head to the side, you can see it buldging out. This may be unrelated but today and yesterday he woke up with very bad hives all over. By 9:30 they had faded and disappeared. WEIRD. any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Through process of elimination I realized I started a blood pressure medication the generic for Zestril. I cut the dosage back and it got better then I stopped it and the coughing & vomiting stopped. It's not gone but I'm out of the terrible period. Are you on any medicines?
Avatar n tn I had an allergic reaction to amoxcillin a few weeks ago and have generally been unwell since, this cough came from no where, did not have a cold but did have sore throat, in the morning and through the night is worse, coughing up green phlegm and being sick eventually, i even resorted to using my sons inhaler as wheezy and chest seems highly irritated all the time, extremely lethargic and having high temp normally at night, i am totally fed up and i do feel unwell, i cant sleep well and i have
Avatar n tn What do you vomit in the mornings, look/taste...
Avatar f tn Hi, The presence of the fever would raise the possibility of infection or dehydration. Was the vomiting present before the fever? If he has been vomiting and unable to take in adequate fluid, he may be starting to get dehydration. An infection in old folks may not always present with symptoms referable to the area involved – say a lung infection, you'd expect cough, so a thorough evaluation by a physician would be in order.
Avatar f tn He can't eat breakfast and he has little appetite all day, although the vomiting only occurs in the morning. He's had a blood test, stool test, urine test, 2 scans and everything is in order! The doc thinks it may be psychological, caused by underlying stress, yet my son seems to be fine. He has no problems at school, with work, friends etc and he has an older sister who he usually confides in when he has a problem, so I find it difficult to imagine it's just a stress problem.
390388 tn?1279639813 I've been coughing so hard I loose my breath, and then I start to vomit a thick phlegm 2 - 4 times a day. This has been going on now for 3 months straight daily now and is very embarrassing. I have had these issues for a couple of years though.
Avatar m tn Whenever it happens there is fresh blood mingled with the vomit and the blood lasts for some time afterwards, suggesting it is coming from my vocal folds. I am not quite 21, and this has been happening at least since I was 14. I am a singer and suffer from excess phlegm.
Avatar m tn When I got home I went to the toilet and sort of wretched again but this time it the blood was clotted. 2 days later I was at my work and I felt some phlegm in my throat and went to the toilet and spat. To my shock and surprise there was blood there again and obviously I hadn't been drinking alcohol, only coke. Maybe it was the caffeine in the coke that set it off I DON'T KNOW..... Anyway I am worried a little but on the upside there is no blood in my stool.
Avatar f tn Smoking, alcohol use, gastritis, acidity, tumors of stomach and food pipe, bleeding gastric ulcer, cancer of stomach, erosion of lining of food pipe, bleeding veins at esophageal (food pipe) sphincters etc all cause vomiting of blood. The presence of these conditions can aggravate the vomiting of blood after a nose bleed. This can be fresh red if coming from a place above the stomach. It can be brown or coffee colored if coming from the stomach.
Avatar n tn I occasionally pass blood and/or mucus in my stools - the mucus is usually either a dark or pinkish color, I don't have any pain. I'm very worried about what this could be, I have tests at the hospital but they couldn't find anything (I think a sigmodoscopy??) and my family don't have any history of anything like this.
Avatar n tn Recently he has seemed to lose more weight (he has never been excessively big) but has developed an extended abdomen and complains of always feeling bloated. He told me today that he has been coughing up phlegm tinged with blood for the past 3 weeks but is putting it down to nose bleeds. I think there is something seriously wrong with his health. He is often tired and listless but works long hours in a very stressful self employed position. He refuses to see a doctor.
Avatar f tn 13 weeks, haven't been vomiting, have nausea, annoying phlegm and still super exhausted. Did a blood test and it'll give the gender in about a week, anybody wanna guess what I'm having? Super excited!
1939530 tn?1323761627 In response to your question, I would favor your seeing the ENT, who could also assess both your upper and lower respiratory tracts, with physical examination, a chest X-ray, a blood count and, especially if the phlegm is discolored, examination of the phlegm being raised. Good luck, I sincerely hope that you are already feeling better.
Avatar f tn Puppies, especially small ones are at risk from such viruses due in large part to the dehydration and low blood sugar that may occur with vomiting and diarrhea. Persistent vomiting and diarrhea, like occurred here, often warrants hospitalization for intravenous fluids to counter those consequences. By the time the vomiting reoccurred on 12/24 it is reasonable to assume dehydration existed and perhaps low blood sugar.
390388 tn?1279639813 It looks like my typical Spring/ Summer roller coaster is back. Also have been coughing/vomiting (mucus like phlegm) now for about 3 months and having some blurred vision at times. Pea size lump in my throat has basically went away and lymph nodes under my arms are going down. Thrush in throat is clearing up. Stomach pains and bloating is going back down. Just a small stitch in left side. Winter spasms have eased up and basically went away.
Avatar f tn it's been 2 weeks since then and my chestwall pain hasn't subsided, still coughing with phlegm, but no fever and sweats.the first phlegm i cough out in the morning is still rusty yellow and all through the day it's saliva and white thing together in the phlegm.please help me. If I have taken 2 weeks of antibiotics already why is there pain still when i breathe, sneeze or cough?now i couldnt tell if i still have shortness of breathe because i cant really breathe deep.When will the pain go away?
Avatar m tn I'm not sure exactly what mucus in stool means, but I do know that everytime my son has diarea they ask me if there is any mucus or blood (when I call our nursing hotline). That combined with the vomiting would probably have me take him into urgent care if the Dr. doesn't get back to you today. I always tend to err on the side of caution. Hope she feels better soon.
Avatar m tn High fever that i have controlled with ibuprofen/paracetamol. Have had achy muscles and a nasty cough. Initially i was vomiting clear/frothy sputum. My breathing wasn't quite right so i went to A&E on Friday night and had my temperature taken/oxygen levels checked/ blood pressure etc. they said my heart rate was quite fast so i had to have an ECG. My heart rate came down and i was checked over, the doctor listened to my back/chest and said everything sounded okay and i just had the flu.
Avatar m tn I have old root canled tooth without crown now black color no pain/no holes, not bleeding, I wasn't worried since I developed a Mouth Ulcer and Mild throat Conjection with phlegm .Mouth Ulcer healed without medicine but after two weeks again developed. Conjection with Phlegm still there.Also I used play with my 3 year old kid , I used to kiss my daughter lot of time she also developed vomiting and fever about 100 Degree.My concerns are 1, any chance to Contact HIV if we suck breast nipples ?