Vomiting blood after gallbladder surgery

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Avatar n tn I had labrascopic gallbladder surgery 11/21/07. 9 days after surgery I developed a low grade fever,nausea,vomiting,dull pain in upper stomach and sharp pain in right upper quadrant.I lost 26 pounds since the surgery. My Gi did a CT,Endoscopy ( showed a lot of Bile in stomach ),upper GI x-ray,blood and Urine tests and a MTI.All tests came back negative, nothing was found. My GI said he doesn't know what it is and to wait and continue the neds he gave me 2 weeks ago: Compozine,Welchor and Aciphex.
Avatar f tn Vomiting blood can be a symptom of concern especially after having delivered a baby. It would be best to see your doctor right away and explain about all this. They could do appropriate tests to rule out if there has been any internal hemorrhage or any other symptoms they might determine and follow up and treat them.
499534 tn?1328707778 Okay my gallbladder surgery is scheduled for Tues April 7th! Yikes....a whole week to be nervous!! Would like to hear from others who have experienced this or have friend or family who have.....what was their experience like????
Avatar n tn A ultrasound showed no stones, an abdominal CT scan was normal, blood tests were normal, however, a HIDA scan with CCK showed my gallbladder ejection fraction to be 16%. I am seeing a surgeon next week to discuss removal of my gallbladder. At 16% and having physical symptoms, how likely is it that the surgeon will want to remove it? Also, my gynecologist wants to do a diagnostic laparoscopy to find out what is causing my right lower quadrant pain.
Avatar f tn Today was my follow up with my GI, my hida scan resulted in no gallbladder visualization after 4 hr which suggests cystic duct obstruction/ acute cholecystitis. Dr referred me to cholecystectomy/ gallbladder surgeon for consult. They also ordered blood work to rule out Hepatitis due to high liver enzymes and a breath test to ensure the H Pylori is out of my stomach.
Avatar n tn I had gallbladder surgery on Monday, January 16, 2005. The surgeon was unsuccessful in removing my gallbladder through laparoscopic proceedure and had to do and open proceedure. I was discharged on Wednesday and scheduled to return to the surgeons office on Thursday, January 26. So, now I am at home recouperating with the stitches and staples as well as a dranage tube on my right side. I'm doing fairly well and most of my pain is around the area where the tube is located.
Avatar f tn I had an ultrasaound due too intestinal pain lower than gallbladder area and feet hot at night and a bit swollen after taking aleve for 9 days. It showed that I had numerous polyps in my gallbladder wall measuring 6x6x4 mm and A common Bile duct that is prominent measuring 3-9 mm. I also have a 2.1 x 3.1 echogenic masses on my right hepatic lobe. (likely hemangiomas) They suggest followup ssans 6 to 12 mo for the gallbladder polyps and Get a MRCP to see what is or is obstruction is present.
Avatar n tn Which is why the doc questioned whether or not it was gallbladder after the first scan. Well, it is and it is coming out!! So, what I am trying to say is keep on the doc about the pain. I DO NOT have gallstones. So, dont let them tell you because all these tests show NO stones that it is not your gallbladder. I am living proof it is.
Avatar f tn Upper abdomen/lower chest pressure that radiated to my back and nausea/vomiting after eating but when the dr ordered an ultrasound they found gallstones. During surgery my BP rose (187/108) and remained high for hours after the surgery was finished. I was finally released when my bp reached 136/94. I have noticed, at times, my blood pressure is higher than normal because I can feel it. I also have palpitations when lying down at night.
Avatar n tn Went to doctor after a few days and they done an ultasound and found sludge in gallbladder so the following week I had surgery to get gallbladder removed. The area where gallbladder was is feeling much better, but pain in right side and towards middle of back is still there, which I may add, is the same pain as I had when I went in to have gallbladder surgery. The only symptoms I had was the pain in right side regarding my gallbladder.
Avatar n tn Does anyone who had recent gallbladder surgery go through this? Is this normal after this type of surgery? Does it really take years for your body to feel normal again (no more loose bowels,etc.)? Any advice or comments greatly appreciated. I will be glad to hear the response I get back from my surgeon.
Avatar n tn My mom had that problem, with the exception that she had problems right after her surgery. She also started vomiting yellow stuff 2 months after her surgery. Go back to your doctor. If he can't help you, go to a specialist.
Avatar n tn Sorry but I have to post. Severe pain after gallbladder surgery is NOT normal! I was told the same thing by the nurse who spent half the night with me while I was in severe pain and vomiting. All of wich happened after the surgery. I was kept an additional day in the hospital and the surgeon came in and said I had a bad night. 5 years later and I finally am on some sort of road to recovery. Stones left in the bile duct are very common after gallbladder surgery.
Avatar n tn It's not uncommon to develope pancreatitis after gallbladder surgery. For me the pain was more intense on the left side. It did spread across the rib cage and into the back. I found that sitting up and not moving was the best position to be in. Also holding my fist right into the left side where the pain was gave a little relief. I did double over to walk ,and also had to pull my knees up when I tried and failed to lay down. Pancreatitis isn't the same in all people.
Avatar f tn I was told I had gallstones but after surgery there were only sand particles in the gallbladder. I now have pain in the area where the gallbladder was, in the front and back, as well as back pain, which I have now been told is a pinched nerve (unrelated to the other pain). In the past few weeks, I have been experiencing pain every time after I eat in the area where the gallbladder was. Anyone experience this? Why do I have more pain now than before the surgery and pain whenever I eat?
Avatar n tn It has been almost a year since my gallbladder surgery. Prior to the surgery I had pain that did not fit neatly into the diagnosis of a gallbladder problem. My ultrasound did show one small stone, however the pain did not come and go. I had the surgery, then continued to get worse! It has been a year now. I have had an upper and lower GI. Upper showed that I have upper Hiatus hernia, lower showed that I was completely healthy and normal.
Avatar n tn About a week after the surgery, I began having pain in my upper right quadrant as well as vomiting after meals occassionally. About a month after the surgery, I was prescribed Zofran, Colestipol, and Protonix. I have still been getting progressively worse. I now vomit after after meal, often it is partially digested food immediately after eating and then what seems like pure bile about an hour to two hours after eating. I now vomit after drinking just water sometimes, as well.
Avatar f tn hi my name is maryjane, i had my gallbladder removed jul 2009, a week or so after surgery started to get a tightness of pain in my stomach which has gradually got more severe, it starts of with stomach pain then wakes me through the night and is like a tightnin of severe pain at the top of my rib cage sometimes to my back, lying down makes the pain worse, i need to walk about and take deep breathes to ease the pain, sometimes up all night, can affect me 2 to 3 nights.
Avatar n tn hmm spelling isn't my best subject....after that surgery they also tied my tubes....in recovery...blood pressure drops...back to surgery...finds a nicked liver...after liver is fixed....emergency surfery to repair the severed artery in the muscle that the surgeon caused when he put in the scope to fix his first mess up........after surgery i went through several months of watery stool that was mostly stomach bile......then several months of constipation.....mother of three....all natural birth..
Avatar f tn I had my gallbladder removed laproscopically five years ago.Shortly after that I started having these "episodes" I break out into a sweat (sometimes soaking my clothes) I get wicked pain in my mid abdominal section followed immediately by huge amounts of air pushing out (similar to a burp) but it does it automatically, I experinece this for anywhere from several minutes to an hr and always vomit. It is almost like a swith is flipped and then it is gone.
Avatar f tn My syptoms started in 2006 a few months after I had my son. I vomit after I eat. Sometimes it will be an hour or two after i eat. Most of the time it is 5 to 15 minutes after. I have seen a GI doctor and she didn't know what was wrong. It went away for awhile then came back. Then i was sent to a surgeon because I have a hietel hernea. He decide that that was not causing it so he would not do surgery. I'm soooooo sick of getting sick all the time. We don't even go out to eat anymore.
Avatar f tn It is possible to see reflux symptoms increase following gallbladder surgery. Although this is documented in the literature, I have seen quite the opposite however. I do see what I believe to be alkaline reflux from the duodenum into the stomach is the early post op period. PPI's such as omeprazole can actually worsen this rather than improving it with sucralfate being a much better option as it coats the inflamed stomach and lets it recover.
Avatar n tn if anyone is experiencing pain after gallbladder surgery. It is possible for stones to be lodged in the common bile duct or the pancreatic duct or the hepatic duct. It can be life threatening if left alone. For those us us (me included) who have severe painful attacks after gallbladder surgery , Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction is a strong possibility. An ERCP is a must to rull out stones, etc. from the gallbladder surgery. Then pressure measurements are taken to check for sod dysfunction.
Avatar n tn Your gallbladder pain should have gone away after surgery. It is hard to tell by what you wrote how bad the pain is. After my gallbladder was removed I had severe pain. It would start right below the sturnum and radiate around to my back. It took my a year and a half before I found a Dr who believed me. I asked every visit "could it be my bile duct?" No way you don't have the symtoms. My liver tests and everthing else always came back normal for the first year after surgery.
Avatar f tn Upper abdomen/lower chest pressure that radiated to my back and nausea/vomiting after eating but when the dr ordered an ultrasound they found gallstones. During surgery my BP rose and remained high for hours after the surgery was finished. I have noticed, at times, my blood pressure is higher than normal because I can feel it. I also have palpitations when laying down at night. It scares me a lot because I witnessed someone having a heart attack last year.
Avatar n tn My husband had gallbladder surgery in November 2005. Started out as lap surgery, 2 hrs later he was Diaphoretic, had seizures and blood pressure bottomed out. They increased his IV saline, and an hr later the hospital was calling as they had to take him back to surgery as he was bleeding out due to a nicked superior mesenteric artery, and they opened him up, resulting in an extra 4 hr surgery & 5 pints of blood.
Avatar f tn Pylori, colonoscopy with biopsy of colon, numerous CT scans of my whole abdomen one of them with contrast, a GI x ray series, HIDA scan, several ultrasounds on kidneys, gallbladder, etc., blood work to test for Hep C, Porypheria, IBS, liver function tests, and probably some things I have forgotten. ALL of them have been negative. I am at my wits end, the pain and vomiting is so intense sometimes I go to the ER just for some relief.