Vomiting and watery stools

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Avatar f tn After coming back she is passing watery stools which is green in colour 5-6 times a day.She is bresatfed and eat solidfoods.She is active and is playing well,no signs of sickness,no fever,no vomiting..... I am woried because this is her 5th day of passing watery stools .She poops a little after every feed......... Please help me....
1176038 tn?1263690632 My 1 year old daughter has had loose and even watery stools for a few weeks. They are mustard/tan in color and explodes out of her diaper EVERY TIME. I've been to her dr a couple of times and they just keep telling me to give her pedialyte. This isnt solving the problem. She has been on cows milk now for a month. She eats a pretty regular diet. Her stool while she was on formula was solid and normal in color. She has also had vomiting episodes twice in the past 3 weeks. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn At first I was having a watery bm in the morning and I would try to go again when I got home from work but it was just watery mucous.The morning bm has improved to just being loose. Several years ago I was diagnosed with moderate to severe diverticulitis and my last colonoscopy 4 1/2 years ago showed no inflammation. I should also add as a teenager I was diagnosed with spastic colon which I think is the same as irritable bowel syndrome. I scheduled a colonoscopy within the next 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn For a couple of days i felt nauseous and lost my appetite, then i started getting watery diarrhea, then i started vomiting and getting horrible stomach pains, now one day later i feel better for the most part after eating lots of soup and drinking water, my stomach is still a little upset, and my stools are a dark black tarry color. should i be worried about internal bleeding or is my stomach passing a virus or infection?
Avatar n tn I have been getting very bad diarrhea for the past couple of days. Its yellow and very watery. I dont have any stomach pains accompanying it really, just flatulence and my stomach is hard and swollen. Should I go to the doctors or will this blow over???
Avatar n tn She felt quite flu-like - mildly feverish, tired, achy, headache, no appetite - but with an upset stomach, diarrhoea and nausea (some balking but no vomiting). I looked up the symptoms online and it sounded very much like stomach flu. By Saturday, she was definitely over the worse. Still feeling the effects of no food and being a bit dehydrated, she was somewhat lethargic but had regained some of her appetite. Had a boiled egg and some plain biscuits.
Avatar n tn soft loose stools [not usually watery diarrhea, just barely-solid stools that disintegrate when the toilet is flushed] and they occur every morning, and they're sometimes very pale in color.I don't have pain and my appetite and energy and weight are normal. My condition began when a doctor was treating me for a urinary tract infection; it turned out I didn't have an infection, I had Interstitial Cystitis [IC] or "painful bladder syndrome", probably an autoimmune disease.
Avatar f tn I experienced all the terrible side effects of these drugs from dizziness and confusion, to diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, head aches- the full works. I took the Flagyl first- when I came off of it I felt just OK for a few days, then all my original symptoms came right back. Same with the Cipro, after it cleared my system the bloating came back and so did the watery diarrhea. When I returned to the west coast I saw a doctor new my home who took some lab results and set me up for a return visit.
Avatar n tn Yes that could be a possibility, getting a colonoscopy sounds like a good idea.
Avatar n tn It does not make you go, it makes you regular by adding fibre to the watery stools, making them firm. It helps to keep a journal or a blog and your welcome to read mine if you want but I write a lot (can you tell). :) It's a great way to review your situation objectively and identify patterns in your foods, symptoms, medications and pain level. Hindsight is 20/20 and keeping a log might help you look at things more objectively over the longer term.
Avatar f tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Well adhesions can lead to pain, obstruction and vomiting. Loose stools and abdominal distension can be due to Crohn’s. However this can be detected by CT scan. You can read through this link about the disease: http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/crohns/#what Colonoscopy should be the preferred mode of diagnosis. However you should also look at irritable bowel syndrome as a possible diagnosis.Refer: http://digestive.niddk.nih.
Avatar f tn Two weeks later I was vomiting, burping and had very watery stools. So it seems like I have to continue taking this Prevacid. Tomorrow I have an another appointment with my doctor. I want to discuss if I'm going to need taking this medication forever and if there are other alternatives. BTW, I'm female and 44....not sure if age or gender has anything to do with this "disease".
Avatar f tn I have been dealing with constant loose to watery stools for close to two years. I've tried to alter my diet but regardless what I omit or add to my diet does not change my bowel movements. Is it possible that these adhesion's could actually be causing the loose & watery stools? Could I possibly have Crohn's ?? I've had numerous CAT scan's....would Crohn's show on them? Is there anything I can do on my own or medially to end this?
Avatar f tn Same with the Cipro, after it cleared my system the bloating came back and so did the watery diarrhea. When I returned to the west coast I saw a doctor new my home who took some lab results and set me up for a return visit. To say the least- he had no idea. He lost my chart info and thought I was there as a first time patient for a physical. He had nothing to say about my illness during my return visit.
Avatar f tn Sour stomach, cramps, reflux and soft stools are just a part of life for me and I've been able to lead a fairly normal and mobile life in spite of these issues. Six weeks ago, I went to work and took one of my kids w/me. He loves going to the office for some reason and he had nothing better to do on this particular summer day. Around 10am I started noticing that I was burping quite a bit and my son pointed out that something smelled like "rotten eggs".
Avatar n tn Since I was given that laxative, I have had loose, watery, light colored stools and more often than usual, but not uncontrollably and I've got no other symptoms. I also developed a strange ear problem (skin is broken around the ridgy bit, and there's an uncomfortable lump under my earlobe) but I'm not sure this is relevant or not, although I did notice it on the same day. Could I have picked up something up in the hospital or is it just a symptom from having gall stones?
Avatar n tn I believe the true definition is going often and having loose stools and I'm pretty sure one time isn't defined as diarrhea, but I keep getting mixed answers. We always use both the pill and condoms (which have never broken or slipped) and I have taken all other pills at the exact same time this month and that would have been my only slip-up with the pills. Thanks guys.
Avatar m tn The 3rd day, more vomiting and diarrhea. The 4th, 5th, and 6th days, no vomiting but loose stools and no appetite. On the 7th day, more vomiting and diarrhea. we are on the 8th day of this round and the diarrhea continues 1-3x/day. Tonight a new symptom - his belly is really distended (his belly button that is normally a slight "innie" is now flush with his belly) and he complains of a tummy ache.
Avatar n tn My sister (who has lived a long time in Africa) listened to the symptoms (vomiting, very smelly runny stools) and said I should get him checked for parasites (very common apparently). Took him to the doctor who prescribe him something to get "the good bacteria" back into his system because with all the vomiting and runny stools he has flushed all the good ones out (makes sense). Starting prescription tonight will let you know. Dr.
Avatar n tn hey i am having the exact same thing even right now ,,,i wake up starting with theese awefull burps and then the bloating and then the diarrea and then sometimes the vomiting im 33 and have been getting theese episodes fpr my whole life and i dont know ...
Avatar m tn At the same time I felt very bloated and my stomach felt extremely full. By mid-morning I got nauseated and threw up the entire contents of my stomach. It appeared that everything I ate the day before had just been sitting in my stomach. I continued with the diarrhea and at this point I was just passing water. Of course I have been drinking plenty of water as well as pedialite. I was starving so I tried eating a couple of soft tacos for dinner.
1339680 tn?1276748501 At the same time his bowel movements have become more watery. He passes watery stools three to four times a day. He shows no signs of any illness. His doctor says there is nothing to worry about. Sunaina (California, U.S.A) A: The stool pattern of children on artificial feeds can be variable. As long as your child is playing well and gaining weight there is no need to worry. Dr. Balasubramanian Q: For the past 7-8 days, my child has been passing watery stools.
Avatar n tn It was debilitating, and came on so sudden and intense my doctor sent me for a cat scan which came back normal, and yet I suffered so bad from nauseous and vomiting because of the pain. My doctor could find nothing wrong and just called it 'migraines'. She finally did a very smart thing and put me on an anti-depressant that at very low doses is a pain blocker, and often cancer patients are given it, I think it was called amitriptylin ??? Anyway, it did the trick and it stopped my migraines.
Avatar n tn An hour later I went back to sleep and I woke up at 9am and went to the bathroom - to my surprise I had very dark (greenish black) and watery diarrhea- and then I had nausea and I threw up once, and then went back to diarrhea again. I usually don't get a bad reaction from alcohol and I have no idea what could have triggered this stomach problem and yesterday I didn't have diarrhea... SO a little advice please...
Avatar f tn I also get dizzy, nauseaus, And very weak. Just today I. Started having watery diahhrea. Like pure water. Its very frequent. All this is affecting my abiliry to work and be the happy funny women that I Am. Please help.
1166735 tn?1263478953 I also have been diagnosed with SOD type 2 with a lot of recent epigastric spasms and nausea. However, in June of this year I became unwell overnight with diarrhoea and vomiting with abdo pain, and was admitted to my hospital where my gastroenterologist works. I became dehydrated very quickly from the D&V resaulting in low K+. plus other out of range blood values including an increase of CRP and white cells grown in stool sample.
Avatar n tn I also used to drink lots of soda when younger and had a lot of caffeine, usually tea and coffee. I am not obese, do not smoke and hardly ever drink alcohol. I have cut down on a lot of this bad stuff lately. During this vomiting phase when I was hospitalized, I strained so hard at one point that I ended up with upper chest pain for about a day. It was not bad enough to think a broken rib, so I thought it was just strain. I ate light foods in the hospital, since I tend to hate hospital food.
Avatar n tn His stools are brown or sometimes brownish yellow and watery and he probable goes 6 times a day. He seems to mainly have abdominal pain in the morning when he is vomiting. If I push on his belly lightly he says it hurts mildly on the light side near the ribs, but not really anywhere else. There is not any shcool problems because we homeschool and he does well. We are actually on summer break.
Avatar n tn I have been reading on teh Nexium and prilosec and I see in rare cases it causes vomiting, watery stool ect. I think I ve had it and I am going to try to get off all medication except insulin.I really hate living like this and worry about my son seeing me ill all the time.