Vomiting and heartburn

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Avatar f tn I'm 21+3 and I had not suffer from heartburn before, but know, omg it feels like a burning chest! Anyone else getting heartburn at this stage?
Avatar f tn Now no over counter medications help I have ran out of options so I Google and one cup of water with half a tea spoon of baking soda helps me and I haven't had to drink any in like 2 or 3 days been sleeping much better. I have bad heartburn that I wake up vomiting at night. I asked my ob she said it's ok for me to have it bt not more than 3 sips every two or 3 hours. Hope it helps..
Avatar f tn What helps horrible heart burn???
Avatar f tn 35wks my heartburn is so bad I can not eat or drink. I have tried tums and maloxx nothing has helped. I go back to the dr Friday. Even sleeping I get heartburn and I sleep proprietary up. I feel like vomiting it is so bad. I also have been getting pressure in my pelvic area. I also get like lower back spasms but if I change positions it goes away.
Avatar f tn I had heartburn so bad it would radiate to my knees! My doctor told me, that a few tums is fine, but if you find yourself eatingthem like candy, Mylanta would be better due to the high calcium in tums. I always drank a lot of milk, it helped in the moment, but milk will make it worse in the long run.. good luck! Btw, I truly believe in the old wives tale about the baby having lots of hair if you have bad heartburn!
Avatar f tn I had really bad heartburn my entire preg. I could drink water and somehow have heartburn lol he was born with tons of hair! Milk is only thing tht helped me.
Avatar n tn I'm on the same boat once I hit 33 weeks my heartburn got really bad and nothing would help it go away I'm 37 weeks and it's about calmed down, hope u find something that does help.
1317258 tn?1421717225 holy crap cakes is any one else getting really REALLY bad heartburn? i'm vomiting beacuse of it. it's so bad. So one told me that if you have really bad heartburn your baby will have heaps of hair well if thats the case i think my baby will be born with longass hair!!!
Avatar n tn Now it about approximately he has pain around liver and pain in the shoulders, headache and vomiting. Now we a fearful about the virus agian.H edont want to test it again due to fear of its (virus) again.
198627 tn?1203057607 A couple months ago I thought I was just having severe heartburn, but it turned out to be 2 duodenal ulcers and it was a good thing I went to the er because they admitted me for 5 days. Better to be safe than sorry. Of course, it could be a heart attack as well, but you're pretty young for that. Tagamet or Cimetidine are 2 over the counter meds that work well for heartburn. Only you know how much pain your in. If you can't stand it, get to the ER.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure, but I'm 37 weeks and have been having random bouts of vomiting at night for the past few weeks or so. My baby is not breech, so I think this is just another joy of pregnancy!
Avatar f tn Am 25 weeks and the vomiting is starting again. Anyone else went tru this or is goin tru this?
Avatar f tn Well, when I asked him if all my nausea/vomiting and side aches (where gallbladder was), as well as MAJOR heartburn episodes are all related to the same thing he said yes. Well, he gave a medication called "Dicyclomine". Told me to take it when I have painful episodes of heartburn, which wraps around to my shoulder blades. After I looked online to see what this is used for, it said "IBS". The doctor is not even treating me for IBS, nor has he said I have it.
Avatar n tn I'm in the same boat =( I'm almost 8 wks and I'm so sick I can't stand or keep anything down...
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, I'm 5 weeks pregnant and are vomiting almost all day, I have tried crackers, 7~up, not drinking fluids before or after meals. I hardly want to eat and chewing mint gum isn't helping. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I used to have bad heartburn years ago, but was able to treat it with change in diet and prevacid. I actually haven't taken this medication for a few years. Then about a month ago, I started getting heartburn, along with nausea and vomiting. Soon, I also had bitter taste in my mouth. I got prescription for prevacid again from my doc, and I also tried OTC meds(tums, etc), but none of them worked. In fact, the symptoms are getting worse. (I am being very careful with my diet currently.
Avatar f tn Both are very common during pregnancy. I'm 24 weeks & will have headaches that get so bad I will end up vomiting, called my doctor & they said migraines & vomiting go hand in hand. I also have raging heartburn that will almost make me vomit.. just try and take tums, and if they don't end up helping call your DR. They said I could take zantac if needed. But call them first!
Avatar n tn Try morning sickness well tea it's good for gas n heartburn and vomiting just mix some lemon in it and it really help me I'm 16 weeks and I don't get gas much or heartburn ,sick that much hope it helps
Avatar f tn im 6 weeks and just started having very bad morning sickness and heartburn. Nothing seems to help. I can't miss work. Are there any home remedies to help the nausea?
Avatar n tn It sounds like you're shouting. However, for the heartburn, you should call your doc and make an appt to be tested for H. pylori at the very least. If this is heartburn, you may want to consider following a GERD diet (check the gicare website for a GERD diet) until you see your doc.
Avatar m tn I would most certainly be in severe pain and vomiting 24/7. I have tried vegan food for awhile, and it doesn't seem to have any different effect in favor or against. Thanks for trying though.
Avatar f tn I am between 32 and 33 weeks and for some reason I can eat all day and feel good but then at night I will get sudden heart burn and then diarrhea and then I will throw up everything that I ate for the entire day. And this only happens at night. Is this normal or what?? I need help and don't know what to do. I'm scared to eat now.
Avatar m tn He put me on mezicline (motion sickness medication) and a pill that helps prevent nausea and vomiting. I went on them for two weeks, and I would only occasionaly feel nautious, but wouldn't vomit. I went off the pills 6 days ago because I had to go in to the hospital medicine free for a week in order to get a hearing test and another test that may determine if I have labynthritis. I have thrown up every night since going off the pills about 2 to 5 hours sometime after dinner.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if you know of any medications there is for the gas and bloating.I'm so happy I found someone with the same operation and non vomiting like myself.Please let me know if you have any changes.
Avatar m tn I've had done a Endoscopy (not sure if thats right) they found nothing and couple months back had a ultrasound and found nothing I've been on Somac Heartburn relief - (pantoprazole 20mg) and also been on Motilium - (domperidone 10mg) it doesn't really help I use to go out on the weekends for lunch and parties and all that but i just can't anymore this problem has really restricted me from going out and it had also taken a toll on my school work.
Avatar f tn It feels like my acid reflux and heartburn have gotten worse and there's just no room for food so my body rejects what doesn't fit. Anyone else experiencing this? It seems to wake me up at night mostly. I rarely feel hungry. When I eat finally maybe I'm eating too much and should try smaller meals? I don't know.. anyone know anything that works better for acid reflux than tums so I can try that first?
Avatar f tn Took zantac after vomiting on day #11 and #12 and noticed improvement. No heartburn with this but states when he vomits it's full of acid. Is it possible he's developed a severe case of acid refulx? Any suggestions as our local ER does not seem to be able to figure out what is wrong with him.
1105984 tn?1258825355 I was told I had a viral infection, and was administered fluids through an IV catheter. Bloowork and a urinalysis was done, which all came back fine, and pregnancy was ruled out. The vomiting has been becoming more persistent, and I've lost quite a bit of weight since this all started. When I was a teenager, my doctor determined I had GERD, and went through a series of tests, including an upper GI and an endoscopy.