Vomiting and head injury

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Avatar f tn When someone is vomiting after receiving a head injury that is normally a bad sign. You said he also had a nosebleed and it is possible that he was getting sick because of some blood going down the back of his throat. BUT take him to the emergency room and have a doctor look at him because his well being is nothing to take lightly.
Avatar n tn I have a pretty good knot on my head still and know I had a concussion (dizziness, fatigue, nausea/vomiting and headache). Well.. today my head still hurts, but I am noticing pain in my ear as well still. That began last night. Since I do not have insurance, I am wondering if I should be concerned and seek treatment. Please advise!
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor that night at an urgent care center and asked me a few questions and palpated and checked my eyes and ears for bleeding. He told me I have a contusion (bruise). I did not even get an x-ray. I am currently a student in massage and understand that head injuries whether they are minor or not should be treated as serious just to rule out anything. I didn't have typical symptoms like nausea or dizziness or blackouts. Just tenderness in the spots hit.
Avatar f tn An X-ray normally is done to determine problems in the body cavity (pneumonia, cancer, injury, etc.) Upper respiratory infections are viral, not bacterial, and affect the head and throat area. I would recommend you call your vet and get a clearer understanding of exactly what his diagnosis is and the medication and feeding instructions for your cat.
Avatar f tn You need to get this investigated immediately. Please go to the ER and get a complete neurological examination along with MRI of head and neck region. Take care!
Avatar f tn about 6 months ago i was hit on the side of my head with a bed rail left a heck of a knot any ways i went to er had ct scan it was normal i am still having head aches and memory loss words come out wrong when i speak could all that b from this accident .
Avatar n tn hi i suffered head injury 25 days bck in swmining pool at back side of head , tat time i dnt hve any vomiting , unconsiouness , bleeding , or blurred vision but i hve shwn to doctors they hve taken the x ray and nothing is found out in tat . all docs say its nt serious the onlyy thing iam experinceing is pain n slight dizeness til now ..
Avatar m tn I fell backwards and banged my head to floor. There was no bleeding, vomiting or nausea.Its been 20 days now and I still have heaviness and slight pain since then. I went thru CT scan it says "cerebellar foliae are prominent" otherwise report is ok... what does it mean?? Do I need to worry and consult the doctor again?
Avatar n tn Their was soap on the floor and I slip and felt on the floor hitting the right side of my head their was no bleeding only bruce and big bump on the right side of my head.Suggestion should I go see a neurologist?
Avatar m tn Hi, Thank you for your question. After head injury or impact such kind of symptoms like headache & vomiting may be common, but may remain symptomatic or progress in future. I would recommend that he should consult immediately with a doctor for assessment. Please arrange an appointment with a neurologist who will evaluate the further prognosis here and can provide you an appropriate treatment. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn it may be that she's just got a nice big whang on her head that caused a headache and the pain is causing her to vomit (common with headaches) but there is no sense in taking a chance...vomiting after a head injury can be very bad, and because she's too young to explain what she's feeling you need to get her checked out ASAP at the ER...I really hope that you're there already, but even if you didn't take her in and she seems fine after all this time you need to call her pediatrician NOW.
Avatar n tn Son had a concussion 6 weeks and was cleared, hit his head at wrestling practice and threw up and had a headache that lasted 10 minutes. What do you recommend?
688980 tn?1229285580 They sent me back to work and it started getting worse, got dizzy, couldnt hear, nausea and vomiting and kept falling. Chief finally sent me back and occupational health took me off work and sent me to see an ENT. The ENT comfirmed the hearing loss and sent me to vestibular rehab. Soon after I started rehab, everything got worse I dont know if it was from what they where doing or what.
Avatar f tn The symptoms that may be indicative of brain injury and which should be watched out for are vomiting, reeling of head, loss of balance while walking, vision problems, sleeping too much etc. It is important to consult a doctor after any head injury to be on the safe side. A slow bleeding subdural hematoma can present even 2-3 weeks after initial injury. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hi, Headache arising after head injury is a well-recognized phenomenon. Headaches triggered by trauma can include migraine, tension-type headache, or even cluster headache. There may be associated complaints of memory impairment and dizziness, as well as memory and concentration difficulties. Management of posttraumatic headache should be directed specifically towards the most clearly recognized headache pattern. You can be active for a while but not while having headache. Bye.
Avatar m tn If any of these symptoms are noticed, please rush to ER. Persistent headache after any type of head injury should definitely be investigated. It can just be a tender spot on the scalp. A contusion and a cut on the forehead too can cause a lot of pain. Another possibility is that you have mild traumatic brain injury or chronic subdural hematoma. Since she has a previous history of head injury, it would be wise to consult a doctor ASAP or go to the ER. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn My wife fell 5 days ago. She hit her head. She had a CT scan and also XRays, but everything came back normal. But is it normal for her to still being dizzy after this many days.
Avatar f tn You can talk to your father calmly and explain he does not realize some of the stuff you've witnessed, that it's too big a danger that he hit his head and the vomiting might be from it, and he must trust you, and go. You can also say, "I wouldn't have called an ambulance unless I was sure, Dad." He is a grown man, so he has to be treated with respect, he must maintain his dignity through the process.
Avatar n tn is it possible to somehow strain or injure the muscles of the esophagus while vomiting? And if so, what are the manifestations, and most importantly WHEN can I expect relief? I've been seeing an ENT, and we started with Nexium to alleviate any heartburn I may be having.It didn't really do much, so we did an esophogram. The esophogram ruled out reflux and ruled out hiatel hernia. Next up is a CT of the neck to rule out any mass.
Avatar f tn A day ago, while playing with my younger brother, he slipped and hit his head on a door-frame, hard enough to cause a bump and swelling. We placed ice on the bump, and it went down, and, of course, he complained of headaches. So, we gave him Children's Motrin. Now, he had been sick the day before, and he was recovering the day of the accident. But, both the same day and day after, I check his forehead and he seamed feverish.
Avatar f tn During that night I threw up, I then fell out of the bed and hit my head, above my left eye, I repeatidly hit my head on the wall and also hit my head in the bathroom. I then continued to be sick. The next day I could barely walk and everytime I turned my head it was a horrible sensation. around 5:20 I had some dry toast and a small class of Pepsi. 10 minites later I threw it up. Anything I had, such as water would come back which I assumed was the drinking.
Avatar f tn Hi! Soreness of the head could be due to muscle and soft tissue injury. I assume there is a typo error and your doctors did not seem to think you had a serious head injury. In case, it’s not a typo error, please go back to the doctor immediately. Otherwise, if you develop nausea, vomiting, excess sleep, severe headache, difficulty in walking and balance, tremors, seizures, vision problems, ringing in ears etc then consult a doctor immediately.
Avatar m tn last knight while at work, my girlfriend's mom stood up into a fire extinguisher and hit her head. she has been claiming to be very dizzy and refuses to go get it checked out. she went to bed last night at around midnight and asked to be woken up at 4:00 a.m. to see if she felt any better. when woken up, she gave a short answer that she was "fine," but insisted on taking her temperature. she didn't seem warm.
Avatar n tn The injury may be only a minor bump on the skull or a serious brain injury. Head injury can be either closed or open. Learning to recognize a serious head injury and give basic first aid can save someone's life.
Avatar n tn Yesterday, I was playing outside with my son and he knocked my mouth with the back of his head and the back of my head started hurting instantly. Since then my whole head has been hurting and my ears are ringing and they feel plugged. I have never had any type of injury before and would just assume stay away from going to the doctors because I don't have insurance, nor do I have a physician. Is this normal after hitting your head or should I be a bit more concerned?
Avatar f tn may 24, 2012 i fell on the cement, hit my head and was passed out for a few seconds. i have had every test from my neurologist, i still have stiff neck, numbness on the right side of my face with a serve pain going up from the right side of the neck to the base of my ear, then across the right temple of the head behind my eye to the base of the top of the ear. they did say i knock the crystals from my ear.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you have a subluxion injury in addition to a head injury. Nothing is typical of a siezure. But that is JUST A GUESS. The "calcification" term PRONABLE refers to a narrowing of a nerve passageway in the cervical area through calcium deposits.
Avatar f tn may 24, 2012 i fell on the cement, hit my head and was passed out for a few seconds. i have had every test from my neurologist, i still have stiff neck, numbness on the right side of my face with a serve pain going up from the right side of the neck to the base of my ear, then across the right temple of the head behind my eye to the base of the top of the ear. they did say i knock the crystals from my ear.
Avatar f tn Hi! You should look out for signs of head injury nausea, vomiting, excess sleep, severe headache, difficulty in walking and balance, tremors, seizures, vision problems, ringing in ears etc. Since you have some of them, please get this investigated immediately. On the other hand, the indent and swelling could be due to localized bleed inside the scalp. Headaches, back and neck pain are also expected due to the impact. Upset stomach could be due to pain medications.
Avatar n tn Hi Most head injuries are closed injuries, and may manifest no visible injury. A head injury may not cause immediate symptoms. It can take several hours for symptoms to appear when there is enough swelling in the brain. Excessive salivation may present few days after a head injury. It may be due to damage to the nerves that control the salivary glands. A fractured or dislocated jaw, may lead to difficulty in talking and increased salivation.