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Avatar n tn My daughter's doctor recommened Gastric Bypass to her as she is diabetic and 50 lbs overweight and after 4 years of diets, meds. etc. she would lose 10 lbs and regain it right back. Her doc is recommeneding this because she is a type 2 diabetic and he has seen diabetes reversed in overweight individuals and does not want to see her have the compliactions of diabetes down the road with her being so overweight.
Avatar f tn (Don't do EITHER procedure if you are unwilling to give up all of those wonderful high calorie foods) Yes, there are many things you will never be able to eat again with the band (bread, pasta, rice, crackers, peanut butter and other sticky foods) and things that you CAN eat, but hurt going down and you will end up vomiting them up, especially if you overeat. It is a complete lifestyle change, and if you are like I am, even now, I WANT all of those delicious things.
Avatar f tn Even after you've told them you've had a gastric bypass they wouldn't think of it. So if you're like me and had an intestinal bypass as well, your gall bladder, and other things, have been moved around. My gall bladder is on the left. Get a HIDA scan, and here's what gall bladder attack symptoms are. GALLBLADDER ATTACK SYMPTOMS specifically Please note that if you are in severe pain and particularly if your attack symptoms are accompanied by fever DO SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY.
Avatar f tn I get the pain ~ 15 mins after I eat and often I and up in the bathroom with Nausea, Vomiting and Diareah. I have taken Dicyclomine that dids not impact anything. The only thing that gives me any kind of relief is perscription pain meds. I also have been diagnised with Pancreatic Divisium, and galbladdr removed in 99. When I get the pain it is located just medial to RUQ, and radiates to the upper back, and front chest area.
Avatar f tn I am over 2 years post op gastric bypass and suffering. I have been going back and forth to many different doctors but so far we haven't been able to figure things out. I suffer in terrible pain and the pain pills aren't working anymore. I have constant vomiting, diarhhea and pain. This isn't living. I have had CT, x ray, small bowel study, MRI, exploratory surgery, gall bladder removed, hernia repair, stricture repair and mutliple scopes - still in pain though!
Avatar f tn Hello. I had gastric bypass in 2008 and have had a few problems since. The latest is a constant upper right abd. pain just under my rib cage. I have had my gallbladder & appendix removed and have had a total hysterectomy. I have a odd taste in my mouth, kind of a metalic. My stomach is warm to the touch and to me seems to be a little distended and is very sensitve to touch. I've had kidney stones prior, but am having no UTI symptoms.
Avatar m tn I have had a gastric bypass 2008. I have problems off and on since usually involved an ER visit nausea and vomiting. In February 2014 I had small bowel ressectioning with two hernias. Now I am experiential dumping syndrome I have lost 40 lbs since February and I experiencing malabsorption. I have been examined by a gastroenterologist and it has been recommended that I have the gastric reversal surgery. The original surgeon is refusing to the surgery.
Avatar f tn After about 5 hours I stop vomiting and then the flood gates open and I have severe diahrrea (very watery). This is aweful I just want to die... Can anyone help??????
Avatar m tn I had gastric bypass in 2007, and I lost 100lbs but now, IM sick all the time horrible stomache cramps, usually on my left side. Boughts of nausea, feeling tired all them time and my muscles constantly ache. I had my b12 crash on me and my Dr. Wanted to do a blood transfusion.
Avatar n tn I had a gastric bypass in 2003 and had good results and no problems until 2007. I took naproxen sodium for a headache in 2007 and as a result ended up in the emergency room with a bleeding ulcer. After the bleeding ulcer was repaired, I started having periodic problems with nausea and vomiting due to food not going down. However, 2 months ago it got much worse. I have had nausea and vomiting for the last two months along with alternating constipation and diarrhea.
Avatar f tn Options include G and J tubes, gastric bypass, and gastric pacemakers. Of course, you want to do all you can to avoid these. One last thing, something which worked for me was eating little meals throughout the day, 6 to 8. This should help (slowly) re-strengthen your stomach. In addition, you may want to take Alpha Lipoic Acid: if your issue stems from problems with the vagus nerve (as opposed to a smooth muscle condition) then ALA should help improve nervous function.
Avatar m tn my mother (aged 54), diagnosed with pancreatic cancer-liver metastasis is now suffering from continuous vomiting and severe constipation (>1.5 months), she could not eat or drink anything. Doctors said "nil per oral." How long can it be like this? I doubt this could be gastroparesis because x-ray and ultrascan reports are normal that tumor doesn't obstruct (no radio opaque shadows seen).
1523981 tn?1311322195 hmmm could be a bug that's going around. I have been having trouble with vomiting but mine is due to having gastric bypass. surgery and the baby pressing into my stomach.
Avatar n tn I was so hungry that I just everything very fast and immediately I felt sick and my stomach was in pain. So I went to the bathroom and purged until almost all of the food was out. After I finished doing that, I still felt like I had to vomit, but without purging. I felt the side of my neck and my right gland was about the size of a baseball. It was painful to touch like I pulled a muscle. My husband took me to the ER to get evaluated and the doctor tried to tell me it was a dental problem.
Avatar f tn I have had all of the gastro tests and the only test that came up showing anything was the gastric emptying scan. It showed that my stomach was severly delayed.I have had two botox injections into my stomach and neither of them have helped. I have been tested for parisites and that was negative. I have had multiple byopsys of my stomach lining and that was negative.
Avatar n tn Anyone else have a problem with anti inflammatories after a gastric bypass? I just read on line that gastric bypass patients should NEVER take anti inflammatories. I wish SOMEONE would have told me this. Hope it gets better. Please let me know any feedback on this.
Avatar n tn Anyone else have a problem with anti inflammatories after a gastric bypass? I just read on line that gastric bypass patients should NEVER take anti inflammatories. I wish SOMEONE would have told me this. Hope it gets better. Please let me know any feedback on this.
Avatar n tn She presented at the hospital with severe abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting. An emergency c-section was performed and she delivered a healthy baby boy. She developed complications and was found to have an obstruction and an internal hernia. She died five days after giving birth. Has anyone else had any of these problems or heard of anyone having these complications?
Avatar n tn A biopsy was taken and a severe bleed ensued requiring two units of blood. Recovered fairly well but have had difficulty with vomiting on and off after eating. Afterward I am hungry again. Vomiting is increased again and weight loss. I still have an appetite. Endoscopy is scheduled. I am scared. What are possibilities I have stomach cancer or esophageal cancer? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I had gastric bypass just about 6 years ago and just recently had lab work drawn and my GGT level was elevated. What could be going on? I do drink wine/beer just about every night. My other liver enzymes are not elevated at this time. I have started having some nausea and vomiting. I don't have an appetite and have lost a large amount of weight recently. Total weight loss since gastric bypass is somewhere between 145 and 150 pounds. Are there any other tests I should have done?
Avatar n tn For about 3 months now I know how people who have had gastric bypass feel! I can eat less than half of what I used to be able to eat before I feel full. My appetite has been greatly reduced, most days I only eat because I know I have to. I also maintained a steady weight of 135 for a long time (I gained the weight from another medication) and recently lost 10 pounds. I don't exercise more than walking, because I'm too tired for that most of the time.
Avatar n tn It was debilitating, and came on so sudden and intense my doctor sent me for a cat scan which came back normal, and yet I suffered so bad from nauseous and vomiting because of the pain. My doctor could find nothing wrong and just called it 'migraines'. She finally did a very smart thing and put me on an anti-depressant that at very low doses is a pain blocker, and often cancer patients are given it, I think it was called amitriptylin ??? Anyway, it did the trick and it stopped my migraines.
Avatar f tn Yes, hypoglycemia can occur and this is known as Dumping Syndrome or rapid gastric emptying following gastric bypass surgery. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, shivering (due to hypoglycemia) etc. This is treated by taking small frequent meals, drinking fluids in between meals, taking more of proteins and less of carbohydrates and no simple sugars. Generally this is due to increased secretion of insulin from the pancreas.
Avatar f tn I think it is I'm not sure all I'm is I'm loosing weight and I can't eat I just ate 2 crackers and they came right out everything makes me sick and I had a bast if bulimia plus I had gastric bypass I am in bed extremely sick it's horrible and the headaches keep getting worst not to mention everytime I get up everything starts spinning o the point I have to sit back down this is my first pregnancy
1214651 tn?1266767012 I have had zofran, phenergen, reglan, different muscle relaxers, pain medicines, and anxiety medications, but my nausea and vomiting do not ever go away. I have had 2 endoscopies, 1 colonscopy, and an upper G.I. scan. The test results have all been normal. I have recently started having horrible headaches sine the beginning of January and I have never had headaches before in my life. I have had pregnancy tests and I am not pregnant.
Avatar n tn Tired all the time, anemia, no vitamins in my system, vomiting most of what I eat, gastric ulcer...and the list goes on. I am so tired and depressed of this. I am thinking about having this surgery done over by a doctor who is a specialist in gastric bypass. My doctor was a general surgeon. No one told me to research doctors...they just told me he was the best IN TOWN...clue words...In town. I will be going to UAB to have it redone! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.
Avatar f tn Even though the Nissen is not the same surgery as bariatric, as you said, the diet after it is very similar to what I would have to follow after the gastric bypass - and in doing a little bit of research, some of the possible side effects of the Nissen (dumping syndrome, gas-bloat, nausea/vomiting) are the same as with the bypass. So your information did give me more insight than you may have thought it would. Thank you again.