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655875 tn?1295698707 Dontundertand, I don't have abdominal adhesions, but the NP and the surgeon figure I have adhesions in my hand. The Voltaren gel is supposed to help small joint areas but who knows, it may help other things, like abdominal pain. I'm using the other compounding gel I have now in conjunction with the lidocaine patch. The lidocaine doesn't work alone for me much but with the gel it helps a bit.
Avatar f tn The main medication is lidocaine (just like the dentist uses) so it also helps with nerve pain. Another medication I suggestion is Voltaren Gel...you rub in a certain amount (a little measuring tab comes with the gel) and you use it every 4 hours. It has helped me immeasurably especially when it comes to inflammation (I can't take NSAIDs). Anyway those are just a couple of suggestions. You could also go over to the pain management forum on MH....
Avatar f tn http://www.drugs.com/voltaren-gel.html Look at all of the money that we spend on co-pays for not only doctor's appointments, but medications as well. I would rather spend that money on practitioners who can help me and offer safer treatments.
Avatar f tn Depending on your situation there may be other options for you....I use Lidoderm Patches and Voltaren Gel to control much of my degenerative arthritis and bone spur pain.
655875 tn?1295698707 My insurance does not accept it, plus it never worked. They also gave me voltaren gel, which is basically the same thing, but in gel form. The gel helps with the muscle spasms. I know how your boyfriend feels. I don't know how he works. I'm stuck at home and I rarely leave. I can't leave for very long. I need my ice packs, couch and bed with my pillows. I hope he gets into pain management too. I also had a very bad experience, but now I'm at a wonderful place.
Avatar m tn ) In the meantime imaging may be helpful. Try oral or topical NSAID such as Rx- Voltaren 1% gel may be helpful, if covered by your health insurance. If not, maybe try a new (less expensive), OTC topical gel I've recently heard good things about - Nordic Ice Pain relief gel.
Avatar m tn so yo need a very high quality manufacturer, OR, as is even better, get your OWN PLANTS. my family uses the raw plant, fresh gel cut out of the leaf. It has a very rapid, and extremely strong effect. it works, and is VERY STRONG. Thats why I recommend you to never take it on an empty stomach...the rapidly absorbed, high concentration nutrient rush can cause you to feel very dizzy indeed. it can also give you diarrhea.
Avatar f tn My doctor just sent me Voltaren gel and told me it was significantly swollen. My question is I know there is lymph nodes near the top of the arm towards the armpit and near the elbow, but is there lymph nodes within the tricep because the pain is coming from the actual tricep itself. It is sensitive to the touch.
Avatar f tn Lidoderm Patches (uses same med that dentists number your mouth with), Voltaren Gel (an anti-inflammatory via skin so no tummy upset), thermacare heat patches (portable for while working), different kinds of heating pads now...including for the shoulders, hot yoga, hinges and twinges water aerobics at your local Y. Bone Spurs: Good shoes with thick soles (and they look nice if you shop around), the Lidoderm again and learning to be careful about walking on rocks, gravel, etc.
Avatar f tn I was on 75 mcg Fentanyl every 48 hours along with oxycodone 45-60 mg every 4 hours, 10 mg Ambien every night, 1 mg Ativan 2-3 times a'day, Clonidine. 01 mg twice a day, 800 mg ibuprofen 4 times a day, Voltaren gel, lidocaine patches and lots of procedures as well as high blood pressure meds, etc. I first tried to CT off everything at once and it was brutal. I wound up in the hospital on IV fluids.
Avatar f tn Maybe he'll set up a taper, or if you want to go CT, he can help with things like Clonidine, etc. Have you ever tried Voltaren gel for your back? I have a lot of nerve, joint and muscle pain. I try to piece together a bunch of things. Maybe ibuprofen gives me.15% relief and the gel gibes 10%. All.those little things.add up. Have you tried Lidoderm patches. Thsy can help take the edge off. It sounds like you need some support. Think about going to AA or NA.
Avatar f tn wonderful, absolutely wonderful and Voltaren Gel. The patches are used 12 hours on, 12 hours off (I use tegaderm patches from Amazon to hold them on my skin good)...you can also cut them down to size if it is a small area you are wanting to medicate. The gel is great except I wear those surgical gloves to rub on......it doesn't wash off easily and I don't want it to get into food and stuff.
363110 tn?1340924019 I know you are trying to not have to take opioid medications so there is a great anti-inflammatory gel you should ask your doctor about called Voltaren Gel. It is much more effective than Aleve (I tried it in place of taking of Aleve and it worked better for the pain as you apply it right to the back versus Aleve having to go through the stomach and a smaller amount finally reaches the back as some point).
9880688 tn?1414119247 Chamomile Tea, Melatonin, Sundown Super Melatonin (has Valerian, Passion Flower and other items good for sleep and anxiety). You can go the Valium route IF your doctor prescribes and you would only want to use it for maybe 7 days because you don't want to wind up addicted to benzo's. Vitamins: Cal-Mag-Zinc 3in1, Good Multi-Vitamin, Super B Complex, Amino Acids like L-Lysine, B-12 injection or sublingual (this is for after the insomnia part of WD is over) for energy.
Avatar n tn Most days the pain is tolerable but when I over-do-it, man is it a pain. I had X-Rays done that didn't show anything other than a little Arthritis in my spine. I am 41 years old and have never had back pain in my life. I can't take pain meds due to severe nausea/vomiting with most all of them. I am taking anti-inflammatory meds which helps some but the pressure is always there.
Avatar n tn The aches come and go without warning and sometimes it's much worse than other times. There have also been times when I may not experience any aching for several days. My doctor, general practitioner, has no explanation. I am thinking that I need to see someone else... any ideas? Endocrinologist? Any ideas would be great.
Avatar f tn He did a biopsy that he sent to UC Davis for confirmation. The diagnosis was actually a relief as I have been told that it is so many other things. I hope this helps. I will keep posting if I find anything helpful solutions.
Avatar n tn It is always in the upper thigh. It is hard to describe other than beyond excruciating. It feels like someone hooked me up to something like an electric chair, but it only went through my entire thigh, not my whole body. It lasted about 5 minutes. The first time it happened about a year ago and I had X-rays that showed nothing. The last time it happened, it woke me up about 3 a.m. and I laid there and just wanted to scream for about 5 minutes. I put a heating pad on it and it subsided.
211940 tn?1267884866 I had carpal tunnel surgery on the other wrist about 15 years ago, so maybe that's what it is on the other arm. I will try the wrist brace tonight on the left side. But if this does not stop I'm going to have to put a bullet in my head, or if the side effect of my bitchiness doesn't go away my hubby will probably do it for me. A co-worker says that muscle relaxants helped her with the problem so maybe a visit to my MD would help too. Thanks to everyone who is writing on this site.
Avatar n tn I have had chronic rhomboid muscle pain on the right side for 10 years, and have seen numerous MD's(MRI with no significant problem found), Chiropractors (Adjustments & pressure point message), Physical Therapists (waste of money) and a Neurologist that is currently performing acupuncture. I self medicate with Ibuprofen, and sleep on an ice pack every night.
Avatar n tn I am amazingly stiff right in the morning, sometimes it eases up as soon as I shower, other times, like this morning, it's taking alot longer. Now, I have had lots of blood tests, CReactive Protein was high >10 and my latest was an ANA panel - I am awaiting the results of this. My internist thinks it could be rheumotoligical, so after these blood results come back, I guess I will know. I feel for you. I know how awful it is to just want to sleep.
Avatar n tn If you look a little further down the page you will find someone has submitted a posting called "Upper mid back pain only after sleeping" ..... This posting has had 177 replies from people all suffering with this horrible same problem including myself. It takes a lot of reading, but it is well worth it as there is some interesting advice given.
Avatar n tn my 11 year old son had a virus on Thanksgiving 5 days later he started itching from head to toe no rash no hives nothing. we started him on benadryl and calamine lotiong, not relief so the Doctor gave him allegra and cortisone, no relief. Then the dermatologist gave him a shot of kenalog, and prescription cortisone. still no relief after two emergency room visits they gave him hydroxine and blood workups for kidney, liver, and thyroid came back normal.