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718868 tn?1230733629 only they took it all..I have a lot of good to say about estrogen replacement//Im on the vivelle dot which is a patch that you apply 2 times per week. its increased my happiness, Im not hot flashing and not a basket case of nerves...ask your doc about it..
Avatar n tn 25 Synthetic Continuous YES Vivelle/Vivelle-Dot Estradiol Transdermal Patch 0.0375 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.05 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.075 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.
1344197 tn?1392822771 In addition, these providers often suggest that Bioidentical Hormones can only be obtained from a compounding pharmacy. The fact is that there are many FDA-approved bioidentical hormone products available in the U.S. today. In fact, they have been available in the U.S. since 1975! Most all FDA-approved bioidentical hormones have been available in the U.S. for a long time and have extensive studies to support their safety and effectiveness.
Avatar f tn I can't understand why the barely cover my bio identical estradiol and progesterone creams or vivelle dot. Won't cover estrogen vaginal cream at all. Do you get these replaced? Does the ins. cover it? Can you tell me why it won't work to add HC at the time of day my cortisol is too low, or just 2mgs of Medrol instead of full replacement at 4mgs?
Avatar f tn I got the one that helped me first try it was the Vivelle dot. There is a LOT of studies that relate lack of female hormones with increased depression...when you read side effect possibilitys on medications they are required by law to put all possibilities...example antidepressants may increase suicide risks...well most people who would think of such a thing are of course depressed, do you see what I am trying to say? It is very important to stick with bio-identical hrt.
Avatar n tn There are several new products that have been marketed as being natural because they are derived from plants such as soy or yam, but few are truly natural because they are not bioidentical. Sometimes, a bioidentical hormone is combined with another completely synthetic non bioidentical hormone, and the results is advertised as a natural product.
Avatar f tn Oh just an FYI. The vivelle, vivelle dot and Climara are all bioidentical hormones like Kate was talking about. They are supposed to be very similar to our own hormones, but they are still not our own :( Take it from me though, they are great.
Avatar n tn To help me avoid radical menopause sypmtoms, my doctor immediately started me on a .5 mg. Vivelle-dot estrogen patch after surgery, and I felt fine. Two weeks later, he added a 100 mg. daily dose of prometrium to my HRT therapy to avoid recurrence of endometriosis growth. My problem is that I am having unpleasant side effects from the prometrium, including exhaustion, minor headache, and lightheadedness. I don't like how it makes me feel.
Avatar n tn I iniitally was on the vivelle dot patch which is strictly estrosgen, but needed the progesterone due to the fact I too had endo. Also no sex drive caused them to add the testosterone. there is so much info out there about the bioidenticals that you could read. I applaud your doc for being open to change things and help you feel better. Let me know if I can be of any more help.
1222892 tn?1312152424 about the hormones 1st try may work, it did for me, I used vivelle dot...stick with the bioidentical its more modern than the premarine our Grandmothers used, its more effective too. may take a few trys some ladies need more than estrogen which was all I needed. I understand why your getting the hysterectomy. Are you sure you want to remove ovaries? is it that they are covered with endo tissue? Dont count on working week four even light duty, Unless you have a donut to sit on...then maybe.
1168718 tn?1464987135 I was put on Vivelle-Dot after loosing all my hormones due to a hysterectomy. Both Vivelle-Dot and Climara seem to contain estradiol (a form of estrogen bioidentical to your body's own). In the summer, I have been on this med for a year. I was put on this med right after my last form of hormone was removed (which was one ovary by this point). When I was first put on the med, I had the occasional hot flash until my body got use to the lower dosage of estrogen. How my doctor put it was..
Avatar f tn Started having sever hot-flashes so my doctor put me on the Vivelle Dot. It took care of the hot-flashes but caused me to gain 10 pounds in a 6 week period. My doc said the weight gain was from menopause. Well, I took the patch off 2 weeks ago and threw it away, and I have now lost 6 of those pounds and feel much better. I think it was causing depressiont too. I have been on bio-identical hormones for a few years - progesterone cream and DHA cream - and have done fine.
Avatar n tn there is a wonderful fairly new product that many of us use and like its called the vivelle dot its an estrogen patch thats applied to the lower abdomen 2 or 3 times per week easy to use . I dont think you really need a baseline of what her hormones where prior to surgery there is a normal range that is standard for all women ...bioidentical is 4 sure the way to go..
Avatar f tn After being on synthetic estrogen (Enjuvia) for many months and not feeling well at all, I finally found myself a better doctor who listened to my symptoms and put me on the Vivelle Dot patch (bioidentical estradiol), .075 I've been on that for about 3 weeks now, maybe 4. Anyway, just 4 days ago, I also started on bioidentical progesterone, 50 mg, in the form of a capsule that I take orally. My question is this: can this progesterone cause one's appetite to increase dramatically??
Avatar n tn It was not until after my surgery (Not saying the surgery corrected it, in fact, it had the potential to make things worse) I got relief because by then I was on a steady stream of Estradiol (by way of the Vivelle patch.. a bioidentical hormone... estradiol is reputed by many to be the premier estrogen and personally I won't use anything else for estrogen replacement). I also use testosterone, which will also keep that area supple.
613513 tn?1232983979 It could just be something in the packaging of the drug that is giving you the problem. I am on bioidentical estrogen called vivelle dot. I also take oral estrodiol and they finally have my doses correct I think. Have you had your hormones checked? Here in the states they have compounding pharmacies that make hormone replacements for individuals depending on where your levels are. Why did you have the hysterectomy?
Avatar f tn And, after years of trying to fix my own problems in the hormonal area, I am living proof that going the route of Estrogen and Testosterone only and at Optimal doses for Optimal health, is the way to go. I have been on the Vivelle dot since my total hystectomy in 2000. I strayed for awhile to try the compounded creams (estroil and estradiol mixed and at lower doses) and had a ton of problems. It's Estradiol for me from now on.
196469 tn?1365391575 I was told the exact same thing by the gyn, but, my regular doctor is OK with me adding the bioidentical progesterone cream to the use of the patch. The Vivelle dot patch is considered bioidentical, so you are doing great there! (wheeew eh). I have to tell you. My GP who is very honest told me he had like 10 hours of traditional hormone training 30 years ago, and he is always interested in new developments!
Avatar m tn The first thing your wife needs to do is set an alarm (perhaps on her cell phone) so she doesn't forget that second dose of Armour. The T4 will not keep her from wearing down later in the day as much as the second dose of Armour will. I know all the rage is for bio-identical hormones, just like some people think desiccated thyroid hormones are the best because they're "natural".
Avatar f tn My GYN said she didn't want to start me on hormones right away, but alot of the women on here say they have started on HRT, or the Vivelle Dot or all kinds of other suggestions. I just don't know enough about what to ask to make the most of this visit. I have a large dermoid cyst on my right ovary which does not appear to be cancerous, from the tests so far, (and praying).
Avatar n tn just the surgery) put me on Vivelle Dot (meaning the size of the patch was small) and it is a bioidentical hormone. Therre is a lot of info to sort out regarding the topic. Of course, bioidentical is the big buzz word now....Go and pick up Christianne Northrup's book, "The Wisdom of Menopause"....if/when you can. That book changed my kidding. Talk to you later.
Avatar f tn It wasn't until I switched to Estradiol only (various forms are available from either a compounder or from an all purpose pharmacy. I currently use the Vivelle dot) and a little bit of Testosterone. You are right about the testosterone. The doses have to be watched and just a little bit is needed, but to me it is critical. It helps not only with the obvious reasons, but it helps with mood, chemical sensitivies (a HUGE problem I have.. this helps) and bone health...bladder health, too.
Avatar f tn Hi, I must be brief (many may be surprised that I CAN be brief:) But, since you have not had the surgery yet, you still have time to start doing the research necessary so that you will get all of the answers you need. And, good for you to be proactive. Pick up a few books..."The Wisdom of Menopause" by Christianne Northrup, MD and "Natural Hormone Therapy" by Dr. Uzzi Reiss. Go to several websites such as Dr. Erika's (it is a dot com) and Christianne Northrup's too.
Avatar n tn I started the vivelle dot 0.1mg patch for hormone replacement a couple weeks ago. Even though I feel better, I think my dose and schedule still need to be tweaked a little. Has your doc added any testosterone in to your hormone replacement? That is a biggie to help correct things. Mine has not added it yet, but I see the nurse practitioner on Dec 11th and hopefuly we will get it all straightened out. You really need to be your own advocate in health care.
Avatar n tn I would never be on Estrogen (estrodial) only and I would never use anything but a tailor made dose of the hormone for my body in a bioidentical form, without balancing it with Bioidentical progesterone. Progesterone has multiple effects outside of the reproductive system. I found some information that might be helpful in understanding this hormonal jungle (that's what another website calls it and it's a great name!) Progesterone is thermogenic, raising the core temperature.
Avatar n tn and I got that at the compounder's but I picked up the bioidentical estrogen (Vivelle Dot..I started at 1.0 mg, but they have .75.,and .50, and lower I am sure) at Target Pharmacy. The testosterone was ready for me at Target too. I could have gotten the pills "Prometrium" which is oral bio progesterone, but I chose the cream form instead.
Avatar n tn Mary53 is our resident bioidentical hormone expert! She has done so much research. I am sure she will recommend Dr. Uzzie Reiss' book. You can also google "Dr Uzzie Reiss" and that will give you some info. If you do go on hormones, bioidentical is the way to go. I hope this helps!
Avatar m tn progestrone and or combos..I use vivelle dot for a year then stopped as my symptoms went away. to sum it up....a cardiologist/ and most oncologists will tell you BIHRT is bad..too many risks. A osteopath (bone dr) will tell you bio-hormnes are really good for bone density strength ....I wonder often if my stopping hormones. lead to my one year later discectomy...3 vertebras became fused in the cervical area of neck...
16702 tn?1234094245 One of the reasons I stay on an estrogen patch (Vivelle, Bioidentical, low dose balanced with Progesterone) is because you need some estrogen in the body to keep the receptor sites for Progesterone open. And, I won't be without my bio Progesterone. I spoke with someone the other day who said her doctor told her that the estrogen, called Estrone, that we make as a by-product of the fat in our body gets washed out easily. So perhaps this is not enough to keep the receptor sites open.
Avatar n tn Haven't had a period for over a year and recently began taking bioidentical estrogen and progesterone (the vivelle dot patch and prometrium) because these hormone levels were extremely low. So far it seems to be helping. Anyway I mainly wanted to tell you that my understanding from my doctor and others is that menopause symptoms do not stop after menopause. You can continue to have some "symptoms" ( not exactly the right word) for years. Lovely right! Hope that helps a little!