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Avatar f tn Cat, Try to load up on gatorade & bananas as well. DOnt know about the 5HTP, but Vit B, C and Calcium has helped me with the leg stuff. Stay the course!
535882 tn?1396576685 She gives a pretty thorough description of all the natural supplements for anxiety and depression, or not all but the ones she knows about. I managed health food stores for many years, and studied a lot about this subject, but the thing is, everyone's different. What works for one won't necessarily work for another. The other thing with natural products is that herbs and amino acids are generally used in combination, since no one is all that strong.
560272 tn?1311350293 Katie, Folks on this forum have tried a million "natural" supplements, vitamins, herbs and oils and even dancing naked in corn fields.............Some swear by them, some say they are of no use and the jury is still out on many of them. The one and only thing I will advise you about ANY of these things is to consult with your doctor or a chemist befor you take ANYTHING!!!! Especially if you are on a prescription medication.
Avatar f tn What other supplements/vitamins are you ladies taking or suggest to take besides prenatals? !
492869 tn?1285018933 Are you currently taking any vitamins and/or supplements to treat your Dysautonomia symptoms? Elaborate, or discuss your response below if you will like.
Avatar f tn i take the following vitamins on a daily basis. they are as follows- cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, multivitamin, zinc, magnesium, vitamin d, vitamin c and zinc. are they all safe to take?
Avatar m tn About a year ago I developed severe anxiety and depression after a relatively minor amount of stress in my life. Feeling that the cause might be medical instead of psychological, I started taking magnesium supplements. I did not notice any signficant improvement after several weeks, and decided to add a vitamin B-6 supplement as I had read that B-6 helps with magnesium absorption. I felt completely cured the first day after starting the B-6.
Avatar f tn ANyone take any special supplements such as vitamins or mineral or other supplements to relieve the CFS symptoms. I currently take amino acid herbs and vitamin d3.
1063764 tn?1272821064 I was watching a documentary and heard about a case where a woman was put on niacin supplements for depression. She was taking very large dosages, but it completely pulled her out of her depression. So far fluoxetine has helped me, but I think in time I will need a larger dosage. I would really rather not do that, so my question is: is it safe to take niacin supplements of 100 mg daily plus an extra multivitamin with 20mg. I don't want to end up taking too many vitamins.
Avatar f tn I take a product called natural calm. It works for me, but don't take too much or you will get diahrrea and potentially deplete yourself even more. It's probably good to take a calcium supplement along with it. I would recommend taking a good multivitamin with it (not all multivitamins are equal) and fish oil (it's important to get a good brand of fish oil too).
Avatar m tn I have received treatment for depression and anxiety since I was 13 (24 y/o now). I have received countless hours of counseling, a smorgasbord of psychotropic medications, and seven electro-convulsive shock therapy (ECT) sessions. These professionals could never definitely diagnose with me with anything but depression and anxiety and only made my condition worse.
Avatar f tn Not so!! Some vitamins actually stay in your body. Vitamins are broken up into two categories: fat soluble, such as A, D, E or K, and water soluble, including all of the B vitamins and vitamin C. Fat-soluble vitamins stay in your body, whereas water-soluble vitamins are absorbed immediately, with any excess being excreted in urine.
Avatar f tn They can be helpful for many things, but I strongly believe exercise should be a natural process, not one pushed by supplements. That becomes unhealthy too much of the time as you move to more and more unnatural supplements that can work but aren't good for you because you aren't satisfied with the slow results that natural processes produce.
Avatar n tn You should not have an lasting effects if you have only been taking it for 4 weeks and should bring it down to 40mg. Vitamins and minerals do cause issues when they are taken above the upper limits or mega dose levels. That will cause the body to have toxic build up and medical issues will occur. The issues can be serious depending on the length of time and amounts the supplements were taken.
102999 tn?1326855784 I have been taking many supplements and vitamins for many years now at the advisement of a nutritionist/pharmacist in town. I feel some of these have really helped. But not really sure what does what at this point. Drs around here really don't believe in vitamins and the more natural routes. My insurance doesn't cover the docs that deal with it. So it is very difficult to get trustworthy info/advice. Question is...could any of these be aggravating my PACs? Thoughts?
Avatar f tn My alphafero protein went from 6 to 11. last year i started taking massive amounts of herbs and vitamins . ,like 35 per day. 10 were to try to get rid of psoriasis , the others were anti oxidants. i took them all at once. could this have taxed my liver as far as metabalizing this amount and could that have sent my alt's up . i feel fine no change in me at all. other than these numbers. i took another blood test today.
1722607 tn?1335747858 What are good vitamins/supplements to take? I'm not in treatment yet, and wanted to know what I can take while waiting to treat. I've heard people mention milk thistle. What about vitamin c or d?
Avatar f tn What kind of specialist is best to see to find out which supplements would be best for me to take?
620877 tn?1282764097 I had been on tons of vitamins and supplements prior to my diagnosis because I had a bad case of mononucleosis. My Neurologist made me stop everything except Vitamin D. Consult your Doctor first.
Avatar f tn Hello there, The long-term solution i recommend is a healthy diet, vitamins/minerals supplements. It might sounds too easy or too simple but it really matters. Studies are telling that depression can occur when your having B3, B6, B12 deficiencies, especially B6 ( pyridoxine ). Doctors of course are not nutritionist or biochemist so they don't tell you the importance of a healthy diet and good vitamins/minerals intake.
Avatar m tn I'm often hearing people taking natural supplements to treat depression which i would really like to explore. I have taken some blood tests and my doctor never told me to try these supplements is it because she didn't think it would help me? or is it still something i can explore? Also should i be worried about the side effect of these supplements are they a great risk?
768754 tn?1373918737 vitamins/supplements. Are there any other specific concerns about multi-vitamins for Hep C+ people, not currently under tx? Thanks.
Avatar m tn However, further analyses showed no reduction in the risk of depression resulting from vitamin D supplements alone. The reductions were only associated with higher vitamin D intake from foods.
Avatar n tn Is there a way to track my vitamin supplements so that they show up on the nutrition charts?