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1042487 tn?1275279899 Most of the B vitamins have been recognized as coenzymes, and they all appear to be essential in facilitating the metabolic processes that are essential for life. These vitamins are essential for the breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, which provides us energy, the breakdown of fats and proteins, which aids the normal functioning of the nervous system, muscle tone in the stomach and intestinal tract, and healthy skin, hair, and eyes.
2077440 tn?1333720610 your diet will account for most of what is necessary, get out in the sun (when there is any!
Avatar m tn This really depends on you eye conditions. ARED are helpful for people with signs of macular degeneration. Omega 3s are good for the tear film. Dr. O.
Avatar f tn I know it sounds really mean and unnatural, but I have a phobia of old people. [Mostly people ages 60+] When I get around them, I become paranoid and if they get to close I have a panic attack. LOL this sounds really funny, but I’m trying to be as serious as possible. If I go out to eat I find my self unable to eat my food if I have an older person as my waiter. The more close relatives in my family age the more distant I grow from them.
Avatar f tn Look, I know most people don't like the idea of anorexia. But that's not what this is. I'm just asking for someone to recommend a vitamin, that's all. I appreciate all that'speople trying to help me see the error of my ways or whatever, but I just want a vitamin :-)I obviously don't live alone, I couldn't be anorexic even if I wanted to be!
Avatar n tn t take them the vitamins are not for the baby they are for you.... The baby will get all the vitamins that are already in your body so the baby will be fine....don't let anyone tell you what to do....
1123420 tn?1350561158 Anyone else not take these? I am 15+3weeks and I'm not taking them. They make me sick. I didn't take anything with my now 4 year old son either. And he was perfectly healthy. Anyone with me on this?
Avatar m tn I am a 25 year old female with poor eyesight (it's about a -7 in contacts). I was wondering if eye vitamins such as iCaps, or any other eye multivitamin, would benefit my eye health at all. While I'm not expecting it to improve my eyesight (is this even possible? And how?), would it have any benefits or effects? Are ocular supplements worth taking in general?
12162520 tn?1426012596 My vitamins were making me really nauseous and I would just throw up so my doctor told me I could switch to the Flintstones gummy instead you should ask if you can too
Avatar f tn Doctors are mostly afraid of all the 'fillers' in vitamins. They are ok for normal people but are toxic for Cirrhotics. As stated it's a case by case thing. Check with your doc.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your reply! I think you are right! It's the same thing my husband keeps telling me. My blood work came back normal for things like magnesium and potassium, which was my main concern, having heart arrhythmias. Thanks to the other responses as well!
Avatar m tn Talking to my brother a few days ago I found out my 19 year old niece has been taking vicodin for about 2 years and as the story goes it is now out of control. She has been buying and stealing them from wherever she can. My brother was unaware of my prevoius problem so I figured it was time to open up to him about my experience with pain killers spiralling out of control.
Avatar f tn They find a need to get some control over their life anyway they can. It is sooo sad.... You do for these people everything you do for a child, except they know how humiliating it is and a child doesnt.
4020799 tn?1355825570 I love old people, they make me laugh, but since being pregnant ive lost my patience with them lol they seem to think that handing out advice is now their duty... like seriously love what year was it when u had a baby?
Avatar n tn I feel like my vitamins and prenatals are making me nauseous and have headaches. All i wana do is sleep to forget. Dr gave me calcium 2 a day, ferrous sulfate for iron deficiency 3 a day,laxative pill, folic acid 3 a day, fish oil pills 3 a day... isnt too much iron bad for you? And i thought this was soo much. Iam 8 wks pregnant not knowing what to expect (my first child) iam 31yrs old. Omg my breasts are so tender and i have implants too. They feel so hard. Does anyone have this problem?
Avatar m tn Can some of you seasoned vets tell me what Vitamins would be recommended for someone on day 45 clean??? 35 year old male........I got so many different ones from the early stages I don't know what the heck to take any more.... Thanks all!
Avatar f tn I didn't take vitamins. Prenatal vitamins made me sick. Take a prenatal vitamin if u want, and the Dr. Should have done blood tests to see how good Ur iron and everything is. I wouldn't take anything that the Dr. Doesn't tell me.
1808884 tn?1324345703 good information,the only caveat is as Long as thjeres no Kidney,or severe liver problems.The protein/Amino acids build and restore brain chemicals and hormones,as narcotics,especially opiates and cocaine/methamphetamines depleet Dopamine,Seratonin, Noriphenrine-spellind and Acetycoline.Thats what known as (Post acute Withdrawls) the brain of a recovering alcoholic/addict can take between 1.5 to 2yrs to be Biologically healthy,but dont dispear in the first 3-months people usually are 70% better.
768754 tn?1373918737 vitamins/supplements. Are there any other specific concerns about multi-vitamins for Hep C+ people, not currently under tx? Thanks.
Avatar f tn For the people who say childbirth hurts and for the people who are scared that it will hurt... IT WONT! unless you decide to go all superwoman and have the baby naturally lol! I gave birth feb 12 2012 and I got an epidural, it was a breeeeeeze! No pains no worries after the epidural wore off I had a little bit of pressure on my butt (normal) and it stung very little when I peed.
Avatar n tn Can you not get the vitamins in pill form? I can't see any reason to have to inject yourself with vitamins....?