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Avatar n tn Corn has been linked to many different problems within dogs including yeast infections to allergies. Corn is often difficult for dogs to digest and offers no nutritional value. We usually never recommend a dog food brand that contains corn. The second ingredient Chicken By-Product meal is also one we try and stay away from. Its hard to determine the quality of this ingredient. Chicken By-Products are usually lower quality parts of the chicken that are rejected for human consumption.
154927 tn?1205246451 It's been 5 days now since I quit (after about 35 years) I am also back on the treadmill every day for half an hour. I have to say that I have felt EXTREMELY better this week than I have felt in months. My general mood is better, less coughing, more energy & less dizziness. Plus I'm really proud of myself for quitting smoking. In my mind, I didn't think the patch would help me..I was convinced that smoking was more of a mental dependancy/habit. It has REALLY helped me...
1360237 tn?1351819781 dogs can have some, but you have to be very careful, as many foods good for us can be dangerous for dogs. It's quite a study! You will definitely be safe (unless your dog has food allergies or happens to be sensitive to these) with foods like sweet potato, ordinary potatoes, carrots, cabbage, spinach, apple (no seeds!) plain boiled meats or fish, pasta, rice, occasionally a little wholemeal bread toasted. Don't add seasonings, butter, salt or fats, and steer clear of any form of sweeteners.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been wondering about the same thing. I have been feeding my little chihuahua "Pet Promise." It claims to not have any glutens and preservatives in it..suppose to be all natural. I have heard that "Wellness" is excellent. I'm thinking of changing.
Avatar f tn Can someone please provide me with a safety list of fruits/veggies for dogs. I keep getting hearing mixed information; about broccoli and almonds and more.
72351 tn?1281996142 glucosamine and chondroitin, with panniculus mussel, and other vitamins and minerals. There are many brands for humans that can be safely used in dogs, when scaled down to the size of the dog. A 60 pound dog can have an adult human dose.
Avatar f tn again I don't know for sure. They may have additives or sweeteners or something which are not good for dogs (Xylitol, for example is toxic for dogs) I don't know obviously, if the shakes have stuff like this in them. Hopefully someone else will post who knows. Again you could ask the vet about this. Have you tried tempting Cookie with a little boiled chicken? Or a little steamed fish? You are right you need to jump-start her appetite if possible.
675347 tn?1365464245 The vet recommended Paracetamol, as it doesn't interfere with blood clotting, as other pain relief for dogs can. He gave me some tablets. They are big and have "square" edges. Normally Misty is easy to give a tablet to. I wrap it in a piece of brown bread, potato or cheese, throw it at her and it goes right down without touching the sides! Right now she is eating ok again, but delicately, chewing her food (for once!
Avatar n tn It can be toxic, but my guess is he is looking more for short term relief as these dogs have limited life spans. I like Eddies Wheels and Get him used to it now before he is totally dependent on it. Yes they to eventually hand in the sling. At first they can use and partially walk in it, but eventually will hang. Large dogs like yours are more difficult because of the practicality of taking him outside for 'business' and getting him in and out in the house.
Avatar f tn I remember have rescue dogs in the past that lived for 15 years and almost never went to the vet and saw few grooming/bath and any that was done was DIY. Same for a big Golden Retriever, but he did end up costing some serious money in his last couple of years with a stroke and later fat pockets and cancer. He never had any teeth pulled, not much teeth brushing either.
Avatar n tn Just keep encouraging him to try new foods. You also might want to invest in a good children's vitamins for awhile too. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn It is entirely possible, however, for humans to develop the high grade cancer and for dogs to develop the low grade cancer. I wouldn't be ready to give up or give in until any tests that would determine which type your dog has have been done. Please keep us up to date on how he is doing.
1531001 tn?1292037837 Can dogs ever recover from kidney failure? I'm devastated upon reading how sick they get.
Avatar m tn I would certainly suggest you start your dog a a specific renal diet (tinned variety), as this type of food is much better for CKF dogs, having all the right nutrients and none of the things that could make matters much worse. I would also suggest you join our special User Group on MedHelp ... the Chronic Kidney Failure in Dogs User Group. The people there are well informed and very supportive.
Avatar n tn Can anyone suggest proper liver support vitamins/minerals for one who is NOT on treatment? I know that A is toxic, D is toxic, E is toxic and so is K because they are all FAT soluble vitamins which are hard on the liver. D can be found in prescription formulary in a plant based formula/compound. I don't know why anyone would take vitamin K unless they've eaten rat poison or something.
Avatar m tn As the article suggests lots of conflicting opinions, but one thing that did pop out is how for example some vitamins may feed cancer tumors, obviously the opposite of what a cancer patient would want. How it works with the virus I have no idea other than things don't often work the way we think they do. Nature has it's own unique logic. Funny, thinking recently of o getting some potassium supplements as I started a mild diuretic for my bp.
Avatar f tn There are vitamins made for dogs that can be purchased from your vet. Do not give human vitamins to your dog, unless your vet tells you to. Some human vitamins can make dogs ill.
Avatar n tn I've dealt with arthritic dogs for several years. Rimadyl worked very well for many years on the dog with the worst problem. After that, a new med called deramax came available and worked wonders for him. We also use it on our shepherd mix with great results, but it's probably the most expensive dog anti-inflammatory out there right now. Another prescription med is etogesic. None of my dogs could tolerate it. With the first dose it caused vomiting and loss of appetite and then diarrhea.
1916673 tn?1420236870 A good friend on here recently told me about an issue with the herb Rosemary and its interaction with dogs. I had never heard of this before, so I did my own research and the results were quite an eye-opener. I am a writer by trade, so I have put all of my findings in an easy-to-read short piece which you can find here: I would be really interested in what you think, so please have a read and let me know.
Avatar f tn Hi-The fatty tumors are benign overgrowths of fat cells. They are nothing to worry about at all and do not adversely affect your dogs health. The Rimadyl however KILLS dogs and this is something you need to understand. In fact since the Rimadyl Class Action Law Suit, veterinarians are suppose to explain this and have pet owners sign a release form before prescribing this medication. Rimadyl is also available under many other names carprofen, vetprofen etc.
Avatar f tn I always used a citronella oil product on my horse to repel flies and mosquitos, but don't know if it's acceptable for a small dog - or any dog - because they lick so much. I have, at times, rubbed my dogs with a leaf from a citronella plant (scented geranium) and had pretty good short-term results. Living in Houston, mosquitos are are present nearly year-round. During the summer if they get really bad, we fog the yard if we plan to spend time around the pool at night.
129961 tn?1189759434 My dogs eat canned 100% pumpkin with every meal and have for years. Pumpkin is great for their skin, coats and adds fiber to their diet.
7746659 tn?1393923237 Went to spesialist in des they told me he was in great helth. Jan he started vomiting and has diaree I thought the worm was back 20 jan took him for endocopy nothing his stomach was inflamed but they told me I should discourge scrap eating was putt on maxihealth ocean dry food. He cont. to get worse vomiting, gas ex. I could not go to specialist again so I took him to another vet said to be the best in our area.
Avatar n tn All the measurement are different for each of my 3 dogs and thank goodness the 2 cats are the same. So as you can see this is very time consuming to do this 2 times a day for 5 pets. I am determined not to call it quits as I know this is the best source of nutrition for my pets, but it is very difficult and I need to have a better system or something.
Avatar m tn I have been giving this to my growing pup and I have seen an improvement in his health and coating. Its a natural food suplement for dogs and includes omega 3 fatty acids. You can find it at Kauffmans Animal Health and order it directly online. http://www.ka-hi.
369472 tn?1198749292 There is nothing you could have done to treat the problem. Kidneys just don't heal once they've been damaged. I know dialysis is possible for dogs, but it's such a hardship on them. Same with transplants. I doubt it helps, but I absolutely agree with your decision to do your dog the great favor of easing her out of her misery. Since she was so young, I wonder if there was an underlying genetic issue that resulted in bad kidneys.
Avatar f tn Some 150 years later, many Internet sites are calling for a return to natural foods for pets. BARF or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food is a type of pet diet that consists of raw meat, bones, and organs," says "It is the practice of feeding domestic pets their evolutionary diet as a way of maximizing their health and longevity. "Dogs should not eat cooked or processed food," it adds. "Instead, your pet should consume foods that are similar to a dog?
1916673 tn?1420236870 Because these compounds were engineered for humans , dogs eventually cease responding to them. But they often do raise the pets PVC for a time. There is a danger in giving this product. When the pet's immune system decides to attack human erythropoetin as a foreign protein, it not only destroys the human erythropoetin that was given - it also destroys the pets natural erythropoetin. So it can make the anemia even worse. It should only be used as a last ditch effort.
754744 tn?1233853250 and I am waiting by the phone for the results of his blood test.. but researching 'fluid in chest in dogs' online.. has resulted to nothing positive or promising. 1. They can drain the fluid necessary but eventually scars... so they can't do it anymore. 2. They can wrap the heart or something with something... so the chyle fluid doesn't reach the heart... but that's only has a 50% rate and then only 20% success rate. 3. Then the other two choices are not good either..
Avatar f tn I would be a little wary of vitamins, as they can adversely interfere with things. Vitamin D, for example, cannot be processed by dogs with kidney disease and increases the toxins in the body, causing more harm than good. Also, human vitamins should never be used, as they are often too concetrated for dogs. Hope this helps.