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Avatar f tn Some take it for female hormonal balance and some take it for depression. It is somewhat high in GLA, a very beneficial fat, though borage oil has more. But it is very effective for women with hormonal disruptions, so if you need it for that and it's working, then I wouldn't worry about the Omega 6 portion. Zinc is toxic in high doses, and you're taking it three times.
535882 tn?1396576685 is an excellent brand of fish oil. You take 2 a day. One in the am and one in the pm. All the B vitamins help with depression too. If your a woman, take a multi vitamin/mineral supplement that is NOT iron-free. If your a man, take one that IS iron-free. A good multi will have all the B vitamins in all the amounts you need. Try "Nutritech" brand 'All One' powder. They make one with iron and one without iron.
1063764 tn?1272821064 Folic acid and niacin do quite different things in the body, though both are essential for proper nervous system functioning. As for folic acid supplementation, there's probably more research on this than virtually any other vitamin, as it's essential to prevent certain problems in the fetus during pregnancy. Certainly some absorb it better than others, but if you google it I'm sure you'll find a ton of studies.
Avatar m tn You should have sex during ovulation days. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should take a balanced and nutritious diet rich in all these vitamins and minerals. Exercise daily and reduce weight if you are overweight. Get a prenatal checkup done and ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins like folic acid. Stay away from stress and exercise daily. If you are still unable to conceive contact your doctor. In that case you and your husband both may need evaluation .
560272 tn?1311350293 ) (these are also vitamins and dosages recommended BY doctors that help with anxiety and depression, for example out of the anxiety/phobia workbook) I honestly would be far more scared of antidepressents and benzos than vitamins. And I don't do herbs, I'm not brave enough to try them.
941766 tn?1257796601 Can anyone advise of good vitamins to take for anxiety and depression. I am starting to feel better and want to control by natural vitamins and exercise. Also has anyone tried 5-htp or any of the natural stuff? I can't take anti-depressants. I do take 1.5 mgs of Kolopin at bedtime which has finally started to help.
Avatar f tn It'll get better Cat! It does take a little time, but it'll get better. As long as you can keep reminding yourself that the depression is part of the process that will help you keep it in perspective. Glad to see you're staying plugged in here.
1042487 tn?1275279899 Since these vitamins affect such important elements of your body, a source that provides them all in a single daily supplement is recommended. The B vitamins are important for the proper formation of every cell in your body, particularly nerve cells. This is why it is so important for pregnant women to take supplements that contain the B vitamins, particularly folic acid, and why a deficiency of certain B vitamins manifests itself first as anxiety and depressed mood.
Avatar f tn He says in a study, this led to significant decreases in testosterone and insulin in women with PCOS. IT said that testorone levels dropped by more than half and insulin levels declined by about one-third in four weeks. I then googled it, and found many websites stating the same thing. Here is one site for example: Has anyone tried this and if so, did you have any results?
Avatar m tn In a separate study lasting 3 years, the risk of depression was found to be 21% lower among women (aged 50 to 79) who reported total daily vitamin D intake (from foods and supplements) of at least 800 IU compared to women with intake of less than 100 IU. Excluding women with evidence of depression at the beginning of the study, a 20% lower risk of depression was seen with intake of just 400 IU or more per day.
Avatar f tn i have just gave blood samples for SHBG but i dont know if the testosterone test is for bio-available or not, my doc not up to scratch on this hormone thing and my endo is all for keeping ;me in the dark, i wish i knew more about the whole system. I am on 50mg of DHEA DAILY which makes no difference at all and on fluoextine 30 mg and the testosterone patch but nothing seems to make any difference. moods are all over the place and depression can set in occassionally as nothing seems to change.
Avatar f tn There are are many benefits for both you and baby from taking your prenatals but they are not required, women have been having babies since long before prenatal vitamins.
Avatar m tn Maybe could be my mental health. My family have a history of depression. My mom and sister for example has high depression and my mom is always tired too. Any suggestions of what I should do? Thank you.
1553572 tn?1301948665 It's normal. During your period you have your hormones going insane and it causes some women to become upset or mad or whatever. It's generally referred to as PMS and it's why whenever a girl gets emotional guys say she's on her period. (At least where I live they do) It's nothing to worry about.
Avatar f tn I'm with Jimmy! Exercise is the answer...
777543 tn?1259360517 make sure you both surround yourselves with people who care about you!!! My friend who was pregnant and struggling with depression told me that a good way to feel better about the changes your body is going though is to treat yourself!! Start indulging in things you wouldn't normally indulge in and tell yourself "its ok, its because Im pregnant." That way you will start to associate your pregnancy with good FUN things like shopping and eating!!
480331 tn?1310403529 Have any of you heard, that now part of your regular OB appts, Drs will be screening for signs of depression? SO SMART. So many women suffer from mild to severe cases of depression, and once they become pregnant, mixed with hormones, isn't a happy cocktail. Also, post partum is so easily fixed, yet so hidden from many new Moms...please talk to someone if you have the baby blues, or feel is only minutes away!
7684852 tn?1437171892 It's freakin hard....for sure! I put my headphones in for months and blared happy, strong music, which helped (made me stop thinking for awhile) and vitamins. Pray, pray, pray! Not even kidding, pray that the depression be lifted even if only for a few minutes, and it will! I PROMISE!
Avatar f tn If your aim is to reduce her depression, by giving her pleasure of good sex, you can stimulate her by fore play and make her happy without sex. But if you manipulate her by giving drugs, then you are going in the wrong path.Your priority should be to reduce her depression and help her to solve her problem.
871965 tn?1241833146 Hi I was wondering what the latest info is on what prenatal vitamins or best, or what vitamins are most important to take pre-conception and during pregnancy. For now my question relates to pre-natal health. I am taking a pre-natal vitamin and then some calcium magnesium with Vitamin D...any other suggestions. Of course I want as healthy a pregnancy as possible. Any advice is appreciated.
Avatar f tn After breakfast I took b12 and a good multi vitamin. One each. Now, I take one a day for women, b 12, and vit d. They help with energy and depression.
560272 tn?1311350293 I just wanted to "update", vitamins for anxiety and depression have helped me more than Prozac ever also has helped to cut out junk food and sugar! So please research it and try it!
Avatar m tn Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 10 to 30 minutes twice a day. Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently. Children under 15 years – do for 5 to 10 minutes.
Business woman2 My husband and I have been TTC for almost 4 years unsuccessfully. One of the women in one of my groups has been doing research on folic acid and another supplement called inositol and when combining the two together seems to be helping a lot of PCOS patients get pregnant. I am going to try it myself! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Sam-E is NOT for people with BP. I like to use naturals. This time I have been on a combination of naturals. There is a drawback. One, when you take 5htp...triptophan you are constantly sleepy. I was put on a small amount and it did NOT cut the depression. So I got up to 5,000 mg of 5htp and other combination of naturals. Now when taking prescription meds for your condition, you MUST tell your psych about everything you take.