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Avatar f tn The upper tolerable vitamin D per day is 4000IU so it is safe to take a vitamin D supplement with a multi vitamin. As you live in the US, then look for the USP (US Pharmacopeia) verified label. The currently accepted standard for USP is that the tablets must dissolve within 15 to 30 minutes of being in the stomach. The chewable gummy vitamins sounds like it would be effective as you are breaking it down before swallowing.
Avatar m tn Hi i need some help. So in April 2013 i got a group of 3 pimples on the bridge of my nose. I picked at them (I know not to now) and they started to bleed and the area became red. So after about a week it turned to a scab and i peeled it off. After that the redness went away and there was no sign of it. Now back in september 2013 I was outside at a football game and I looked in a reflection and and noticed that area was red. Now ever since than that area is always red.
Avatar m tn ive been given a a tub of ghr1000 just wondering if its ok to take it expired on 9/10 it only contains amino acids tribulus terrestris colostrum and vitamin b6 usp did not knowwere to post this question any advicewould be grateful
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Avatar n tn How do they differ. I have contact dermatitis, the Dr. prescribed Fluocinonide cream usp 0.05 by TARO, I also have on hand Triamcinolone Acetonide cream usp 0.1. Are they interchangeable The rash is getting larger and itches as it grows.
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Avatar f tn It sounds like you are trying to get the scar to go away, is that correct? Scars can be a bit tricky- some of them heal with products used- some, no matter what you do they are there to stay. Others, may take some amount of years but they will fade all on their own and using a product doesn't always help- just time. In other words, it's going to be very hard to say if this product will help the scar heal for you.
Avatar f tn Does Tobramycin and Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Suspension USP, 0.3%/0.1% (sterile) treat Corneal Ulcer?
Avatar f tn TALWIN® Nx contains pentazocine hydrochloride, USP, equivalent to 50 mg base and is a member of the benzazocine series (also known as the benzomorphan series), and Naloxone hydrochloride, USP, equivalent to 0.5 mg base. TALWIN® Nx is an analgesic for oral administran Did this come fro the doctor?
Avatar m tn I saw a doctor who conducted some tests for the sleep issue. According to the tests - Vitamin, E, D count is low, triglyceride and esinophil count is slightly high. Bp, Sugar, ecg, thyroid are normal. The doctor recommended vitamin D, E supplements and some tablets for the esinophil which I completed the entire course.
Avatar f tn Hello- I'm looking for some out-of-the -box ideas to treat my angular cheilitis. I've been to several doctors (dermatologists and GP's) trying to find a way to effectively treat this condition for the last 13 months. I've been prescribed everything from anti-fungals (topical and oral diflucan, nystatin) to antibiotics (topicals and oral tetracycline, doxycycline, bactroban, altabax) to steroids (topical and oral prednisone and hydrocortisone .2% USP).
Avatar m tn He gaved me NYSTATIN and TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE OINTMENT USP. It worked for a couple of days but then the ointment was gone , and i had no more refill. After only one day, the irritation started again. I went to the doctor again and he gaved me TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE CREAM USP, 0.1%. After 1 week of using this, my hand looked a lot better, but I dont have cream anymore... and after 2 days the irritation has arrived again. I am really scared. What should i do?
1830369 tn?1325622788 Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride USP.............. 30mg 3: chlorpheniramine maleate USP.......................
Avatar m tn Well, I've been on increasing doses of Armour, then Thyroid USP. I had to switch providers and the new nurse practitioner refuses to prescribe natural or compounded meds. My TSH and T4 were recently checked. She refused to test T3. My TSH was .13 (.35 - 4.5) and T4 was .6 (.6 - 1.7). I'm currently taking 180 mg of Thyroid USP. Based on my TSH, she said I'm making too much thyroid and can either drop to 60 mg of Thyroid USP (but get if from someone else) or try Levothroxine.
Avatar f tn This was the second time though they said it was high (last time was in June). I have been on thyroid meds for 18 years (since birth of my daughter). My med is Thyroid (USP) 120 mg. It is compounded. As for symptoms, well I don't have a lot of energy. I weigh 173, having gone down from 205 (June). I was put on Phentermine by the doctor to help with that, but I have stopped taking them.