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Avatar n tn t want to take any vitamin supplements orally because of fear of side effects. I purchased biotin 5000mg, nacin, msm 1000mg, vitamin E oil and 8 oz of coconut oil. I grounded each tablets and mixed it with coconut oil. I apply this mixer on my scalp once a week. My question is am I being smart? What are the side effects of applying this supplements directly on my scalp? Should I be careful about using msm or nacin on my scalp?
541844 tn?1244309824 I stumbled onto this while searching for place to buy supps, including vitamin e (d-alpha tocopherol). I don't understand most of it, but seems like they say vit e interrupted or inhibited liver cell regeneration in their study. Am I reading that right? Should we be taking vit e??
Avatar m tn Three of 5 patients with complete response had not responded to previous interferon- treatment. Treatment with vitamin E had no side effects. These results suggest that vitamin E is a safe and useful treatment for chronic hepatitis B. Although the mechanism through which these results were achieved is unknown, the stimulatory effect of vitamin E on the immune system probably played a major role.
Avatar f tn I want to increase my fertility with prenatal multivitamin, angus cactus, vitamin E and Omega 369. Any side effects?
Avatar n tn you should NEVER use anything until you clear it with your Oncologist. If these are the only side effects you are experiencing then you are VERY fortunate. Please ck. with your Oncologist before using any type of medication or treatment. Regards ....
Avatar f tn If you go to you can read all the side effects of Tamoxifen. What you mention are all listed there. The weight gain no doubt is due to fluid retention which is one of the side effects. You might discuss changing drugs with your Oncologist as there are others available but keep in mind that they all have similar side effecfts even though you mjight not experience them to the same degree. Regards .....
643656 tn?1224321561 during my exploration over sites on the net i found this information that Vitamin E 600 is helpful to those who are suffering from the pain of Ovarian Cysts, like it TRUE?..and how it does help? and more thing they said if you for surgery,after the opeartion there is a big possibilities that the Cysts might come/grow again? I am just curios,,thank for reading..;) more power and God Bless us all!!
Avatar m tn I started feeling better within a few days, more noticeably after a week. I was just so happy not to force feed any more! My labs did the usual ups and downs for a while but seem to have settled down now. They are all still not 'normal' by any means...but not dangerously low or high.
Avatar f tn The Vitamin E overdose effect occurs when more than 1,000mg of Vitamin E is taken per day. Acute vitamin E toxicity effects include nausea, gastric distress, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, headache, fatigue, easy bruising and bleeding, inhibition of platelet aggregation, diplopia, muscle weakness, and creatinuria.
Avatar m tn But there is plenty of scar meds for sale over the counter. Have you tried vitamin E cream or oil? Are you also taking vitamin E?
Avatar n tn Forty-five patients completed 6 months of therapy without significant side effects. Vitamin treatment resulted in a statistically significant improvement in fibrosis score (p=0.002). No changes were noted in inflammation with treatment. Vitamin E and vitamin C, in the doses used in this study, were well tolerated and were effective in improving fibrosis scores in NASH patients. No improvement in necroinflammatory activity or ALT was seen with this combination of drug therapy.
639153 tn?1225139675 Some people think Vitamin E reduces the toxicity of Accutane, although this has not been proven. Taking vitamin E will not decrease the effectiveness of Accutane. Be patient, within 12 weeks you will have clear skin. Eloise.
Avatar f tn I red the article. I can see now that taking Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Selenium for a long time was a mistake. Perhaps this is why my PCR jumped from 1.000.000 to 17.000.000 in 3 months. On 15 of January I'm going to begin the second treatment with Interferon, Rib.and Boceprevir. (the first time I was on placebo) It will be good if I could begin the treatment with a lower viral load. If the virus is still detectable,after 4 months of treatment, I will be taken off the treatment.
Avatar m tn Are there any precautions about taking vitamin E (natural) during peginf or antiviral therapies ? Or its advised. What dosage for adults ?
Avatar f tn Vitmain E can also protect the skin from UV rays (to some degree). So consider a moisturizer with vitamin E.
Avatar f tn org/posts/Thyroid-Disorders/anyone-have-allergic-reaction-to-Vitamin-D/show/1050672 where lots of people have stories about bad reactions to taking over-the-counter Vitamin D supplements. It mostly seems like problems with the source/ingredient side-effects for instance if the Vitamin D is made from Lanolin.
Avatar m tn Diet or supplements rich in multivitamins, multiminerals, Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and protein may relieve of many side effects. Antioxidants like Vitamin A, C and E are a must. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn My side effects from vitamin B12 injections (4 injections in 4 weeks) was a 4 month acne rash on my face, chest and belly, and i also had 3 days of extreme shortness of breath. Every once in a while i get a slight pain in the arm where i had the vitamin B12 injections years ago. My skin has never been the same since the acne incident and i have plenty of blackheads over my chest and belly that i never suffered with until those 4 injections.
899454 tn?1295583938 About Vitamin E Recent advances in vitamin E research show that vitamin E is a family of nutrients, not just a single compound. Vitamin E consists of several forms of tocopherol: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Scientists believe different components in vitamin E may be responsible for different actions. Alpha-tocopherol, which researchers long felt was the active component responsible for any protective antioxidant effects.
Avatar n tn My husband has started taking Amirodone for atrial fibrilation but is very concerned with side effects. He seems to have shortness of breath since taking the medication. What are the side effects and are there new and better drugs?
3153604 tn?1343376537 I'm taking Vitamin E for my Liver, I was told by the liver Doctor that it may help. Now I have palpitations and had SVT in the past. What Vitamins should I take for a Healthy Heart?? Please help. TY!
Avatar m tn Are there any side effect of taking vitamins(e.g. vitamin D+calcium) for long time as 3 months or more. Does "Omeprazole 20mg" cause any harmful effect in long term use ?
Avatar m tn For back pain and other side effects of Accutane, people have found the supplements to take to counteract these side effects: Here are some posts from the internet: "Anyway, the maintenance dose works, but after a year and a half of taking Accutane I was becoming less tolerant of the side effects of even a maintenance dose (headaches, excessive dryness, etc.). Well, I have managed to combat the headaches and excessive dryness by increasing my Vitamin E intake from 400-800 I.U.
Avatar m tn the best treatment is to take Potassium Para-Amino Benzoate. Some recommend Vitamin E and little other. option. Where can I buy Potassium Para-Amino Benzoate in Malaysia. What is the best treatment beside surgery?
Avatar f tn Hi all, I had an injection in summer 2013 and before that I was on the pill for about a week, and took some emergency contraception before all that. On average I was on the pill for just a week and half and had injection that last 3 months. Due to side effects I didn't return for second dose and I didn't take pills again. Can anyone tell me the long term side effects because my body has not been the same again.
Avatar f tn I feel like everything inside is really warm like I am taking a fat burner. I have read some of the side effects but it also states that it takes a few weeks for cardiac function to adjust to this med. I am still perplexed at how spontaneous the diagnosis happened without other testing to rule out anything else. I am probable asking the same question that has been asked more than it can be counted but who has experienced and did this pass and get better?