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5844567 tn?1378967719 How could i recover my deficiency of VITAMIN d3! i am 26 year female and my value is JUST 7.5 !! please help me out !! i am very worried !!
1140169 tn?1370185076 Vitamin D comes in both Rx and OTC varieties. The single ingredient supplement found OTC is D3-cholecalciferol-and the comparable Rx supplement is D2-ergocalciferol. No matter which OTC brand you may choose, it will always be D3. This is also the compound for which our cells have a greater affinity, therefore we can take lower doses to raise our 25(OH)D levels. D3 is naturally derived from animal sources, while D2 is a synthetic analog.
Avatar f tn She ended up taking the Vitamin D3 (OTC) and it really worked for her. You might want to look up her posts. I took the rx for over a year and barely was able to get my numbers into the 30's. Then I talked my endocrinologist and had him let me take 2000iu D3 (otc) along with the rx. I was able to get my numbers up with in 6 months. One thing I learned is that you get better absorbtion if you take the pill with a snack or meal that has some fat in it.
1532707 tn?1312155924 I do take it. When my attack began (end of May this year), my D level was pretty low: 25. The nurse practitioner I saw at the time had me take 50,000 IU weekly for three months. After that, my neuro said to take 2,000 IU daily. Not that we should consider her word the gospel truth, trust me. But I think most doctors recommend 1,000-2,000 IU daily.
11079760 tn?1483386130 Thanks - I don't recall my D levels and haven't been retested since I started this regimen. I have read that brittle hair and dry skin can be a sign of low Vit D. Will have to find those sources again. As for D2 vs D3, my neuro just said that D2 is what's common in prescription strength pills, and D3 is what's available OTC. I guess I did t question it any further.... Thanks for responding. I will look into other sources for the change and ask more questions.
Avatar n tn It is a synthetic form of Vitamin D and is very difficult for the body to process. Vitamin D3 is a natural form of Vitamin D that can be fully absorbed by the body. 5000 IU would be good until you get back up to normal. Then you should continue to maintain it with a lower dosage.
Avatar n tn I take 2000mg of vitamin D3 daily (not rx), and that seems to keep me at a good level. I think that there are studies that indicate adequate levels of Vitamin D increases your odds of SVR. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hi! I was newly diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency. My level is at a 4 and was prescribed 50,000 1x/wk for 12 weeks. I was wondering if I could take an OTC supplement to take in between my prescribed dosage. Thanks!
Avatar m tn My Vitamin D3 is 7.85 ng/ml ( which is very low ). As we don't have any expert Dr. here. Kindly suggest me: - May i take D3 Injections or - Tablets ? I have Rock - D 300 dietary supplement which contains Elementry calcium 1200 mg, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 400 IU. Other Ingredients: Soyabean Oil, Glycerin,Gelatin, Soy Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide Color. If i go to tablets is it fine ? or injections ?
Avatar n tn I tested my vitamin D level. What do my results mean? I just picked the last two levels since the article is very long.... "My level is between 100-150 ng/ml Although these levels aren’t toxic and aren’t usually harmful, they are thought to be too high. There are no known benefits to having a vitamin D level over 100 ng/ml.
398059 tn?1447945633 Back when I first found out I had MS, I started taking Vitamin D3 because I read that is was the best form of the vitamin to be taking because it best mimiced the effect of the sun. Does anyone here happen to know if this really an issue.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone I have got some vitamin D3 in a liquid form I'm just trying to workout what is the ideal amount to take for someone with chronic hep b its says for evey 0.5ml there is62.5 ug (its not actually a "u" looks like a "y" the wrong way around. I currently take Magnesium and calcium aswell. No probs with that but I have bought some liquid zinc can anyone give me a good idea how much is good for someone with hep B.
Avatar f tn Most people who are being treated for VDD are either taking a weekly prescription that is D2 50,000iu (some do this more than once a week) and some are taking a daily D3 (OTC) Vitamin D that ranges any where from 1,000iu to up to 10,000iu. I have not heard of an oral med that is taken once a month. VDD can have a multitude of symptoms including benign cardiac symptoms, anxiety, depression, thyroid issues, muscle pain, bone pain etc.
Avatar f tn Many people have similar symptoms to what you are having after taking the prescription D2 50,000iu/weekly. Some like Phyllis2010 had to go to the otc D3 daily and their levels went up with that. When are you scheduled for testing again? If your doctor is willing, I would talk to him about the issues with the D2 and see what he/she has to say. If the doctor is skeptical or unknowledgable about supplementation then make a deal. Have them test you now.
Avatar f tn Yep, I was diangosed at 15ng and had all of your symptoms. I started taking 10k of vit d3 per day OTC until I got my levels over 60ng, and am now looking for a maintanence dose. It can take a long time to get over symptoms so hang in there.
Avatar f tn I am curious if the 50,000 IU of vitamin D you are taking is Vitamin D2 (rx) or Vitamin d3 (over the counter) I am reading that there is a huge difference and that most people respond to the otc version Vitamin D3. I was found to have a level of 20. I was already taking 2000 IU of D3 a day and he upped me to 4000 IU. There was a very very slight improvement in my sypmtoms, but then I upped it to 6000 IU and then 8000 IU.
15848200 tn?1456634289 Vitamin D2 causes the amyloid protein in your brain to clump together making it difficult to remove this build up of amyloid. This leads to loss of cognitive function and sets up the conditions for Alzheimer's disease progression. Vitamin D3 helps clear amyloid from the brain which aids in improving cognitive function. Keeping 25(OH)D3 levels at or above 50ng/ml [US] or 125nmol/l [UK] is an important factor in reversing cognitive decline.
Avatar f tn You need to take Magnesium Glycinate (more relaxing) or Magnesium Citrate (can cause loose stools) and Vitamin K2 with the D3 or you can have other symptoms. Magnesium calms nerves and K2 moves calcium around do its not deposited into your arteries. Don't take calcium or dairy at same time you take magnesium because they compete to absorb. Magnesium 200-400mg split the dose 1/2 in morning and 1/2 in afternoon. K2 100mcg.
518001 tn?1212419235 Along with alpha lipoic acid, the best supplement to take is Vitamin D3. It has been shown to be critical to maintaining neurologic function. People should have a level of at least 50 in the blood. Have you ever had your level checked? Vitamin D3 deficiency is very common in industrial countries. You can safely take 1,000 units a day and studies have recently shown that 2,000 units a day is safe. But you need to also take calcium of at least 600 mg a day when you take vitamin D3.
1039061 tn?1257878294 Vitamin D council recommend a vitamin D level (25-hydroxyvitamin D) of 50 - 80 ng/mL (125 - 200 nmol/L). Supplement wise, look for vitamin D3. The most important co factors for vitamin D absorption are magnesium (most important), vitamin K, zinc, boron.
640548 tn?1340553355 Vitamin D3 is the safest and most effective) supplement (not D2 - which is what most doctors give). D3 is available OTC or at health food stores. Also get time in the mid-day sun on most or ideally every day, with as much skin exposed as possible. Not enough to turn you pink, but should just start to have the lightest colour. I am pregnant and taking 5000 IUI of D3 a day. I tested my blood levels and they are only mid-range with this dosing.