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398059 tn?1447945633 Back when I first found out I had MS, I started taking Vitamin D3 because I read that is was the best form of the vitamin to be taking because it best mimiced the effect of the sun. Does anyone here happen to know if this really an issue.
Avatar f tn But wouldn't this leach out magnesium, thus creating another avenue for heart disease just as any overuse of calcium does?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if Vitamin D3 has been found to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure and hypertension. Could it also help with anxiety and hyperventilating? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Also meds like Adderal and others can cause the foggy feeling do to a uptake in your blood pressure along with low blood sugar. So, take your meds, and eat some food and drink a ton of water. Do this for two weeks and see if you start to improve. Lastly get some sleep. If your not getting 7 hrs a night you will feel like your in a tunnel. I speak from experience on this.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Stress, anxiety, medications, and salt consumption can cause sudden rise in blood pressure. Vitamin D does not raise blood pressure. It suppresses rennin a substance produced by the kidneys that results in fluid retention and arterial vasoconstriction and rise in blood pressure. It is advisable to take vitamin D only under a doctor's supervision. Take low salt diet and stay away from stress. Exercise daily for 20-30 minutes.
Avatar m tn Well - taking too much vitamin D3 can cause hypocalcemia, or low blood calcium. The established norm is 30 in the tests, but many physicians recommend 50. There is a relationship between D3 and calcium. Generally when a patient has low D3 they prescribe a once-a-week 50,000 IU dose. Taking a minimum of 1000 IU a day is a good idea. A glass of milk a day and a normal diet will do the job. When there is insufficient calcium intake the body needs the calcium and tends to take it from the bones.
2044839 tn?1331255841 Artheroschelotic deposits and resistance in the vascular system can be a contributing factor. Sometimes the blood vessels do not relax completely, and this is may be due to vitamin D3 deficiency. You can get a D3 level test quite inexpensively. The problem may be with the lungs, specifically the availability of surface area for oxygen exchange.
Avatar f tn I live in FL so this time of the year is definitely a good time to get some natural Vitamin D, but not sure with my blood pressure and passing out issues if going to the beach or getting over heated is good. I know my body does not do well with the cold, heat, not sure yet. Thanks for your help, appreciate it.
Avatar m tn I'm 64 and my Vitamin D Deficiency most likely started many years ago! For 22 years I was on Submarines in the U S Navy then played electrician for 22 more in office buildings and so on. About 4 years ago I was stung on on my arm buy a wasp within a few days I looked like Popeye, got mega shot swelling went down, was told to cover up when I went outside so now I have a bug issue to go along with no sun issue.
Avatar f tn My blood pressure spikes like crazy and just bc I am African American my Indian doctor thought it was blood pressure and put me on 7 different blood pressure meds that do not work. My cortisol levels in my blood work were elevated...however MRI showed nothing wrong with my pituitary 24 hour urine for my adrenal glands came back normal. I got tired of feeling bad and going back and forth to the doctor, did my own research and found out that doctors are not as smart as we think.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed me these vitamin d3 wafers that I'm suppose to take weekly since my vitamin d is a little on the low side and he says vit d deficiency can cause several birth defects. So I've been taking Replesta vit d3 for 3 weeks now its one chewable tablet per week & just now I just read on the indications and use sheet "NOT TO BE USED BY PREGNANT WOMEN". Says it can cause heart defects in fetuses amongst other things. I dont know how to feel right now.
233622 tn?1279334905 Yes, vitamin D3 levels are very important in MS. First, the role of D3 is to act like a hormone that modulates the immune system. Back in 1997, it was found that when mice were given D3, they did not develop the mouse model of MS. As studies have progressed, the evidence strongly points to the role of D3 in preventing MS. That seems to be the link in the statistics that show that there is less MS as you get closer to the equator.
Avatar m tn My Vitamin D3 is 7.85 ng/ml ( which is very low ). As we don't have any expert Dr. here. Kindly suggest me: - May i take D3 Injections or - Tablets ? I have Rock - D 300 dietary supplement which contains Elementry calcium 1200 mg, Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 400 IU. Other Ingredients: Soyabean Oil, Glycerin,Gelatin, Soy Lecithin, Titanium Dioxide Color. If i go to tablets is it fine ? or injections ?
Avatar n tn I tested my vitamin D level. What do my results mean? I just picked the last two levels since the article is very long.... "My level is between 100-150 ng/ml Although these levels aren’t toxic and aren’t usually harmful, they are thought to be too high. There are no known benefits to having a vitamin D level over 100 ng/ml.
5844567 tn?1378967719 How could i recover my deficiency of VITAMIN d3! i am 26 year female and my value is JUST 7.5 !! please help me out !! i am very worried !!
Avatar m tn Hi everyone I have got some vitamin D3 in a liquid form I'm just trying to workout what is the ideal amount to take for someone with chronic hep b its says for evey 0.5ml there is62.5 ug (its not actually a "u" looks like a "y" the wrong way around. I currently take Magnesium and calcium aswell. No probs with that but I have bought some liquid zinc can anyone give me a good idea how much is good for someone with hep B.
2200173 tn?1339840159 I had severe magnesium deficiency and after 6 months taking 5000IU daily of vitamin D3, my vitamin D levels only rose from 12ng/mL to 16ng/mL (30nmol/L to 40nmol/L). My existing severe existing magnesium deficiency symptoms worsened as vitamin D "uses up" magnesium to convert to active vitamin D in the blood. I could not get my vitamin D or calcium levels up until i corrected my magnesium deficiency. A good tip is keep magnesium levels optimal!
Avatar f tn Your D3 is severely deficient. I was at 19ng/mL in September and will retest my blood in a few weeks. You can get D3 in a liquid if you don't like to swallow pills US lab range is 30-100ng/mL. You need to be above 50ng/mL. Anything below should be considered deficient. D and magnesium deficiency can cause depression, fatigue, anxiety, pain, brain fog, headache, eye sensitivity, etc.