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Avatar f tn Doctors will tell you that your urine should be pale, but if you are taking a lot of Vitamin B (or eating a lot of food that is high in Vitamin B) you can get urine that is yellow for that reason alone. (My prenatal vitamins gave me very bright yellow pee.
Avatar n tn I was deficient in vitamin D and I think iron. It took 18 months for my guts to heal to a point where everything is finally working right and my body is actually sending some unused vitamins to my urine. When it happens, your urine gets brighter yellow pretty dramatically. Until now, I really felt best when I took iron supplements or ate beef, and I was taking iron now and then. I have been taking 2000 IU of vitamin D for years.
541196 tn?1293552936 I take a multivitamin daily with 800 iu of Vitamin D. I also recently added 4 gummy vitamin D's that total an addition 1200. I have been hovering with a deficiancy of around 19... today I got the labs back and now I am down to 14. My dr. said she needed me to add 50,000 iu weekly and then after a month go to doing the 50,000 iu once a month in addition to my normal daily 2,000. I am frustrated. I have hashimotos. I was just increased from 88 to 100 mcg of Synthroid this week.
Avatar f tn Any time I take a multi vitamin my urine is bright yellow. I take Advocare and drink a spark energy drink every morning and it turns my urine bright yellow due to the vitamins in it.
Avatar f tn Squeezing pain in left chest after masturbation and severe fatigue after that. Colour of semen is now yellow. Done all body blood test, reports were normal. Only vit d was 20. Feeling depressed. Pls help asap.
Avatar f tn My urine has been like a neon yellow kinda lime greenish color. I drink plenty of water so I know I'm not dehydrated and I'm taking prescription prenatal vitamins. What could this mean?
Avatar n tn After taking this vitamin, I notice that my urine is a deeper yellow and sometimes smells like the vitamin. Should I be concerned? also, I heard that this is a sign that my body is not absorbing the vitamin and that I am pissing it out as well as I should look into another brand, is this true?
Avatar f tn I am take pregnecare which has loads of vitamins in but have been taking those for a couple months now x
Avatar m tn I am on Vitamin B12 as well as Vitamin D supplements after being diagnosed with low levels of the two. However, I frequently tend to forget my Vitamin B12 medication. Recently a couple of colleagues of mine noted my skin yellowing. At the same time, I myself, and many others do not notice any such coloring, yet, I am afraid I have some condition that causes jaundice.
Avatar f tn After beginning your prenatals did anyone elses urine turn a vibrant yellow or orange?
Avatar m tn @aduiki yes the livolin contain vitamin B2(riboflavin ) , vitamin B1 , vitamin B6 , vitamin B12 can this be the cause of change in urine color
Avatar f tn Hello~It is very unlikely that it is due to the Vitamin C, I have taken that brand in the Raspberry flavor, it is red, and it has never changed the color of my urine. You actually can not get too much vitamin C, it is a water soluble vitamin, thus your body excretes what it doesn't need, but again, it would not be dark unless you are not drinking enough water throughout the day.
Avatar n tn It seems that most people who take B vitamins get extremely yellow urine when the excess vitamins flush out, but my urine remains either completely clear or barely yellow. I do drink lots of water every day. Is this a bad sign? Or simply a sign that my body actually is deprived of vitamin B and using up everything I pour into it? Do I need stronger supplements?
Avatar f tn The B vitamin most likely to cause the neon yellow color in your urine is vitamin B2, not B12. B2 is also known as riboflavin. MOST B vitamins are water soluble, and this is the case with vitamin B2, or riboflavin. The neon color is not something you need to be concerned with. I have this color almost all the time, as I am told to take more of the riboflavin to help prevent migraines.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if dark yellow urine can be a sign of pregnancy or anything related to it? I am well hydrated and have been taking prenatal vitamins for about 6 months. I have not had a positive pregnancy test but I am waiting on AF now. Should have been yesterday, but mine have not been normal until the last couple of months. My urine has been yellow & dark yellow for about a week. Any idea why?
Avatar f tn In the last month I was found with hematuria blood in urine and low vit. D I was put on 50,000 units of vit d weekly. UA again in 3 months. I have aches/pains that come and go in limbs and fingers. I was very tired but seem to be getting that under control. I did loose 15 pds but now my weight is steady. Praise. I do have stomach pain too that comes and goes. I have had multiple blood work everything came back fine except the vit d.
Avatar m tn My urine is light yellow and cloudy. Does this mean anything?
691983 tn?1266804832 hi everyone, i have the best news to tell you all, you all know i was haveing so much joint pain ,i was so bad i could hardly walk up steps,go to the store anything, well the dr, check my vitamin d level !!guess what they were low!!very low,so the week of christmas he started on vitamin d 50,000 iu..well guess what.yesterday is the frist time in 3 years i woke up with no kidney pain!!!!i could not beleive it god ansered my prayers!!!yep!!
Avatar m tn ve been feeling really hot all the time headaches, disorientated, drowsy/lacking energy, general body pain/discomfort, blurred unfocused vision, dizziness, decreased appetite, always have yellow urine even though drink lots, difficulty falling asleep and feeling sick any advice would be great!
Avatar f tn My doctor just wants to run calcium, Vitamin D and PTH again in a month. How high is Vitamin D in hypervitaminosis?
Avatar m tn Hello - I have been experiencing pain in the upper right abdomin and right flank for 2-3 weeks. For over 2 months I've had yellow stools with lots of undigested food, they are bulky and loose and I probably have 8 or 9 of them a day. My urine is oily and very very yellow. I've also lost my appetite, and have lost 6 pounds, which is 5% of my starting body weight. I get very full after eating a small amount, and often feel nauseous.
1211949 tn?1271716170 They are not as defined and as colorful as they were when I had chlamydia. I am taking multivitamins, fish oils, and vitamin D that sometimes make my pee really yellow. Now I am wondering what is going on? Is this just the urine dripping on my boxers? or is it some other type of infection? The urologist checked my urine for blood, sugar levels and other infections and he said it was fine. The urologist thinks I am fine, I am just wondering whats going on? Is it just pee? should I be worried?
Avatar f tn From my research, and the ailments, it appears my problem has been a continual low or none Vitamin D all along. Tests come back with no Vitamin D or very little. I ran out in the sun, with no sunscreen and now I garden, so Vitamin D should not be an issue, but it is. When I don't have enough Vitamin D, I get mouth sores (not herpes). I take Vitamin D, for two days they are gone, and then come back, until I take my next round of D once a week.
Avatar f tn t have jaundice thankfully and bilirubin is high normal. I started B12 and Vitamin D and burning has subsided. Thank you for replying. And thank you Hector for your detailed and thoughtful response.
Avatar f tn tanx girl...yes yes thets the reason -i am taking folic acid...eny way..tanx a lot...
Avatar m tn Yes vitamins will turn your urine very yellow! I have had this happen to me.