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Avatar n tn The lighter you are, the harder it really becomes to shed off that weight quickly because you simply don't necessarily have that spare weight to lose! (your height also has alot to do with it). Personally, although tempting, I've never been a big fan of weightloss pills and injections as a means of losing weight. If you're unhappy with the current means, you may want to try a more exercise-oriented approach.
Avatar n tn If you were not ill, suggest stopping the supplementation and see if you are able to gain the weight back and decrease your hunger. If you continue to lose weight, suggest seeing your MD.
Avatar n tn I guess I was so wrapped up in what other people were saying about online ordering and so desperate to lose the weight that I didn't stop to think about the HUGE RISK I was taking. Hope this was helpful to you. Good luck in your weight loss journey and God bless!!!!
Avatar f tn I so want to lose that weight and be thin again. Does anyone have any tips. I have begun doing daily exercise, but I tend to eat at night, which I know is bad. Is there a vitamin supplement or something that reduces hunger?
Avatar n tn This is a serious problem....don't write B6 off as a water soluable's toxic, and your patients need help!) I have been detoxing for 8 weeks now....and it has been a nightmare. Detox symptoms include (on top of toxicity symptoms!): SEVERE FATIGUE, nerve pain, difficulty walking, intenstinal pain, blurred vision, depression, SEVERE NAUSEOUSNESS, headaches, muscle weakness, dizziness, vertigo, hopelessness, etc. etc. etc.
Avatar m tn Insulin resistance is another issue that can cause inability to lose weight. Also, have you had Vitamin D and B-12 tested? Vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause severe fatigue and I've read that vitamin D can aid in weight loss.
Avatar n tn Hello I live in El Cajon,CA in San Diego and iv'e been reading everyones comments and i'm very interested in the vitamin B12 and B6 i'm a f 25 year old and I weigh 210 and i'm 5"3 and I really want to lose weight and get energized so it would be my first time going to these clinics to get these shots any suggestions on what I should exactly be asking for when I go to them also does anyone know of any clinics in my San Diego area that won't cost an arm and a leg and that are good places to g
Avatar n tn I have a consultation this coming Saturday regarding the B 12 + B 6 shot. I'm excited, although I'm a little tentative about my visit. I only need to lose about 8 pounds and I've tried every way to get this excess weight off. I heard about the injections from a co-worker and figured I would try it as well. I just wasn't entirely sure how extreme your weight problem must be to qualify for the injections. . or if this doctor will potentially laugh at me for wanting to lose a mere 8 lbs.
Avatar f tn I know protein is good; however, you must make sure you get all the other nutrients, particularly vitamin B6, to help break it down. In addition, with all that exercise, surely you are building muscle and since muscle is denser than fat (more compact, so the same amount fits into a smaller space), maybe you are losing inches, rather than pounds. You probably also need to vary your routine and diet as well.
Avatar n tn I want to know I want to lose weight quick which ones should I take?? Please help and what are the side effects??
1107684 tn?1448832030 I have been looking for a eating plan to lose some major weight. Has anyone tried this plan? If you have or are doing it now please let me know. I want someone to be stright forward with thier results. I have over 120 lbs to lose. Please let me know a.s.a.
393419 tn?1228450993 Hi all. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. Here's my question. . . I'm trying to improve my health overall, and am taking vitamin supplements & just want to check in with those of you here who are supplement takers. . .
Avatar n tn Does the vitamin b-12 hjjelp you lose weight or is it just there to help you with you immune system
Avatar n tn I have read that this type of shot is safe to take with phenteramine and it will help you lose weight too. Before i buy it I wanted to see if anyone else has been successful with this combination shot. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I don't know anyone thats gotten regular B12 shots and lost weight. I haD a friend try to b12 vitamin pills...she had a lot of energy but no weight loss. Honestly I haven't had a shot in two weeks because of money issues but I've been watching what I eat and lost 5 pounds (when I was "dieting") Then my brother came home from the military and we were eating out and having drinks alot so I gained 7 or so pounds back. Now Im back to 197/198ish.
242532 tn?1269553979 3 Reasons You Won’t Lose Weight Today we are going to discuss the three reasons you won't lose weight: an overpowering urge to binge, an intense hunger when you know the hunger is not for food, and a mind filled with thoughts about food or worries about weight. The good news: once you learn to control the emotional eating that causes these three obstacles... well, then you can take off the weight -- and keep it off -- for good.
Avatar n tn As we all know there is no easy way to lose weight. It takes sacrifice and you have to watch what you eat and you have to excersise!!! We(my girlfriends and a couple of our husbands) all take Vitamin B12 complex, we buy it from a veternarian supply store. They give it to animals but it is the same thing. My doctor told me that, and so did hers. we give the shot to each other. The bottle cost like 8.00, you get alot of shots from one bottle.
Avatar f tn You're right about B vitamins -- taking a lot of B12 can throw off other Bs, but mostly the three connected are B6, B12, and folate, so that's something else to consider. As for choline and inositol, they are also in balance. Inositol has been used in large dosages for anxiety sufferers, and it has helped a few in studies. Choline Is involved in a lot of processes of the brain, including memory and other cognitive function.
1216899 tn?1288573925 With all the sites out there that have info on Vitamin D, their just doesn't seem to be one that has all the symptoms that can accompany vitamin d deficiency. I'm going to list my symptoms, so that others may have some insight, in layman's terms. I hope anyone else with the deficiency would also post theirs.
Avatar n tn You might encounter issues on the off chance that you take an excessive amount of vitamin B6, though vitamin B12 has been found to have no negative reactions. It's generally imperative to meet with your specialist before taking any supplements, particularly in case you're on prescriptions, or in case you're pregnant or breastfeeding.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I've been reading you guys posts. It feels good to have others to relate to and discuss different issues with weight loss. I go Thursday for another shot and a weigh in. I've kept my calories below 1200 and walk about a mile a day. We shall see!
Avatar f tn I just started the lipotropic injections to hopefully speed up my weight loss. I need to lose 55 more lbs. The first time I walked I could only walk 30 minutes, now I walk one hour 3 times a week. The first time that I did Billy Blanks amped workout I could only do 5 mins. Now i do the whole 18 minute routine. I do my ab lounge extreme in advanced every other day. Good luck. Let me know how you do.
Avatar n tn I think its important to remember that the B vitamins do not actually help you lose weight. Yes they speed up metabolism, which people think makes you lose weight but it doesn't; it just is supposed to help give you energy and you still have to make the right choices to exercise and eat right. I have heard that about the lipotropics helping you rid your liver of fat so you might want to make sure and go with that one, but I've never heard of a program with as many drugs as the one you are one.
Avatar m tn Believe me we have to fight over it, don' t lose mind. You are not ALONE!! I am losing weight too, but I know its all related to Vit D imbalance. Some say it is also a hormone and it can cause issues. But don't worry. Feeling lazy after Vit D supplementation is normal for a day. I feel like when I used to be in SUN i feel lazy and now I know why because it was creating Vit D automatically. Same is the case for Vit D supplementation. I was injected 6 lakh IU of Vit D.
Avatar f tn Exercise has always been a struggle for me, because it has never made any difference in my weight. I am able to tone up but I just never seem to lose any weight. Would love some input if you have any, thanks!
Avatar n tn Just to update you on my progress... the B12 Lipotropics have worked for me... I'm honestly in shock at how well I'm doing! DOWN another 2.6 POUNDS this week!! Total loss so far with the B6, B12 Lipotropics after being on the shots and/or the LipoBC pills for 16 weeks is now 28.2 POUNDS!! That's an average of almost 2 pounds per week! With a reduced calorie intake of 1200cal, increased water intake and daily exercise of 30 minutes...
Avatar f tn Not sure if soggymoggy is a medical doctor, but b12 does not have to mean "fast weight loss". Dr. Summers has told me to avoid crash diets and has taught me to lose the right way. The B12 shots do give me energy. There are also many bad things that can happen to your body is you are deficient in B Vitamins.
Avatar n tn Prior to being diagnosed I started to lose weight on weight watchers. I didn't lose very fast but it still came off. Once I started medication I reached my goal. Well my thyroid has beena roller coaster and I was actually getting to the optimal ranges and started gaining despite the fact that I continue to follow my weight watchers points. I even dropped to weight loss points and continue to slowly gain. I had a set back in November and my tsh was high and T3 was low.
Avatar m tn Your vitamin D levels are high enough not to be causing symptoms. Vitamin D council recommend a minimum of 50ng/mL up to 80ng/mL for optimal health. Higher MCV and MCH may be due to hypothyroidism but you may have low folate and/or low vitamin B12 as well. There are other causes as listed below*. Stress is a foremost factor in triggering Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) flareups.
Avatar f tn An hour ago, I received a call from him, telling me that my Vitamin D level is 16, that I need to start taking Os-Cal Vitamin D supplements with food, and expose myself to sunlight for at least 15 mins everyday. I've been working from home for the past 8 months and went out only twice or three times a week, which now explains everything.