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Avatar n tn hello, I currently am taking super b complex vitamin. After taking this vitamin, I notice that my urine is a deeper yellow and sometimes smells like the vitamin. Should I be concerned? also, I heard that this is a sign that my body is not absorbing the vitamin and that I am pissing it out as well as I should look into another brand, is this true?
Avatar f tn I wasnt sure which one to take, so I have been taking this one- it is B-1 100mg, B-2 20mg, B-3 25mg, B-6 2mg, B-12, 15mcg. The other pill isB-1 18mg, B-2 10mg, B-3 50mg, B-6 5mcg, B-12 10mcg. These doses are totally different. Any suggestions??? Thanks!!
Avatar m tn Recently I notice that the urine is light yellow, leading me to believe that the more intake vitamin B is being used by my body. Does anybody know why my body would utilize more vitamin B? There is research which conclude hbv will lower vitamin B level. I am curious whether the change is related to hbv.
Avatar m tn This is a question about Vitamin B (B-Complex): Every time I take a super b-complex pill which contains 1000% of the daily RDA for every B-vitamin your body can't synthesise on its own, my body temperature drops by nearly two degrees and I urinate once every few days. This didn't happen before I had Lyme disease but now that I have it, it happens all the time and these effects I've noted, have lasted for days.
Avatar m tn This is a question about Vitamin B (B-Complex): Every time I take a super b-complex pill which contains 1000% of the daily RDA for every B-vitamin your body can't synthesise on its own, my body temperature drops by nearly two degrees and I urinate once every few days. This didn't happen before I had Lyme disease but now that I have it, it happens all the time and these effects I've noted, have lasted for days.
144100 tn?1283526167 I was taking it because I read somewhere that overweight women (like me) might have a deficiency and I read that a lot of women who had miscarriages take them... so i decided to do it myself..... Doctor said that was just fine. Actually, Folic Acid is a "B" vitamin, so a complete B vitamin complex might just be extra stuff my body might need. I guess I don't really have a "reason"....I just wanted to do anything I could to have a healthy baby.
Avatar f tn Test it out it some time. My B100 turns my pee bright yellow (like an eggyolk) even when I am well hydrated.
Avatar m tn My doctor told me to start taking a B vitamin complex. I took it & my urine turned BRIGHT yellow. Is this normal or OK?
Avatar f tn Vitamin C is one that will turn bright yellow in pee and I think B Vitamins too. You could try splitting your vitamins if possible and take half at night and half in the morning so your body doesn't get such an overwhelming amount at a time. I can't split mine with this pregnancy bc the ones I have are gel capsules so I take them before bed so my body has longer to absorb everything.
Avatar n tn Liver problems like terin400 mentioned, smoking (which I doubt that you smoke), some medications as well as an unhealthy diet lacking in Vitamin A, B, zinc, protein, calcium and iron. You may benefit from a multivitamin supplement suitable for your age group. But make sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet consisting of meat, milk, cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts. Brazil nuts contain zinc Cut out all the junk foods, fizzy drinks, sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolate.
Avatar f tn Vitamins can do it. I think vitamin B or E can make the urine color dark. I read it somewhere... Good luck!!
Avatar n tn I have a pretty severe cough, along with spitting up yellow stuff from my throat. I do not have any fever, and only very slightly feel sick to my stomach sometimes? My husband and I are on the mission field in Dominica (West Indies). I have been coughing and spitting up for about 2-3 weeks now. What could this be? I have not been to a Doc. They are very $$$ here. I haven't considered it an emergency yet...I'm getting a little worried and wonder if anyone has a suggestion on this....
Avatar n tn After having an array of weird symptoms, I decided to start taking a Stress B-Complex and an additional B-12 supplement. It seems that most people who take B vitamins get extremely yellow urine when the excess vitamins flush out, but my urine remains either completely clear or barely yellow. I do drink lots of water every day. Is this a bad sign? Or simply a sign that my body actually is deprived of vitamin B and using up everything I pour into it? Do I need stronger supplements?
Avatar n tn No, I had a different symptom altogether that was clearly an allergic response. Right now, the only B vitamin I'm taking is B2. So far, so good. My neurologist wants me to see if it will help with the migraines. I'm not having any negative reactions so far. I just get the bright yellow urine, but that's from taking the vitamin and is normal. You may want to work with a naturopath to figure out which vitamins and other supplements will work best for you individually.
Avatar m tn This helped two YNS people dramatically reduce pleural effusions and lymphedema--- “T and B cell Deficiency Associated with Yellow Nail Syndrome”. Gupta S, Samra D, Yel L, Agrawal S., Scand J Immunol. 2012 Mar;75(3):329-35. IV ALBUMIN; quite a few YNS people have low albumin levels. This raises the body’s protein level, which may reduce ascites and lymphedema ---“Yellow Nail Syndrome with Persistent hypoalbuminaemia”, Sahi SP, Bansal SK. Br J Clin Pract, 1988 Jan;42(1):36-7.
239164 tn?1207266607 Essential Fatty Acid complex- as directed on label- good for reversing malnourishment that use of drugs causes Vitamin B complex-- 100mgs of each b vitamin in a sublingual form or B complex injections from your doctor weekly Extra B5-- 500mgs 3x per day, essential for the adrenal glands Extra B3-- 500mgs 3x per day, important for brain function Calcium- 1,500mg at bedtime Magnesium--1,000 at bedtime Free Form amino acid complex--as directed on label on a empty stomach Extra L-glutamine-- 500mg
Avatar n tn hi...does anyone know if any doctor does b 12 around temecula california? thank you!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn But you say your urine is bright yellow. Sounds like your body is excreting something it doesn't need, like vitamin C or B for example. And also, it doesn't sound like you have been tested for Hep A,B or C. I think you should.
Avatar n tn She said it was definitely NOT impetigo OR herpes. She said it was caused by stress and vitamin B deficiency. I told her about it seeming to spread to other parts of my body the last time I got it, but she said that was probably something unrelated. I left that office with orders to take a vitamin B supplement, drink milk, use chapstick classic flavor, and try to have a relaxing weekend.
1042487 tn?1275283499 Any person suffering from depression should be aware of the those benefits concerning the serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and GABA neurotransmitter synthesis. Vitamin B6 supports more vital bodily functions than any other vitamin. Vitamin B6 is a coenzyme for several enzyme systems. Vitamin B6, used mainly in the body for the processing of amino acids, performs this task along with certain enzymes. It is vital in the metabolism of amino acids in the intestines.
Avatar n tn At least the supplement may supply some nutrients and maintain your overall immunity. Vitamin B and C supposedly help to manage some of the residual symptoms of amphetamine use. 11. Consider drastically reducing your dosage or having some "off times". Together with exercise, It will help get rid of any of the drugs that may be stored inside the body's fat. 12. Drink a lot of water, even when you are not thirsty.
Avatar m tn As my Hgb is a bit low, thought I'd try a shot every other week to see if I can get an energy boost and also to facilitate my weekly Procrit injections. Currently my only vitamin intake is Centrum Silver. My Vitamin B12 serum is 293, within normal but on the low side. Normal (200-1100). I'm thinking shots rather than oral supplements because all the PPI's (Nexium) and antacids I'm taking may be inhibiting oral absorption. Also, it's a quicker fix.
Avatar f tn bright yellow urine can be because it is very not enough water.. or if there is Vitamin B in any of these supplements???? sorry otherwise can't be of much help, do phone your Vet....
Avatar n tn I went to a weight loss doctor recently who gave me a vitamin B shots. It's so expensive that I thought I'd find a way that I can do it myself. I did some research and saw some postings on this topic on this website from April and June. Then on that same page under "Ads by Google" I was a website and sells Vitamin injections which is just what I'm looking for.
Avatar f tn Anyone else getting this yellow pee despite being ultra hydrated? I am not taking vitamins (no b or anything). Anyone know if this is the harvoni or riba? I am leaning towards the riba, but really have no clue. Otherwise, 10 days in I would say I am feeling better than usual. But then usually I feel fatigued and wracked with pain - both seem to be diminishing a bit, the fatigue more so.
Avatar m tn Taga Cavite ka rin? Nakakalungkot pareho pala tayo merong Hepa B. Chronic pa ang Hepa B mo. Saan bansa ka pa gustong ipetition kasi sabi nila sa US at sa Canada di naman mahigpit basta healthy carrier ka lang daw. Pareho lang tayo ng problema at mahirap talagang gamutin pag nasa Chronic stage na.
Avatar f tn Each morning i take 2,000mg of Ester-C Vitamin C ( you might only need 500 to 1000mg ( much more if you are smoker ) i take 2,000mg because i have issue with something that requires more C ), 1,000UI of VItamin D, a vitamin B complex which contain no more than 50mg/mcg of each Bs and some less and finally i take 3 tea spoon of Green+ powder and 250mg magnesium.
Avatar f tn However, that did not clear up what the round dark yellow objects (size and shape of a chick pea) that I've been passing in my stools are. I started noticing them in loose stools within the past couple of months. Don't know how long they've been there. Usually 1 per bowel movement. I do not consume anything that resembles these objects. The inside holds a powder-like substance. I am experiencing some nausea here and there.
Avatar m tn It's part of the multi offered as a supplement for men. I believe the B Complex also makes me unrinate in a bright yellow color during the morning - I noticed this for the first time when I used to consume energy drinks (also with a lot of B vitamins), but I dont' drink those any more. Any input would be helpful.