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Avatar m tn Some of us don't absorb vitamin B12 and have to inject regularly, to get/keep our levels up. You might talk to your doctor about that. I tried both pills and sublingual and neither worked for me. I self-inject weekly.
691724 tn?1230682644 Energy drinks are all the craze. My husband uses those little bottles of 5-HOUR ENERGY drinks. I read the label and it has extremely high amounts of Niacin and B12. I know certain vitamins are stored in the body while others aren't. Are these B vitamin doses safe on a regular basis? Also what happens to the body when high doses of B vitamins are ingested like this?
Avatar f tn Hi Paula, I have Stage 3B advanced cervical cancer, I have NOT taken any chemo/radiation but, I am taking this IV Vitamin C therapy. I also get; B & magnesium vitamins with it. I am in hope that this is the case. I also take a bunch of other supplements. I tak this IV therapy through my Natropathic office, I am sure if you look in your local phone book, you will find one.
1381186 tn?1280202029 s a B complex focusing on the Bs most involved in the nervous system plus Vitamin C. Some stress Bs also contain relaxant herbs and some also contain adrenal regulating herbs. If you test low in a certain vitamin B, then that would be one you would want to focus on. The most likely for this is B12. Vegetarians in particular can have a problem getting enough B12.
689528 tn?1364135841 I haven't experienced morning sickness yet. (Fingers crossed I don't) At times I'll get like a hot spell and maybe feel a little nauseated but it never lasts longer than a minute. Anyway...was wondering if everyone takes extra vitamin B?! It's supposed to help and while TTC I started taking B50 complex and I am still continuing it. I think this may be why I don't feel sick.....LOL I'll keep ya updated though cuz I'll just be 5 weeks tomorrow!!
Avatar f tn s most likely Vitamin B12, she would probably need injections. Her Vitamin D and magnesium may need to be raised as well.
Avatar f tn a vitamin b def will cause all your symptoms. I have a vit b-12 def and I get shots once a month. You can follow up with a blood specialist, and see what he says. I also have a pos ANA test, but I have some auto immune diseases that run in the family so that would make my test come out pos even tho I show no symptoms of anything.
Avatar f tn Not a horrible thing, but if heterozygous can cause a problem with homocysteine levels b/c your body cannot absorb Vitamin B and Folic Acid. As they cannot really find an underlying cause for you, I would suggest researching this or asking them to do a simple blood test. Most people never know thay have it as about 50% of caucasians in the US have some variant of the mutation, few feel any symptoms of it, but this could be an underlying cause for you.
Avatar n tn Is it ok to take vitamin c gummies to help boost my immune system.
Avatar f tn s no longer been shown to be true. However the vitamin b/c complex and vitamin e were healthy in general and I got less colds each year after taking the vitamin c each day. Generally doctors just reccomend a general multiple vitamin complex. There are natural remedies that I take that treat tardive. There haven't been shown to be any proven preventative means in recent controlled studies.
Avatar m tn There was a member here some years ago who suffered great neuropathy that continued long after treatment was over. After trying other things, she was tested for vitamin B deficiency and was very low. After taking vit B for some time her neuropathy finally went away. Based on her issues, and since I had a good deal of neuropathy when I finished my first tx, I got tested too. I was not deficient.
4326583 tn?1354714047 I was sort of skeptical about it @ first b/c even prenatal vitamins LACK amounts of some of the most vital vitamins pregnant women calcium, vitamin d and iodine - and depending on the brand, sometimes even DHA and Iron!! So it was kind of a shocker to be told I could supplement 2 children's vitamins for 1 prenatal vitamin!
1821865 tn?1317522031 When is the best time to take prenatal vitamin without them upsetting my stomach. My doc wants me to take them due to low iron.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to add that I am tapering off on my methadone imon 20 mg. I in the past foru days have been taking vitamin c adn vitamin b (b's) supplements ladn it has worked awesome!! I have so much energy and feel great. I got addicted to the rush and high methadone got me, mainly cause i was wanting to be supermom and do everything. I take this instead of the drugs and it safe and healthy for me.