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1821865 tn?1317522031 When is the best time to take prenatal vitamin without them upsetting my stomach. My doc wants me to take them due to low iron.
689528 tn?1364135841 I haven't experienced morning sickness yet. (Fingers crossed I don't) At times I'll get like a hot spell and maybe feel a little nauseated but it never lasts longer than a minute. Anyway...was wondering if everyone takes extra vitamin B?! It's supposed to help and while TTC I started taking B50 complex and I am still continuing it. I think this may be why I don't feel sick.....LOL I'll keep ya updated though cuz I'll just be 5 weeks tomorrow!!
Avatar f tn s most likely Vitamin B12, she would probably need injections. Her Vitamin D and magnesium may need to be raised as well.
Avatar f tn I asked the doctor, and the doctor gives him neurobion (the ingredients are 100 mg vitamin B1 mononitrate, 200 mg vitamin B6 hydrochloride, 200 mcg vitamin B12). The neurobion helps him, so that he can study for the next day. In internet i also read that vitamin b deficiencies can show adhd symptom. there anybody have the experience like my son ?
Avatar f tn After breakfast I took b12 and a good multi vitamin. One each. Now, I take one a day for women, b 12, and vit d. They help with energy and depression.
Avatar m tn I did not notice any signficant improvement after several weeks, and decided to add a vitamin B-6 supplement as I had read that B-6 helps with magnesium absorption. I felt completely cured the first day after starting the B-6. I had been waking up two hours early with severe anxiety every morning for months. The first morning after starting the B-6 I was able to sleep in, wake up feeling calm and relaxed and felt completely normal.
Avatar f tn long term) there will be sooner or later shortage of magnesium, calcium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin C. All of these nutrients are essential for creating serotonin.
382273 tn?1206529485 How much B 12 should you take?? The pills that I have are 250mcg. I was told to take these to improve on my lack of energy.
Avatar n tn Even wakes me up out of a deep sleep. Will get a B complex vitamin and see how goes after a few weeks. I am 53 and in general good health. No smoking or drinking ever. On my feet all day with job and sweat a lot. I am on no medications. Take Vitamin C, D, daily as well as a probiotic. Thank you.
3063937 tn?1352422855 I've been taking B stress with C, Multi-Vitamin, Tyrosine (for nerves/mood), Lyposine for tissue health (had sores on my mouth from yawning so much) Gingko Biloba, Acidophilus to help rebalance my digestive tract, and melatonin with therasine (green tea supplement) at night. I swear I smell like a multi vitamin now...LOL! Oh, and Emergence. Still got a cold though. Oh well, THAT I can handle.
366581 tn?1207590159 Is vitamin B-50 o-kay to take when trying to conceive? I've been taking them and just thought (now) maybe its not a good thing to do. Is there something else I should be taking? I'm just taking them because normaly I feel tired and sluggish all day and these seem to keep lifted and not so tired feeling. I think I'm just in the winter woe's these days. Crabby, moody, and no sex drive. Its hard when trying to conceive and having NO sex drive lately.
Avatar f tn a vitamin b def will cause all your symptoms. I have a vit b-12 def and I get shots once a month. You can follow up with a blood specialist, and see what he says. I also have a pos ANA test, but I have some auto immune diseases that run in the family so that would make my test come out pos even tho I show no symptoms of anything.
Avatar f tn Not a horrible thing, but if heterozygous can cause a problem with homocysteine levels b/c your body cannot absorb Vitamin B and Folic Acid. As they cannot really find an underlying cause for you, I would suggest researching this or asking them to do a simple blood test. Most people never know thay have it as about 50% of caucasians in the US have some variant of the mutation, few feel any symptoms of it, but this could be an underlying cause for you.
691724 tn?1230682644 Energy drinks are all the craze. My husband uses those little bottles of 5-HOUR ENERGY drinks. I read the label and it has extremely high amounts of Niacin and B12. I know certain vitamins are stored in the body while others aren't. Are these B vitamin doses safe on a regular basis? Also what happens to the body when high doses of B vitamins are ingested like this?
1381186 tn?1280202029 If you test low in a certain vitamin B, then that would be one you would want to focus on. The most likely for this is B12. Vegetarians in particular can have a problem getting enough B12. But B6 is so involved with manufacturing serotonin and GABA that it is also crucial, but too much of it can cause a neuropathy, so you want the right amount.
Avatar f tn Vitamin B complex will only fix your depression if you have a Vitamin B deficiency causing your depression symtoms. If your depression were caused by poor thyroid function you would have to take medication to correct your thyroid function to fix your depression symptoms. If you have actual depression caused by a lack of seratonin in your brain, you need medication for depression to fix that deficiency. Vitamin B is not going to fix your seratonin deficiency.
Avatar n tn I bought some vitamin b 12 at thr drug store and I womdered if anyonr tried the pills for fatigue?
Avatar f tn Has anyone els taken vitamin b 12 for a better appetite? I thought I took it 7 years ago with my first pregnancy and it helped a lot. I don't have much of an appetite these days.
Avatar m tn any one has chronic hep b and can't sleep at night all the time.? How to treat it? Please advise. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Vitamin B6 is a vital vitamin in our bodies that plays a critical part in numerous body functions. Vitamin B6 toxicity causes temporary neurological symptoms, which, according to the literature, usually take up to 6 months for it to resolve itself for majority of people. There are some people who do have permanent damage. It is recommended not to take any supplement of vitamin B6 and try not to eat large amounts of foods high in vitamin B6 at meals for 6 months.
4274823 tn?1388529098 Vitamin B12 is frequently used in combination with other B vitamins in various vitamin B complex products. How does it work? Vitamin B12 is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other parts of the body.
Avatar f tn fresh food, good sleep at night, vitamin d blood levels between 50-50ng/ml and selenium between 130-150, not less or more than indicated boost immune system, clearance is usually within 6 months but hbsag can be cleard even at 1 year in a certaon number