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Avatar f tn I use vitamin e lotion and in the morning I use a lotion with elastigen in it. It prepares the skin to be stretched with less stress on your skin.
Avatar f tn Can anyone recommend a good stretch mark prevention lotion. I'm 18 weeks and my belly is pushing out and I want to not get stretch marks. All the help is appreciated.
Avatar f tn Ive been using "cocoa butter lotion before and after pregnancy stretch marks" and it seemrd to work at first but now that im 8 months im getting stretch marks what else can I use im only 17 and want a prettty figure afterwards notna bunch of stretch marks lol
Avatar f tn About 6 months ago i started taking vitamin b complex, to help it a bit. i hate to say this, but it will be two years this sept, and I still suffer from it.. it's not as bad as it once was, but it's still there.. i have noticed that it flares up more when I'm real tired. the vitamin b helps a bit though.
Avatar f tn Palmer has order less lotion, I hate that smell also. I use the moisturizer spray it has a lighter scent.
Avatar f tn I used Vaseline cocoa and Shea lotion from.about 12 weeks on. I switched to Palmers with vitamin E ,around 27 weeks (In a small round container) because I was afraid my old bully button piercing would rip.
689528 tn?1364135841 I haven't experienced morning sickness yet. (Fingers crossed I don't) At times I'll get like a hot spell and maybe feel a little nauseated but it never lasts longer than a minute. Anyway...was wondering if everyone takes extra vitamin B?! It's supposed to help and while TTC I started taking B50 complex and I am still continuing it. I think this may be why I don't feel sick.....LOL I'll keep ya updated though cuz I'll just be 5 weeks tomorrow!!
Avatar f tn s most likely Vitamin B12, she would probably need injections. Her Vitamin D and magnesium may need to be raised as well.
Avatar f tn Very itchy! Stretch marks r gonna b terrible this time...virtually none with my first but this one......
Avatar n tn it was due to lack of Vitamin B-2 or Riboflavin. I took B-Complex and within a few weeks the lesion went away.
Avatar m tn (this went away after I slept) ..I was also getting really easily stressed-out [found these are all symptoms of b vitamin deficiency, and the way to get it matches my diet and stress level perfectly) I used an abrasive cleanser to try to smooth my skin out and got a little too rough. within a few days of that I began to notice a burning in my mustache area and also dry cheeks to the point where my normal cleanser [clinique for men] started to burn my face.
Avatar f tn Ok , So My Belly Is Super Itchy , I Used Coco Butter But Nothing && Then I Used A Vitamin E Lotion But It's Just Not Going Away .. I Want To Scratch So Bad But I Already Have A Couple Stretch Marks From Using Dial Soap For A Day . I Need Help !.
Avatar f tn skin so itchy ive tried lotion and i still itch its grossing me out to b constantly itching! start itching around belly breast arms legs it drives me insane anyone ecpirencing this??
1280088 tn?1432049934 I think they are pretty much all the same, but I heard the ones that contain retinol, vitamin A causes cancer in mice, so you might want to avoid that one? Use a heavier one on the face when out in the sun. I dont trust them but if you use them, use them wisely. I will take my chances with the sun.
10135748 tn?1412019177 Water, really good lotion and a body cream for just out the shower, vitamin e oil and or supplements. Apply the body cream straight out the shower and then lotion multiple times a day. Water drink drink drink. They say eight glasses bit you should probably double it. Vitamin e oil on the skin and they have capsules you can take.
Avatar f tn The aloe Vaseline lotion is what I've been using..
Avatar f tn I used vitamin e oil, got it at trader's joe.. Its pretty good also they said Coconut oil is good too im going to try it as soon as i gave birth!
5609181 tn?1375332372 Has anyone used vitamin E capsules on their skin for stretch marks? I just for a bottle and was just wondering what I should expect, if anything. I've heard oil is better than lotion so I guess we will see!
Avatar f tn I use an organic lotion called mama bee. I have stretch marks already though because I didn't use lotion early on in pregnancy and I stopped at 35 weeks due to the pupps rash. They say the best way to prevent stretch marks is pure vitamin e and stay hydrated!
Avatar f tn t go away but I had some significant stretch marks during puberty and they are virtually invisible after using Vitamin E lotion for years. (I use Saint Ives). Also my sil has also bought vitamin E capsules and broken them open and used the oil on thyroid-surgery scars. Let's just say until she said that I never knew she had surgery! Hope that helps! They're cheaper options than BioOil and Mederma....
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Avatar f tn t have the itching until I started leaking, but lotion definitely does wonders and of course plenty of water intake, lotions or Prenatals with vitamin E in it will help as well because that vitamin helps your skin with elasticity.