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Avatar f tn Try to google home remedies I know theres a vitamin doc recommend to help with nausea its B something. Also they have lollipops for nausea. Try crackers I heard even cinnamon gum good.
Avatar f tn Try peppermint i know your a diabetic but it will help your sugars stay up. Help with nausea too. There are b vitamin lollipops i got from my dr that help you eat. Also try smoothies they are light and packed with vitamins. Good luck.
1541869 tn?1293124759 One is B-Natal TheraPops are cherry flavored lollipops which have been shown to help cure morning sickness for many women. Another Vitamin B-6 enriched product is called Morning Sickness Magic. Morning Sickness Magic is a herbal remedy containing Ginger, Vitamin B-6, Red Raspberry Leaf and Folic Acid. * Avoid warm places as heat can increase the nausea feelings. * Take naps during the day (but not right after eating). Tiredness plays a big part in morning sickness.
700218 tn?1231170136 There is some decent evidence that ginger helps--if you look on line you can find ginger lollipops, etc. Sometimes combination of vitamin B6 and Unisom helps--this is not prescription, so you can buy it on your own and isn't too expensive. Finally, sometimes dehydration is causing the nausea and it is a vicious cycle. So a visit to the emergency room is indicated if it has been more than 24 hours since you were able to hold anything down.
Avatar f tn I didn't feel pregnant until way later on. Try taking some extra vitamin B....apparently it helps with the sickness. I was taking it before I got pregnant and never had gotten sick so it might have something to do with me feeling fine. Good luck and hopefully it passes quickly for you!
Avatar f tn I took vitamin B-6 daily to help prevent it and took Emetrol for my nausea. Yeah I still got it but that Emetrol was a LIFE saver. They give it to infants so it's completely safe. :) idk how much help it would be since Zofran is for severe nausea, right? But worth a try lol. I hope all goes well. I'd be scared after hearing of birth defects too!
1013517 tn?1253219657 I constantly have an upset stomach, not your regular cramping but like stomach virus cramping. its makeing it hard to eat b/c everytime i do the cramping gets worse and i spend like an hour in the bathroom. what can i do to ease this. im really worried about taking anything, im even starting to lose weight. any ideas?
Avatar n tn It use to be just one every now and then, but now I have about 2 episodes a month resulting in mulitple (Lining the form of my lips on the inside, where the gum meets the lip, sometimes on the sides of my tounge, and possibly on my throat but I cant see them), it does seem to sometimes mimic the timing of my hormonal cycles ( ovulation and period), I take a muti vitamin everyday ( prenatel) and a Lysine tablet 2 times a day, I use a soft tooth brush, I dont eat sharp food, I use Lysterine, I us
Avatar n tn I've read that this could be a vitamin/mineral deficiency. He's not on any meds and never has been. He loves to eat salty things (chips), but he does eat a variety of foods including fruit/veggies (as long as nothing is touching on the plate!) I am a special ed coordinator, so he's gotten all the early interventions, and he's doing very well in school and socially, but this is freaking me out.
Avatar f tn (ie ends the word but for some reason comes up as *** when posted) I found them at babies r us and literally lived with them day and night! They're nausea lollipops made for pregnant moms! Or try sea bands they make them for pregnant women as well! But trust me it'll all go away before you know it! And you'll forget all about how horrible it is! Best of luck!
Avatar n tn LOL, i knew you meant 90% of the people here.. Anyway, I have also been lacking energy BIGTIME... Yesterday i went and got some (Vitamin B Complex) just started them yesterday, and today i was definately more energized than i have been in a long time. It did take me awhile to get up and movin', but after forcing myself to go outside and get some work done, it really made a world of difference. So I am not sure if it was the vitamins or what, but i am guessing it was.
Avatar n tn Ask your health provider about trying extra vitamin B-6. Some women find relief if they add extra vitamin B-6 to their diet. 50 mg. is usually the dosage tried, but remember to clear it first with your health provider (very important!). 9. Avoid trigger foods and substitute alternatives as needed; get enough protein. Some foods seem to act as triggers to nausea. If carrots bother you, avoid them for a while.
199177 tn?1490502134 MINUS the Valium/benzo and Immodium and seeing as I am now at day 36 I think that it did help.. I DO still take the Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and L-Tyrosine and/or Rhodiola Rosea EVERY OTHER day... (those 2 SEEM to help with re-establishing my FRIED neuro-transmitters... although I have to alternate every other day because both the L-tyrosine and the Rhodiola Rosea seem to hype me up &/or can cause me to have anxiety...
Avatar m tn You are so right in having a good mindset and willpower. It looks like this is all a pleasant surprise for you as it is nothing like perc w/d, physically, but mentally, another story as you are finding out. The first week, I felt completely wired, but that seems to even out by the second week and it's Then one must be especially vigilant as the newness of the whole quit starts to wear off. Also added to my quit this time is vitamin B12 which seems to have really worked wonders.
342585 tn?1211994706 I think the vitamin is a good start. If it continues, I would get a second opinion, it never hurts.
1165284 tn?1323459076 ) MeM_Brown- My doctor gave me two different prescriptions for vomiting/nausea ask them about Zofran or Reglan. Also you may talk to them about changing your pre- natal vitamin. My Dr. changed mine to BP Folinatal Plus B. He said this would help cut back on the nausea. I find that if I eat some saltine crackers before I even lift my head off the pillow it helps. Also some home remedies you can cut up some ginger and boil it in water throw the ginger away and drink the tea.
Avatar n tn I also took Neurontin for the creepy crawlies (not sure if that is okay when preg, the addiction doc will know, but hope so, cuz it works like a charm), Immodium AD (Over the Counter) for the other end, Clonidine for the heart palpitations, sweats and to help sleep (again, your addiction doc will know if that can be used safely) and I drank vitamin water that is high in potassium (you can also eat bananas, I suggest combining them because that vitamin water also replaces Vit.
Avatar n tn 5. Vitamin B6 caps. 6. Access to hot baths or a Jacuzzi (or hot showers if that's all that's available). How to use the recipe: Begin your detox with regular doses of Valium (or alternate benzo). Start with a dose high enough to produce sleep. Before you use any benzo, make sure you're aware of how often it can be safely taken. Different benzos have different dosing schedules. Taper your Valium dosage down after each day.
Avatar n tn If he is just going to quit , he needs to get a vitamaine called l-TYROSINE take 8 500mg tab a day the first week. take 2 B-6 tabs cal maginsuim and a multi vitamin zinc copper vit. a and vit c THE TYROSINE AND B6 seem to be the most imoortant. if he get the runn's get some imodium asap. so he does not lose all the nutreints in his body.
Avatar f tn My dad has this problem, and I do too at times. For me it is depression and anxiety, but for dad, I am sure it is a Zinc deficiency. I did some research on Zinc, and I found that if you are low in this mineral, you will not be hungry and food will taste "weird". My doc did a zinc test on me and sure enough, I am low. I would add a zinc supplement to your diet and give it a couple of weeks to really kick in. Oh, how is your sense of smell?
Avatar n tn Realizing how much this condition was ruining my life, literally, could not focus during the day cuz I was always aware of being uncomfortble down there, and not being able to have sex, cuz it was so painful, I went on a whole herbal vitamin regime. I take a multi vitamin along with several other vitamins everyday. They say women prone to BV have a vit D and A deficiency. I also take an herb called **** Quai and that helps alot.
387660 tn?1242600342 They also found I was very low on Vitamin D and too high on Vitamin B12 so maybe its solved because of getting my vitamin levels correct. I was always afraid to bring it up to a medical person because they have the responsibility to report you to DMV and you could lose your licence. Its a tricky Catch 22. I hope you can solve the problem because remember that you aren't just risking your own life but the life of others on the road. Thats why I've given up driving ....
Avatar n tn i started injections today and i was so scared because ive never done intramuscular..(im) only subcutaneously...(subq) into fat, with vitamin we will see how it goes!! i have a bladder infection at the moment..too much info?? sorry!! so im gonna take a nap...i havent weighed in two daughter has had early dr appts and my scale is downstairs....on the tv!! i use my wii fit i have been doing well i will let u know how stuffs going and keep me informed on how ur doing....