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Avatar n tn I have taken nothing for 3 weeks. Weight loss has already started but I am having HEADACHES and often cold chills. MAJOR HEADACHES. Has anyone else every experienced withdrawal symptoms from this medicine?
Avatar n tn Hi, I was scared too! And I even went and found a site that has nothing but the bad side effects and then went and found another site that was all good stuff! So...I have to say WB has worked for me...and I am terrible at reading labels and side effects info...I worry I will get all of them!! I am only 150 daily...if I got to 300 my ears ring... Good luck and let me know how it works out!
Avatar n tn I needed to start something new because the Lexapro 10mg I was on for 2 years made me gain so much weight and I had a loss of libido. From what I read the Wellbutrin acts like a time released stimulant. I have anxiety very bad also and it did somewhat heighten my GAD. I'm actually more concerned about the withdrawal effects of Lexapro from getting the brain zaps for the pass 3 days.
Avatar n tn I have high BP and thought it was from Toprol XL which I had been on for a year, I am off for 4 weeks, tapered off per Dr. Orders. Only on multivitamin now as BP good due to weight loss. Had fasting blood glucose of 89-90, one glcuose test came back 147 after eating, but same blood came back A1C 4.8, so dr. said not diabetic, maybe 147 was a fluke? Sed rate 23, its not sjorgens per blood test, ANA Came back negative. Full thyroid panel came back normal also.
Avatar f tn First of all I am not a nurse ot doctor but I wanted to comment on the hair loss. I have also been prescribed topamax for pain, mood stabilizer and weight loss so I have been looking a lot on the net. I have seen a few things about hair loss. I wanted to comment on that. I have been a hairstylist for 24 years and one thing that I have noticed without doubt is that when one of my customers loses a significant amount of weight (25 lbs or more) they always have a loss of hair.
Avatar n tn The headaches have improved and I can't wait until the FDA officially approves it for weight loss. So what if the soda tastes bad. Who needs it.
Avatar n tn of course ! unless you the 2 male things we have down there..stop it..HCG does not in anyway help with weight loss..need proof...just ask...
Avatar n tn Her symptoms were periods of rapid heartbeat, which left her tired and a little disoriented for an hour or so. She also had nausea and vomiting, weight loss, and severe sweating. In addition she started having problems with acne, her menstrual cycle, and joint pain. The cardiologist got her heart rate under control using Florinef + Atenelol (spelled wng I'm sure). Other doctors got the other symptoms under control with other things. She has now begun having major problems.
Avatar n tn I am also a late sleeper fearing that the attack might occur earlier with earlier sleeping. It is annoying and robs you of vital sleep particularly the REM stage. I am however on Coreg 6.125mg and one of the side effects appears to be dreaming although the med insert does not list this. I do not wish to scare anyone but I have tried both C- and B-pap but could never tolerate any form even after several tries.
Avatar n tn She put me on Toprol XL. Am I going to have to live with this (medicine and arrhythmia) for the rest of my life or can she 'reset' me and wean me from this medicine eventually? I've had no heart problems before now.
Avatar m tn What are you taking it for? It says you can take it for weight loss and parasites. The side effects can be nausea. I wouldn't take it if you get on any TB drugs or antibiotics. There is no information on long term use.
Avatar f tn Not bad for a 61 year old. I'll probably also be on a pill for my diabetes but I'm hoping weight loss will address that problem. Let us know in January when you start and we'll be there for you. I'll let you know when I end which should be in late January or early February.
Avatar n tn I have also had every test imaginable and my doctor is at a loss of what to do for me. My doctor is encouraged that the magnesium has been helping me so much and has encouraged me to continue. I have done much reading on the subject and have found that many are magnesium deficient, to include a good majority of the people who suffer from mitral valve prolapse. Since being on the magnesium, there has also been a major decrease in my anxiety symptoms. I know where you are coming from.
Avatar f tn •nausea/vomiting •loss of appetite •unusual weight loss •mental/mood changes •bone/muscle pain •headache •increased thirst/urination •weakness •unusual tiredness In addition, it should only be avoided or only taken under a doctor's care if you already have any of the following; •kidney disease •kidney stones •little or no stomach acid (achlorhydria) •heart disease •disease of the pancreas •a certain lung disease (sarcoidosis) •difficulty absorbing nutrition from food (malabs
Avatar n tn I have the same problem and noticed them start up right after I turned 40 I am 41 now and they have cut down a lot. I have even lost a lot of weight since they had started. That and the fact that my heart beats too fast is all my Cardiologist said that worries him. So I have learned to not worry as much and it really does help. I work as well and I noticed that when I am really busy working and doing some really heavy work I don't get them as much if at all.
Avatar n tn I spent almost the entire labor sitting on an exercise ball leaning forward so my weight was off my butt. The morphine and drugs definitely eased the labor contraction pain, but did nothing for the butt spasms. Not until the epidural- after 36 hours, that finally relieved the anal-spasm-shooting-jabbing-pain. Sorry to be so long-winded, but this is a relief to communicate this somehow. Has any one else experienced this during labor? Thank you for any answers/thoughts..