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Avatar f tn Because of the Great Recession, I am not working and my husbands company shut down, and so we have no insurance. We buy insulin from Walmart without a prescription thank God for them. But its not what was prescribed for me in the past. for the last 2 years my vision has been getting worse. My eyeglass prescription kept getting stronger and stronger. Now I cant afford an Ophthalmologist, and my sight in my left eye is all but gone. It started from the outside and worked its way in..
Avatar f tn 2 weeks later I went for an eye exam at Walmart (due to no insurance) and the first doctor did the visual acuity test, but no dilation. All of my pre-tests (pressure, peripheral vision testing, etc) were done and they noted that I had higher than normal pressure, but my peripheral field test returned excellent results that leads one to believe I don't have problems.
405614 tn?1329147714 I had to close my eyes and rub them just so I could get out of Walmart. I've also had spinning vision, which was actually my eyes tracking in a circle, but what it looked like was that the room was spinning. Since you don't have a neuro, then you'll need to talk to your opthamologist. But this sounds very much like a neurological problem, and should be brought to a neurologist.
Avatar f tn As with all aspects of healing and recovery.....there isn't at straight line UP with all things improving. Each symptom seems to improve for a time....then heal and deal with something again for a time....and then improve once again. The term "recovery comes in waves" is used a lot....but I can tell you....give it at least 30 days (you are just about half way there for that goal....YEAH you!!) and then re-evaluate it.
Avatar n tn I also have had Migraine headaches my whole life (a family curse) I have been getting a lot of headaches lately, but they feel different than before, more in the back of my head and top of my neck. My vision seems to be bad too. I mean I can see just fine. I have always had perfect vision, but it seems foggy now, like I can see fine, but its cloudy...hope you understand what I mean. I am a divorced single mommy of two.
Avatar n tn Once I completed the round, the blurred vision, and head pressure came back.. I have been using Alavert D12 and Flonase for past week. Just recently, have had vision issues again and dizziness. I cannot even ride in the car, I get like- car sick, too much motion. Then I feel panicky, because my head is not clear and the ENT office states that dizziness is normal. I am now starting to feel pressure on left ear, and I just do not want to have surgery.
Avatar m tn He would like me to consider a toric lens -- an upgrade not covered by insurance -- after cataract removal for great vision unaided ... except of course for those readers. Years ago, I wore contacts constantly and had to read boat plans which are TOUGH, so I resorted to a magnifier. I realized without contact lenses reading the tiny blurred type would have been easy.
Avatar m tn Have been visiting eye doc at the Walmart Vision center and never had any trouble until this time, new guy changes script to an astigmatism lense and then on recheck my eyes are red, can't wear lenses, and now have white spots on cornea? no vision insurance and can't afford another eye exam, especially if I can never wear contacts again like he states will be case if my eyes don't clear up.
Avatar f tn From what I can remember, it's only been since after high school (2004) that I've experienced trouble seeing from a certain distance. Considering I've never had an exam and vision isn't covered by my insurance, what are my options? I guess I'm just looking to find out an average cost on an eye exam. I was thinking Walmart or Shoko might be the cheaper option, but I don't want to bargain-shop my eyes.. Any info would be appreciated, I'm just here in Utah valley. Thanks!
Avatar n tn (I have mentioned blurriness that does not resolve with reading glasses upon waking in the morning for about 30 mins or that occurs late at night when tired- I am 41 years old and he says it is ok for someone of my age to experience these phenomenon.) I do not have out right double vision. Instead, I often get a dizzy sensation when walking or if I move my head too quickly from one side to another.
Avatar m tn Once, I saw one in my peripheral vision, and it was followed by a severe headache. I have also seen what looks like a shooting star. Just a small particle of light falling. Today, I was sitting down at my computer and saw about 8 sparks spread throughout my vision. They only lasted about 20-30 seconds. It was also followed by a headache, but I always have a constant, mild tension headache. I have no insurance and I lost my job, so I can't really afford to see an eye doctor.
Avatar f tn I'm kicking myself because my company offers vision insurance and I didn't even think to add my son to the plan. I'm very worried and could use some advice! Thanks!
Avatar n tn My baby will be born in a couple of weeks and I am wondering if this has anything to do with my prenancy? I do not have insurance and I have to be either in labor or distress to go to the hospital. I have called 911. Any help would be great.
1222076 tn?1423031349 the next day I did my doctor did a lot of blood work couldnt find anything so I was stuck like that for a few more weeks then I finally got insurance. During this time I also started having vision changes their more noticeable at night. My eyes seem sensetive to light not to where I have to sqwint but like things just look to bright to me and a lot of times I sit in my room with very little light.
Avatar f tn Ok, So i've been working at walmart for a while as a cashier,and theres been no problem until 4 days ago. There is something that is floating in air at walmart that is irritating the hell out of facial skin. Its everywhere in air and all over registers and just floating in air. It looks like a small long shiny piece of fiber of some sort. We did just have easter and i know we sold multiple large amounts of these large fuzzy bunnies as well as packaged easter grass.
Avatar f tn Hi - I'm a 46-year-old female who is experiencing blurred vision, dizziness, rapid heart beat, inability to think or concentrate, nausea, and "the shakes" if I don't eat a steady stream of sugar. These symptoms seem to have come on rather quickly and are quite bothersome. My whole demeanor changes instantly once I start to go "down", and if I don't eat and push the limits I think I'm going to pass out! My mother's parents and her four brothers all had Type 1 diabetes.
429949 tn?1224695179 She also said that they would be billing my insurance as a medical problem instead of optical so that the visit and the vision therapy and probally any glasses would be covered. That was a relief, becaue those prisms are very expensive I heard 500 dollars and up! I also recieved my appointment for the Reumatologist today it will be on May 19th. Surley to goodness with all of this testing my neuro should be able to narrow the possible dx list a lot! shew! I am worn out! lol!
1627178 tn?1299461528 Last summer in 2010 this sorta happened--- I lost my total hearing and vision in the middle of Walmart and was on fire randomly and had to sit down but no involuntary jerks or shaking and it didn't last near as long. I remember it happening when I was like 16 or so, except it didn't last very long at all and it was just my vision going black and white but I never lost it before then but I felt on fire.
Avatar n tn notice two nickel sized bumps on the back of skull near the tops of my ears. These bumps are rock hard and hurt when touched and cause pain when head is on pillow Saturday: still having flu symptons and extreme sweats, knots still present and painful What are these painful knots? When should I feel better?
Avatar f tn I totally understand the store feeling. I was in Walmart once walking around and I just kept telling myself " I will not die in Walmart, I will not die in Walmart". It gets that bad. I do not carry anything in my pockets. I regularly visit a chiropractor as well.
Avatar n tn I believe a big part of this poor medical care is because Walmart is emplyer health insurance, and they pick the doctors, dentist that you are aloud to go to. They are self insured and use blue cross blue shield as there writer and they are in control of what gets paid denied. I owe thousands of dollars on a pre cancer test my wife had, after the company made an announcement that they would cover cancer screenings if it runs in the family.
Avatar n tn Majmeni,I LOVED that scene. "I'm older and have better insurance"! Meandhepc, I gave up on Walmart. I can't stand the parking lot there. At the one near me, they've blocked off half of it for a construction project. EVERYONE there is PO'd!
Avatar n tn  They may can get you screened also at a low cost or possibly free of charge  WalMart.  The doctors in these vision centers operate at a much lower cost in many cases than that of a private practice. Call around and get pricing. You also need to inquire if the offices you call also have a "retinal camera" on the premises. Optometrists in most all cases handle primary vision care up to a surgery level.
Avatar f tn I tried Vision therapy, HBOT etc., too. For me no luck but you can try Vision Therapy but mostly likely Insurance doesn't cover it unless you have a good one. I saw a very slight improvement with Neurofeedback and that also only for the first 10 sessions. Again Insurance can be an issue for this one too. Driving also a big deal for me. I cannot take highways because of the over stimulation and I go around only 4 or 5 miles from where I live.
233488 tn?1310696703 The multifocal IOLs were almost all ReZoom, ReStor, and Crystalens presbyopia-correcting IOLs. We summarized unwanted visual aberrations (dysphotopsia), night vision problems, blurred vision, unexpected dependence on glasses, pain, retina and other problems and patients happy with their surgical result. All 341 discussion threads began with a question about or statement of a problem, complaint, or dissatisfaction.
5005834 tn?1362227410 They gave me a higher dose and longer course of steriods as well as pain meds. They suggested I see a PCP. Well.. I lost my insurance the next day due to divorce. After a month I finally got onto insurance through my work. I got a PCP who did a thorough workup due to the continued joint pain, vertigo, fatigue, etc. He tested for lymes disease, rocky mountain, thyroid. Those all came normal. Only thing noticeable was elevated sedementation rate and C-reactive protein.
1615806 tn?1328390278 i get dizziness, nausea, blurry vision, my joints seem to stay stuck and pretty much everywhere on my body..i get a lot of earaches, my stomach feels like is burning most of the day..i used to take iron pills but stop after a month because my headache got worse..although even while i was taking it my iron would come up low..i over stress my self, because my husband and i can't seem to find a job but even when i had one i seemed to stress over nothing..
Avatar f tn shedding hair more than normal I have been to a RN, (dont have insurance) she ran some blood tests everything came out normal so she gave me an anti inflammatory and asked me to exercise. The med doesnt work and I do not have the energy. Also her reason to the pain is that I have big breasts(natural) and I have had big boobs for years why the pain now? I dont feel thats the reason. and I am overweight but with this pain I cant do anything about losing weight I need energy to get things done.
Avatar n tn I was going to just leave them, but over the past 12 months the worse one has started to affect my vision quite alot (with driving, reading etc) and so that is what prompted me. My surgeon has recommended having both eyes done, as I am extremely short sighted and she said I will find the visual differences between eyes disconcerting. Plus, I will be contact lens free after 22 years.